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5 Movies That Will Change the Way You Think

Updated on August 24, 2017
Sinaed Commins profile image

I am a passionate writer of novels, short stories, poems and articles. I love writing, even if I may not be the best at it.

An Introduction

We've all sat down to a movie, either on the big screen with our popcorn in hand. On a comfy couch surrounded by family or alone with that special someone. Or even in the privacy of our own rooms. Movies are a part of us. They make us feel a wide range of emotions, they bring a tear to our eye, make us laugh until our sides hurt, or scare us so much our friends have to accompany us to the bathroom and they always leave us hanging on the edge of our seats.

Then there are movies that do more, the movies that change us. The movies that make us question every answer. Make us think twice about everything. These movies can make us look at our life, the world around us and the people we know differently.

I have a passion for movies and so I want to share with you 5 movies that have changed the way I think and, who knows, they might do the same for you.

Before I take you through the list here are some of the movies that I considered. Although they are excellent movies they just didn't make the list but you should watch them anyway:

Donnie Darko

Spirted Away

V for Vendetta

Howls Moving Castle

5 A Clockwork Orange

"There was me, that is Alex, and my three droogs, that is Pete, Georgie, and Dim, and we sat in the Korova Milkbar trying to make up our rassoodocks what to do with the evening. The Korova milkbar sold milk-plus, milk plus vellocet or synthemesc or drencrom, which is what we were drinking. This would sharpen you up and make you ready for a bit of the old ultra-violence."

The movie A Clockwork Orange is the creation of the genius Stanley Kubrick and it focuses on Alex DeLarge a teenage delinquent with a taste for "good old Ludwig van Beethoven and his "droogs" Pete, Georgie, and Dim. After being convinced by his droogs, Alex invades the home of a wealthy "cat-lady" and a series of events lands Alex in prison for 14 years.

After 2 years in prison Alex is given the opportunity to be a test subject for the Minister of Interior's new Ludovico technique, an experimental aversion therapy for rehabilitating criminals within two weeks. Alex eagerly accepts the offer. Once the therapy is complete Alex is left sick at the sight of a naked woman and is unable to fight back against an actor that taunts and attacks him. In fact any act or thought of violence is repulsive to him. Alex is let out as a free man, only to find his entire world crash and burn around him.


This movie makes its watchers think about what it means to be good. "Goodness" is a very fragile thing and so many people have their own versions of it. Although it is very clear that the actions Alex and his droogs preformed in the movie are very far away from being any form of good. But can what the Minister of Interior's did to him be considered good? All the events that happened after he was released from prison left him homeless, beaten to within an inch of his life and eventually landed him in hospital after leaping out of a window. All due to the treatment that left him completely defenseless. Most would say that Alex got what he deserved because of all the horrible deeds he had done but what does that make the people that did these things to him. Were they in the right? Were they good?

This movie also puts light on the subject of free will with how it was taken from Alex. After the aversion therapy, Alex behaves like a good member of society, the perfect model citizen. But it is not by his choice. In the movie the Prison Chaplin said "Goodness is something to be chosen. When a man cannot choose he ceases to be a man."

In A Clockwork Orange, free will is just as fragile with just as many different versions of it as goodness.

If you want to watch it but don't own it.

4 Life of Pi

Life is precious and should be filled with love, wisdom, and understanding. This is a lesson that a boy named Piscine Molitor learned at a young age. In this movie Piscine Molitor tells the story of his life to journalist Yarn Martel, he starts with his school days. In school he adopted the nickname Pi (the Greek letter) to avoid the sound alike nickname 'Pissing Patel' and when he was introduced to several religions he decided to adopt them all saying that he "just wanted to love God"

Pi's family owns a zoo and he takes and interested in the animals especially a Bengal Tiger named Richard Parker. After Pi gets dangerously close to Richard Parker, his father forces him to witness the tiger killing a goat.

When Pi is 16, his father announces that they must move and that he intends to settle and sell the animals. The family books passage with the animals on a Japanese freighter. During a storm the ship starts going down and a crew member throws Pi onto a life boat before he can find his family, a freed zebra jumps into the life boat with him, breaking its leg.

Pi ends up floating aimlessly across the ocean while sharing the small life boat with the tiger Richard Parker. Pi trains Richard Parker to accept him in the boat, and realizes that caring for the tiger is also helping keep himself alive. Their journey brings them to the coast of Mexico. Pi is saddened when Richard Parker fails to acknowledge him before disappearing into the Mexican jungles, however, Pi is soon rescued and taken to a hospital. Insurance agents for the Japanese freighter interview Pi but do not believe his story so they as him what really happened. He tells a different story, in which the animals are replaced by human survivors and Pi himself takes the place of the tiger. The agents were dissatisfied with this story but they leave without questioning Pi further.


I've watched this movie many times and each time it tugs at my heart when I put myself in Pi's shoes. Pi was a unique boy caring only for life and love ever since he was young. And he showed it too. In the movie the tiger Richard Parker jumps off the boat in to the sea to go hunt for fish, even though the the tiger was a threat to Pi and his well being, instead of letting Richard Parker drown he helps the tiger back into the boat, risking his life to do so.

So that's what this movie makes you think about, how precious life is and how you should love all no matter what. Pi saw Richard Parker's life as precious and against all odds came to love him. He understood him. Pi was very wise even in his young age and that wisdom only grew on his journey, as is shown in the movie, with the training of Richard Parker and how he manipulated the insurance agents with his second story.

In the beginning of the movie, Pi saw himself as the goat that his father fed to Richard Parker. At the end of the movie, he saw himself as Richard Park himself, strong and fierce. His journey changed him. By replacing the animals with human survivors in the second story he tells and making himself the frightening tiger he shows how his journey with Richard Parker made him stronger to the point where he felt like he didn't need the tiger anymore. This feeling is what helps him to eventually say goodbye to Richard Parker.

This part of the movie also makes us think twice about what we just watched. Was any of it real or was Pi really just trapped on a life boat with other survivors. Did he imagine it. Pi was drifting through the waves for days on end with very little food or water, it is very possible that to make his journey easier he imagined himself as a tiger and adopted the role in order to survive.

There are many more lessons that Pi and this movie can teach us, but the most important lesson that it taught me was Life. Our lives are delicate and short. We should cherish every second of it and every life that enters ours is a gift and should be treated like one.

In case you haven't already watched it

3 Up

With this movie being a Disney/Pixar creation, most would look at it as nothing more than a cute family film. However, the meaning behind it and the many fan theories around it, are very deep.

This movie follows the story of an elderly man named Carl. The first part of the movie takes us through his childhood, where we learn his knack for imagination. His hero, an adventure named Charles Muntz who disappears during a trip to South America. When we think the movie couldn't be any cuter, we meet little Ellie. The story continues through Carl's and Ellie's life together and their shared love of adventure and then it pulls at our heart strings when the couple decides to have a child and then realizes that they are unable to.

The two now realized their dream of visiting Paradise Falls and they start to save for the trip. However, they repeatedly have to spend the money on more pressing needs. Finally, the now elderly Carl arranges for the trip, but Ellie becomes ill and dies.

Years later Carl still lives in the same little house even though the modern city life builds around him. Many offers were made for his house but he refused every single one. An incident occurs and Carl injures a worker. He is taken to court were he is deemed a public menace and is order to be taken to a Retirement home. However, Carl comes up with a scheme to keep his promise to Ellie by turning his house into a makeshift airship, using thousands of helium balloons. Russell, a young Wilderness Explorer who visited Carl in his effort to earn his final merit badge, for assisting the elderly, becomes an accidental stowaway.

After surviving a thunderstorm Carl and Russell land the house on a tepui opposite Paradise Falls. They harness themselves to the still-buoyant house and begin to walk it across the mesa, hoping to reach the falls before the balloons deflate. On their adventure they meet a flightless, unknown bird named Kevin and a talking golden retriever called Dug; Dug's master it turned out was the famous Charles Muntz who was believed to be dead.

Charles Muntz tries many tricky things to stop Carl and Russell from reaching their destination. Leading them back to his airship and only after giving them food and welcoming them to his home does he tell his true intentions. He wants Kevin. Muntz pursues them around the airship, trapping Dug, Kevin and Russell inside Carl's house. Carl lures Kevin back onto the airship, with Dug and Russell clinging to her back. Muntz leaps after them, but snags his foot on some balloon lines and falls to his death. The house then descends out of sight through the clouds.


This is a fun, heartfelt children's movie from the brilliant production companies Disney and Pixar. How could something so comfy and cute have a deeper meaning behind it? Carl is the answer to it all. In our modern world the elderly are the members of society that are all but forgotten, left alone in retirement homes till the end of their days.

This movie puts light on these issues along with a few others. In my family it is believed that the elders should stay and live with the family, so that in their last days they can see how much they were loved. That's why this movie made it on to my list. The elderly members of our modern world should be honored and cherished because they are the makers of our modern world; they were here before us and they made the path for us to walk until we were ready to make our own.

Carl was left alone and about to be abandoned in a Retirement home to be forgotten and lost. Russell in truth was Carl's savior, his guardian angel if you would. Russell was the child that Carl always wanted. Although, through out the movie, Carl made many remarks towards Russell about how he was getting in the way and that he would be better off without him, Russell stayed by his side and helped him fulfill more than one of his dreams.

So next time you see that old lady on the park bench, go and feed the birds with her. Go and visit your grandparents/parents every chance you get and when it comes time for them to be taken care of, do it yourself. Think about your elders. Their life is not over yet, although it has been a long one it does not have to be a lonely one, be the Child/Grandchild you want to have in your old age.

The Invention of Lying

This movie is set in an alternative reality in which lying does not exist and, as a consequence, nor does religion.

Mark Bellison is a screen writer, in a film industry that is limited to historical readings because there is no fiction. He goes on a date one night with the beautiful and wealthy Anna McDoogles, who tells him that she is uninterested in him but is on the date as a favor to his friend.

The next day he is fired from his job because of a lack of interest in his films, and the landlord threatens to evict him if he doesn't pay the $800 due. Mark goes to the bank to close his account. However, the teller says that their computers are down and that Mark must tell her how much money is in his account; at this moment he gets an epiphany that enables him to tell the worlds first lie, he tells the teller that he has $800 in his account.

He continues to tell more and more lies to this effect and everyone believes him without question because to the rest of the world lying doesn't exist. His lies lead him to get his job back with a raise and make him into a wealthy man. He then goes on another date with Anna McDoogles. She admits that he would make a good husband and father but that she was still not attracted to him because of his looks, in the middle of the date Mark gets a call that his mother has suffered a heart attack and they rush to the hospital. The doctor tells Mark that his mother is going to die. Marks mother is scared of dying so he tells her a story about how death brings a joyful afterlife, introducing the concept of Heaven to her, and she dies happy.

In the mean time, the story he told his mother, which was over heard by the nurses and doctors has spread and soon the whole world wants to know what Mark knows about what happens after death.

After encouragement from Anna, Mark tells the world of "ten rules" (mirroring the "Ten Commandments"), and that he talks to a "Man in the Sky" (God), and that he promises rewards in the good place after death as long as you do no more than three "bad things" (Sin). The world believes this and they now live by it. Marks life however only gets worse.

Anna continues to see him and although she has feelings for him and admits that he could give her and their children a good life. She still fears that because he is unattractive this trait will pass to their children. So she starts dating Mark's enemy Brad Kessler. Even though Brads selfish and cruel manner makes Anna uncomfortable she continues to date him because his attractiveness would make for beautiful children.

Mark gives up but his best friend Greg convinces him to go and get her back.


Even if you haven't watched this movie yet, the explanation of it gets you thinking already. We have all lied multiple times in our lives, we may not like to admit it but it still happens. Why do we do it? Did you tell a lie because you gained something from it and it made your life better, or was it for the benefit of someone else, to help make their life better

Sometimes telling someone a lie can be better than telling them the truth. Say if someone asks you if they look fat in a dress, even if they did, you would say they don't. Or something more serious. If a mother asks a doctor if their son suffered before they died, even if the mothers son died in agony, the doctor would tell her that he died peacefully.

A lie makes life easier, for us and those around us, but there are those that would use it for their own personal gain. Like how Mark used it to get the money he needed for his land lord, or to get his job back. However, he didn't only use it for himself. When his mother was scared and dying he help her passing he told her a story about what would happen to her after she die's, and when he was given the chance to lie to Anna in order to win her heart, he chose instead to tell her the truth, which caused him to lose her.

The Invention of Lying is the movie that makes you question your morals. Is lying really that bad of a thing, a lie may make someones life easier. But would they have rather heard the truth.

Watch it now, you'll love it

The Little Prince

The narrator explains that, as a young boy, he once drew a picture of a boa constrictor digesting an elephant in its stomach; however, every adult who saw the picture would mistakenly interpret it as a drawing of a hat. His dream of being a painter was ultimately crushed by the lack of creative understanding displayed by adults.

This movie follows the life of a little girl who has just moved to a new home near the prestigious Werth Academy. Her mother, who is determined to prepare her daughter academically for enrollment, imposes a life plan that leaves no time for leisure. The Little Girl, however becomes distracted by her elderly neighbor, a retired Aviator. He tells her they story of the "Little Prince". The Aviator says he first encountered the Little Prince when he crash landed his plane in the Sahara desert. He recalls that the Little Prince asked the Aviator to draw him a sheep, lacking the skill the Aviator eventually drew a box and told the Little Prince that the sheep was inside. To the Aviators surprise this had satisfied the Little Prince.

The Aviator and the girl continue to play and read together without her mothers knowledge. The Aviator tells the Girl about the Little Prince's home, and he recounts how it came to pass that the Little Prince traveled to Earth. The Little Prince had left his planet with a flock of birds. And after meeting some other adults on some other asteroids, he eventually landed on Earth, where he meet and tamed a red fox.

The two of them decide to go out for some free "birthday" pancakes but it turns out that the Aviator is driving without a license. He is pulled over by a police officer and the Girl is returned to her mother. Her mother, finding out that the girl has done none of her assigned lessons, goes frantic and doubles her work load. But she keeps reading The Little Princes story.

Towards summer's end, the Aviator is hospitalized. The Girl, wanting to set things right, sets off in search of the little prince. She takes the Aviators plane into space in hopes of finding him. However, she instead discovers that all the stars have mysteriously disappeared, they land on an asteroid that is only populated by workaholic adults and is owned by the star-holding "Businessman".

They finally find the Little Prince, but all is not well. He is now an adult named "Mr. Prince" and he works as a janitor for the businessman. He has forgotten his past and who he was. Mr. Prince accordingly takes the Little Girl to the "Academy" where she is to be "reconditioned" into an adult by a machine, like Mr. Prince was.

Mr. Prince suddenly recovers his memories and helps the Little Girl escape. They then liberate the businessman of his stars and return them to space, where they belong. The Girl then takes Mr. Prince back to his home which has become over grown. The sight transforms Mr. Prince back to his younger self, and makes the baobabs disappear, giving the now-again Little Prince renewed hope.

The Girl returns home and her and her mother go and visit the Aviator in the hospital and she tells him about the Little Prince.


I love watching this movie for several reasons but the most important reason, is that it makes me feel like a little kid again. Most children are taught that the rule of life is, grow up, get a job, grow old, and die. Some children, when they grow up, loose their creativity in the process. At the beginning of the film, the narrator explains how he would draw a snake eating an elephant, but because of the lack of creative understanding in the adults around him, it was only ever seen as a hat. He was then told to give up his dreams of drawing and take up a more sensible hobby, and so he became an Aviator.

Our childhood is such a small thing and it goes by so quickly, but it is very precious and should be made to last as long as possible. Some of us, when we grow up, take a little piece of our childhood with and we keep it with us. Some of us forget it entirely. Time is what we do with it, we shouldn't throw it away by always thinking about tomorrow, we should make it last by always living in today.

The End

There you have it, those are the 5 movies I think you should watch to change the way you think. I hope my article wasn't to long but congratulations for reaching the end of it. Now you can go and actually watch all those movies. Some of the movies in my list were based off of books and I would suggest you give those a read also, however, this article was all about movies so you'll have to wait for my next article if you want to hear what I think about the books.

Which of the Movies was your Favorite?

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    • Sinaed Commins profile imageAUTHOR

      Sinaed Commins 

      3 years ago from Port Elizabeth

      Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed reading my article. I hope you enjoy the movie just as much.

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Great read and I loved how you shared your personal insights. The one I dont know anything about is the movie, The Invention of Lying. Going to watch it. Look forward to your next read (smile).


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