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Mumble Rap... It's actually NOT Rap at all.

Updated on March 14, 2017

What Side Are You On?



This is something I have been DYYIINGG to blog about !! Now see I am NOT a fan of these new mumble rap artists calling themselves "Hip-Hop" artists but don't even know the true meaning of what hip hop is! I don't claim to be hip-hop's know it all but I can say that uhhh I know my shiitt lol. Don't claim to be an artist if your not going to perfect your craft and if you plan to CHANGE an entire music genre and it's legacy you damn sure better know the background of it first. I don't knock these new artist and no one should judge another's form of artistry but come on man any true hip-hop fan will tell you... This shit is NOT rap!

So what's wrong with creating a new genre? The Emo's did it when they didn't want to be considered Pop or Rock! These mumble rappers have a true fan base and kudo's to them for being able to make millions by being so high out their minds all day that they can't form a complete sentence! All in favor for these artists to come up with their OWN genre ? Please vote below!

--Ash B.

The Idiocy of Mumble Rap

New-Age Mumble Rap

Do you Consider "Mumble Rappers" to be true "Hip-Hop" Artists?

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The Idiocy Of Mumble Rap

After watching the above video I'm certain you can see my point (If you are a true hip-hop fan that is). Let me be clear again... It is not that I am criticizing the artistry of these artists I'm just saying don't call it a Picasso when it's a Van Gogh! Please feel free to comment and let me know your thoughts on these new-aged "rappers". Are you a fan? What genre should it be under? Should it have it's own genre? Does it make your ears bleed? I'd love to get this conversation started!


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