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Murphy's Law 2

Updated on October 6, 2011

As gravity and the dog would have it…

So as fate would have it I’m sick again… another chest cold and my throat and ears hurt. So to sooth my sore throat I wanted ice-cream… I was on my way to work despite being sick and Dunkin' Donuts was on the way.

I pulled into Dunkin' Donuts and ordered an ice-cream cone and an iced tea. There are two cars in the drive through so I thought this would be fast… 15 minutes later I’m finally up to the window to pay. This guy at the door must have had my ice-cream made and ready to go 10 minutes ago. After swiping my card and handing it back to me he handed me my ice-cream with no napkins no cup or anything just in case it decided to take a dive… and sure enough it did. The ice-cream, in slow motion, slide down the ice cream cone and down my arm to the inside of my elbow and “rested” there. Wow… what to do now… so I picked up a shopping back with my left arm dumped out it’s contents and placed it on my lap for coverage, took the cone and tried to put the blob of ice cream on my arm back on the cone with as little drippage as possible…

Ooppsss… it didn’t work at least I have my lap covered by the bag… so I pulled over took the bag, and wrapped up the ice cream tossed in in another bag and in the garbage can in the parking lot. (yes I haven’t even made it out of their parking lot yet) climbing back into my car I noticed the ice cream on my leg. L All spillage was not contained after all. After cleaning the spot in the bathroom at work I went on with the day and forgot about it. I did get to eat the cone and the remaining ice cream that was left in the cone but that was it.

Upon arriving home I was greeted by my dog… a little red miniature pincher. I knelt down to say hi and she was immediately drawn to the spot on my pants, it must still smell like ice cream. As she presses her nose down and breathes in and out a few times I laugh a little and brush her away from it. She all of a sudden charged at my leg and started nibbling at the spot. I immediately went up stairs and changed and she left them alone. A few hours later I go up stairs to get on the computer and my pants are out in the hall way with a hole in the leg where the ice cream was and my dog was hiding in her cage… J


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    • anjperez profile image

      anjperez 6 years ago

      bad dog... he must be hungry or needed a dessert. this is funny... (,")