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Must watch: Korean Dramas

Updated on January 9, 2019

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo


As I watched this, I learned a few things about Korea's history and it's hierarchy. You will also notice the things that they do for their country and the tough decisions that they are put through. This drama made me laugh, but mostly made me cry. I recommend it because not only will you know a brief history about Korea, you will also be able to see handsome boys for their role as princes. And the story was beautiful and very much good. I'm not much of a Korean drama fun, because I hate reading subtitles, but after I watched it, I became addicted to Korean Dramas.

Hope you'll feel the same!

The Heirs


This is one of my all-time faves, because this is about a high school love that the family didn't gave blessings to. It was hard for them, because we all know that Koreans always seek for the parent's blessings. It made me realize that whatever age, status, etc. you have, if you know you love someone, you fight for it. It's a very good example, because even though they're still in high school, they fought for their love, and eventually everything turned out great. It made me realize that love does conquer all and it can happen to anyone, anytime and anywhere.

Marriage, Not Dating


I loved this movie, because it speaks great importance, it portrays what is really happening in our generation. In our generation, men do everything to avoid commitment. It's a drama that most girls and women can relate to, because of the commitment issues that they experience in our generation, but I also realized that maybe men avoid commitment, because he doesn't want it with you. It made me believe that there will come someone, that will make all of your issues go away and I think that's love.

Legend of the Blue Sea


I liked this drama, because it is about fate. It made me believe that some things are meant to be. In this drama, it says that their fate is repeating, because they haven't finished or their dreams hasn't been fulfilled yet. And it made perfect sense to me, maybe it really does happen, if we haven't fulfilled our duties and dreams, maybe we are really reincarnated to fulfill it. This drama, fed my curiosity, that's why I included it in here.

Hope you will enjoy it too!



This drama is different from all the dramas that I've watched, because this one is an action. I liked this even though its an action, because they inserted romance in it, not only that, they also made me think that if you really someone, you're very willing to change everything that is bad for them to be proud of you. When you meet the one, you'll want to be the best version of yourself and you can leave almost everything behind. You will always do what is best for them, even if it will put you in danger. You will always put them first.

Descendants of the Sun


This is one of my faves, because they proved that even if two people are completely opposite from one another, they can still be together and love each other. This drama taught me the importance of compromise, on how to make it work and if you really love each other you can conquer anything. And also their chemistry is really good.

W- Two Worlds


This drama is a must watch, because they proved that even if they are both from different dimension they are able to make it work between them. It's very compelling how much sacrifice they both did for one another and for the safety of one another. This drama made me cry several times. This drama made me feel all the feels. This drama will show you what a real relationship goal is, but most importantly, it teaches you that you can't have everything. There will be consequences in every action that you do.

(SPOILER ALERT!) The ending was kind of bit of realistic, because in the end she wasn't able to keep his father and his boyfriend.

First Kiss for the Seventh Time



This drama is a short drama, I think it's very cute, even though she wasn't able to choose among the seven handsome men. I think it's important and it portrays that even though she wasn't able to choose, what's more important is the journey and the experience that she had with the seven men, and I think it's okay that they didn't show who she chose, but rather they showed that she was happy during the journey. And I think it's very important, because it's just like life, the journey is more important than our destination.

What do you think is the best Korean Drama that I stated?

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