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My Favorite I Love Lucy episodes

Updated on May 13, 2009

My favorite I Love Lucy episodes

In no particular order....

1. THE FUR COAT- This episode always cracks me up, and there's so much irony to it. Ricky brings home an expensive fur coat for someone to wear in his show, and Lucy thinks it's for her. Ricky tries to get the coat back by faking a robbery, with Fred as the robber. But a real robber comes in instead, and Ricky doesn't realize it. It's kinda obvious it's not Fred to me, but hey, this was the 50's, and it's also a slapstick sitcom. One of my favorite lines, by Ricky to the robber: "Hey, you forgot the coat!"

2. LUCY FAKES ILLNESS- As stupid as this episode may seem to people, it is very funny. But my favorite part in this episode is when Lucy thinks she's on her deathbed, and Ricky has his band come in to play a farewell dirge, and it turns out to be some upbeat ragtime song. It's too funny, the look on her face. "Hey watch it fellas. I'm dying here!"

3. LUCY DOES A TV COMMERCIAL- Need I say more? This is the infamous Vitametavegamin episode...where she gets drunk off the medicine. It's definitely my favorite episode of all time. I'm sure almost everybody has seen it too

4. LUCY IS ENCIENTE- Not a funny episode, but really sweet. I always cry at the end where Ricky finally finds out that Lucy is pregnant. Very cute, fairy tale like

5. LUCY TELLS THE TRUTH- Oh my god, this is good. She makes a bet with the others that she can't lie for 24 hours. She lets everybody know what she thinks. Very funny.

6. TOO MANY CROOKS- Madame X! This is funny at the very end when Lucy thinks she is catching Ethel as the robber, but it's not. "I just caught Madame....woops!!!" funny.

7. RICKY LOSES HIS TEMPER- Very very funny. Another bet show. There are a lot of those. Lucy makes a bet with Ricky that he can't lose his temper, and she does everything she can to win. One of the best lines from this episode is where Lucy purposely makes him spell tomato juice all over his white suit, and Ricky very calmly says "It's a lovely shade or red"

8. RICKY NEEDS AN AGENT- Oh jeez. Lucy accidently releases Ricky from his contract in Hollywood, and when Ricky finds out, he flips out, starts throwing things and breaking things. It's so funny. All turns well in the end

9. LUCY GOES TO SCOTLAND- This a total dream episode...but I love it, cause I love the music in it. It's very cheesy, but it's so cute.

10. RETURN HOME FROM EUROPE- Lucy disguises a huge block of cheese as a baby so she can fly it home from Europe. Need I say more? This is probably my 2nd fave episode of all time.

11. LUCY AND THE LOVING CUP- Lucy gets a loving cup stuck on her head, and has to go on the subway to get it removed...Just imagine seeing that on a subway in NYC! brilliant


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