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My Fan Ramu Malayalam Movie Preview

Updated on June 18, 2013

The renowned singer Nikhil is going to enter the field of movie direction with his new film, My Fan Ramu. The producer of the movie is Sasi Ayyanchira and it is being produced under the banner of Uthratathi films private limited. The lead roles in the movie will be played by Rajeev Pillai and Saiju Kurup. This post provides a detailed preview of the movie including information about its crew and story.

More about the crew of the movie My Fan Ramu

Let us start with the director of the movie, Nikhil. It is believed that film direction is one of the toughest aspects of film making. This is the reason why even the most experienced actors do not go for direction in their old age. But the young singer Nikhil has took this challenge and is ready to make his debut as a director on the movie. He does not have any past experience in direction and thus it will be interesting to see if he is able to make the best use of actors in the movie. The leading role is being played by Saiju Kurup who is also the man behind the story and script of the movie. Rajiv Pillai, who recently got a lot of appreciation for his role in CCL league, is also playing the lead role in the movie. The actress of the movie is yet not finalized but a number of popular actress are being approached by the filmmakers of the movie. Currently, the movie is in pre production in stage and the actress is expected to be finalized soon. Some of the other prominent roles in the movie will be played by Vivek Gopan, Bineesh Kodiyeri, Suraj Venjaramoodu, Sphadikam George, Kalabhavan Prajod, Biju Kuttan, Riyaz Khan and Ginnes Pakru. The music of the movie will be composed by Sanjeev Thomas and the producer of the movie is Sasi Ayyanchira. Pappu will be responsible for the cinematography while the editing will be performed by Bhavan.

My Fan Ramu malayalam movie crew

· Banner: Uthratathi films

· Producer: Sasi Ayyanchira

· Director : Nikhil K Menon

· Cinematography: Pappu

· Editing: Bhavan

· Script: Saiju Kurup

· Music: Sanjeev Thomas

Story of the movie My Fan Ramu

In the movie My Fan Ramu the relationship between a superstar and his fan is being portrayed. It is quite obvious for a superstar to have a huge fan circle around him. The role of the superstar is being played by Rajeev Pillai while Saiju Kurup is one of his fans in the movie.

More about the actor Rajeev Pillai

Rajeev Pillai is playing the role of a superstar in the movie My Fan Club. He was selected for the movie because of the entertaining performance he gave in his recent film, CCL league. Rajeev is in fact one of the emerging superstars of the Malayalam film industry. Rajeev has done some good work in the movies like Anwar, Thejabhai and Family.


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