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American Heavy Metal: Mudvayne Music Videos

Updated on March 6, 2008

Mudvayne Notes

From a town in Illinois, Mudvayne was formed. In 1996, this American heavy metal group was formed with Chad Gray (vocals), Greg Tribbett (guitar), Ryan Martinie (bass), and Matthew McDonough (drums).

The band signed with Epic records and released 3 studio CDs, 2 compilation CDs, and 2 DVDs.

This is not a band for the mild mannered child. The band has heavy, graphic lyrics that most parents would want their child to steer clear of. I mean, not all of the songs are that bad.

They're not all "suicide / don't give a f*** about this / my life or any other / just go ahead and let me hang / impossible to forgive, forget a murderer / I'm in control" or "Peel me from the skin /Tear me from the rind / Does it make you happy now? / Tear meat from the bone / Tear me from myself / Are you feeling happy now?"

Some of their more innocent lyrics include, "The angels are injured / Fall with broken burning wings / Are we dead inside / Are we blind / We can't keep / moving forward / Backwards with closed eyes / We're losing sight / All lost inside"

I mean, my alarm is "Fall into sleep / Fall into me / Hang on to a dream that nobody wants / Nobody cares / Nobody wants / Nobody cares anymore"

I got into the band about 3 years ago when I heard Happy? on the rock radio station I occasionally listen to. Now, Mudvayne is my personal band of choice when I'm having a bad day. The lyrics enough make me smile. Yes, it's a little sick and gruesome, but there's just something about rocking out that brings a smile to my face and can turn my day around.

So, If you think you can handle it, watch the following videos and listen to the lyrics.

Mudvayne - Happy?

Mudvayne - World So Cold

Mudvayne - IMN

Mudvayne - Fall Into Sleep

Mudvayne- Not Falling

Mudvayne CD

Mudvayne Music History

The band broke into the mainstream music culture with the release of "L.D. 50" in 2000 with songs like Dig, Death Blooms, and Nothing to Gain.

In 2001, the band released "The Beginning of All Things To Come."

"The End of All Things to Come" was later released in 2002.

"Lost and Found" (my favorite CD) was released in 2005. This CD featured hit titles such as " Happy?", "Fall Into Sleep," and "Forget to Remember."

"By the People, For the People" is the lasted CD produced by Mudvayne. This compilation CD was released in 2007.


Currently the band includes Chad Gray (vocals), Greg Tribbett (guitars, backing vocals), Matthew McDonough (drums), and Ryan Matrinie (bass), which means in the past 12 years, the band has continued through mainstream music with the same 4 band members.


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    • bandmerchandise profile image

      bandmerchandise 9 years ago from Bellingham, WA

      I grew up around where that band first formed.