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Music the heart beat of the Soul

Updated on March 15, 2015

Music the Heart Beat of the Soul


The Piano Violin Guitar Drums Flute

Are instruments used to stimulate our

Feelings and emotions.

Hymns chanting choruses lift our spirits

And comfort us when we are in despair.

When jubilant they can make US ecstatic

And forget all our worries.

When a brand new baby is born into this world

We give him or her and name with a significant

Meaning related to our heritage and sing

Spiritual Hymns.

When we get married we play our favourite

Romantic songs.

When we courting in the beginning of of our

Union we make love to soulful music....

On our way to work school in the morning

Weather we are driving our own automobile

We listen to music.

When we relax after a long week at work

We go out to our favourite restaurants or clubs

To hang out.....

And the venue we choose is associated to our genre of music.

When there is a bachelors party the strippers

Dance to Hop Hop or Rhythmic music,

While they make love to strip and pole

And entice brothers to spend that dough.

At our birthday parties we listen to our favourite


Music is Hypnotic and has a Hypnotic POWER

Enjoy all your music which easy on the ear.....

My Ultimate Angelic Music is crafted by

Saint Michael Jackson

Alice ‎Ms"Swiss" Keys

Zion Lauren Hill

Tupac "Black Jesus"

Prof Wordsmith Eminem

I LOVE Music.....

Who is your Guardian Musican?


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