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Must-Watch Film | (Pixar's) Brave

Updated on October 9, 2014
An inspiring animated feature film, brought to us by the studio which created "Toy Story"... Pixar!
An inspiring animated feature film, brought to us by the studio which created "Toy Story"... Pixar! | Source

Pixar's "Brave" (2012): Review

We finally have Pixar's answer to a princess animated feature film, as before Pixar's "Brave", we had not yet before seen a Pixar film featuring the lead character as a princess, or in fact any princess at all. Yes, Walt Disney have had their fair share of princess films, as you'll know, but this is Pixar's first.

However, this isn't your typical Walt Disney princess story being told, as this isn't a timid princess who can barely stand on her own two feet without falling over. This is a, well... 'brave' princess who is highly adventurous, looking to discover the lands surrounding her kingdom, sounding a little out-of-place already for an animated princess film.

If this wasn't enough of a surprise, this princess, named Merida has a promising skill at archery, as she is able to hit the targets every time, reminding me a little bit of "The Lord of the Rings" Legolas, due to the similarities in both having brilliant skills with a bow and arrow.

As always, Pixar have pulled out of the bag another original, well put-together animated feature film being the animated highlight for 2012.

Further proof that no-one makes animated films quite like Pixar, as they have created a princess animated film like no other.

If you are fed-up with the same-old, run-of-the-mill animated princess storyline's, then give "Brave" a try, as it ticks all of the box's for originality, creativity, the perfect score (soundtrack) and an emotionally driven story.

Popcorn at the Ready!

As an avid animated feature film movie-goer and a super-fan of Pixar, this was another anticipated release, as I'm sure it was for a lot of others.

It was a surprising release for Pixar, as it didn't look as adventurous as some of their other titles, such as; Toy Story, Monsters, Inc., Finding Nemo, or pretty much any of the other Pixar releases. Showing that there may be a turning point for the studio, as they may be doing some more down-to-earth animated films, set in the medieval era which would be a welcome surprise.

Either way, this is one animated feature film certainly worth watching, as no matter how old you get, you are never too old to watch a Pixar animated film.

It has a clear message for its core audience; children, being that you should be who you want to be and not what others influence you to become. A nice message to get across to children, especially in today's day and age, where society is so influential upon everyone, especially young people.

Pixar dedicated "Brave" as being their solo release for 2012, being something they are well-known for doing -- releasing one film per year. This allowing the Pixar studios team to have the time to focus on creating better films, since they invest a large sum of money in each of their films.

Pixar's "Brave" had a production budget at an enormous $185 million, being another bold move from Pixar studios, although, thankfully they reeled in a worldwide gross of a whopping $538 million. That is seen as just an average income 'per movie' for Pixar studios, as their animated feature films are seen as being the best, all around the world.

Pixar's Brave, showing the bravery of a young Princess, who breaks tradition in a medieval (Scotland) kingdom.
Pixar's Brave, showing the bravery of a young Princess, who breaks tradition in a medieval (Scotland) kingdom. | Source

Adapted Well to the 2010's (Decade) Audience

Animated films released in the 2010's decade are becoming more-and-more emotionally driven, by this, meaning that today's audience wants to connect on a one-to-one level with the main characters.

I felt that Pixar's "Brave" achieved in doing just that, so, for those who look for animation films which make you cry (and truly feel), then you are looking at the right film for just this.

Looking at the bond between a mother and daughter (queen and princess), this film dives into the responsibilities of a young princess growing up in a medieval time period, where they are forced into their kingdoms traditions.

However, in this film, an age-old tradition is fought against by the young princess, Merida, who wants to choose her own destiny, becoming the person she wants to be and not the person her mother or her kingdom expects her to be.

So, there are many lessons to be learnt watching Pixar's "Brave", perfect for children and adults, although adults won't be doing as much learning, as they will simply enjoying the films emotional storyline and quirky moments.

Some reviewers believe that Pixar's "Brave" did not live up to expectations, as it was slightly different to all of their other films which they had previously produced, making this a defining moment for their studio. In my opinion, Pixar achieved, in creating a film set in the past, focused on the troubles of a rebellious young princess.

An Interesting Look At Pixar's "Brave" (I Disagree! ...But Still Interesting)

Pixar's "Brave"... Feedback!

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Thank-God for Pixar's "Brave"

Animation films at times begin to feel like the same-old tripe in which we are force-fed by animation studios, as they believe we like their studio so much that we will watch anything they produce and release into cinema theatres.

This, being the major reason why I respect Pixar studios, as they strive for originality, doing what no-one else has done before. Pixar studios only except scripts for their films from within their company, also being another admirable aspect to their studio, as this shows they care about the in-house family they have seen grow around them over the years, since they released their first animated feature film, "Toy Story", back in 1995.

Pixar's "Brave" is another original masterpiece, not as-good-as "Toy Story", I grant you, but still a damn-good animated film, worth watching again and again.

The pace of the film was as quick as can be, because as-soon-as the film began on the first scene it grabbed my attention, holding-on right through until the end credits.

The problem with today's audience, especially audiences for animated films, is that they expect everything, due to audiences ranging from children right-up to adults, making it the job of the animation studios (like Pixar) to create a film which will entertain a young child and an middle-aged adult.

Pixar's "Brave" had no trouble entertaining for an 1 hour and a half, as the storyline was intriguing, although the events were predictable leading up to the ending, but on-the-other-hand, predictability seemed to work for Pixar's "Brave". As the characters were entertaining enough to draw your attention away from speculation over how predictable the story's ending will be.

"Brave" -- Pixar's '2012' animated feature film release
"Brave" -- Pixar's '2012' animated feature film release | Source

Pixar's "Brave" (Information)

Film Title
Box Office (Worldwide Gross)
Available on Netflix Instant (UK)
Pixar's "Brave"

Pixar's 2012 Success... "Brave"

In my opinion, Pixar's "Brave" was a huge success, making a descent enough profit, having an entertaining, original storyline, as-well-as being more than good enough to watch again and again.

Pixar have tried to move in a new direction with their animation feature film, Pixar's "Brave", straying their films setting into the past, as Pixar's "Brave" has shown, and clearly they can make a great animated adventure film set in the past and not just the present or the future.

Every year has its best animated feature film and for me, 2012's best animated feature film release was the one and only, Pixar's "Brave".

Disney Pixar's "Brave" Rating



Pixar's "Brave", the fourth in the must-watch series, is a personal favourite animation film of mine, hence the reason why I chose to add it to the series.

Do you agree that Pixar's "Brave" is a great animation film, worth adding to my 'must-watch' series (of film reviews)? ...Leave your answer in the comments box below.

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If you have any questions or thoughts, then please leave them in the comments box below, as I will make sure to reply as-soon-as-possible, as I am interested to hear your thoughts.

Thank-you for reading

"I do the research, so that you don't have to"

Your friendly movie, games writer: Craig Easom


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    • Craig Easom profile image

      Dreammore 3 years ago from British Empire

      Hi Ann1Az2:

      I couldn't agree more, Finding Nemo was a great film and is also one of my Pixar film favourites.

      You're right, Pixar's films just keep getting better, although in my opinion, Toy Story is still the best film they have ever produced. It should be interesting to see what Pixar release next in the upcoming year.

      Thank you for the comment Ann, your thoughts are appreciated.

    • Ann1Az2 profile image

      Ann1Az2 3 years ago from Orange, Texas

      I enjoyed Brave, but Finding Nemo is still my favorite Pixar movie and I think I've seen all their movies. Their animation does keep getting better, though, with each film.