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Youtube Musical Remixes from Movies

Updated on September 13, 2019
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Awesome remix from "Pirates of the Caribbean" of Captain Jack Sparrow demanding "Why is he Rum Gone?"
Awesome remix from "Pirates of the Caribbean" of Captain Jack Sparrow demanding "Why is he Rum Gone?" | Source

Sometimes, I just need a bit of silliness as a pick-me-up and musical remixes from movies is one of those things that usually works for me. Some of the remixes aren’t very good, but others have been so well done, that I find myself listening to them over and over. I like the ones that have a fun beat and make me laugh. Here are my top 3 favourite Musical Remixes from Movies to brighten your day …

#3 You Get Nothing by SrslySirius

Since remixes rely on repetition, it takes a certain skill to make one that is catchy instead of annoying. SrslySirius has done just that with this little number. This remix is made from one of my less favourite scenes of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory where Wonka informs Charlie and Grandpa Joe that they have not won. It isn’t necessarily funny, however it is very well done and should get your toes tapping.

If you thought this remix was going to be boring: Wrong,sir! Wrong! It was all there in Black & White. Good Day!

#2 They're Taking the Hobbits to Isengard by Erwin Beekveld

Mashed together using various scenes from Lord of the Rings, this jaunty tune by Erwin Beekveld outstrips other LoR remixes by miles. It’s fun, bouncy and answers the burning question every audience member silently asked when Pippen and Merry were ruthlessly snatched by the Orcs: “Where are they taking the Hobbits?”

Proof that there’s joy repetition? I think so.

#1 Why Is the Rum Gone? by Andrew Van Vlear (AKA DaJugglingFool)

This is by far the best musical remix from a movie that I’ve come across. It is obvious that composer Andrew Van Vlear (AKA DaJugglingFool) took his time crafting this one. Andrew uses clips from Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl to create this song, weaving in appropriate samples from sources, including 24 (the television series) and some surprise cameos.

Oh, and to save you from the horrible suspense:

We never find out why the rum is gone :-(

PS ...

It has not escaped my notice that my top two favourites have actor Orlando Bloom in them. Rest assured that this is pure coincidence based on the extreme awesomeness of the musical remixes :-)

Please Note: The videos in this article belong to their creators. They are included here via direct links to their owner's Youtube accounts. I claim no ownership.

© 2012 Rosa Marchisella


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