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My Favorite Print, TV, and Film Characters and Why I Love Them

Updated on January 4, 2014

The Face of A Character Fiend

This is the face of a character fiend, and a fiction writer.  I love characters and character development.
This is the face of a character fiend, and a fiction writer. I love characters and character development.

Creating a Flawless Character in Execution is Far From Painless

To me, flawless execution of a character is difficult at best. It is a bit like giving birth and raising a child. Now, do not get me wrong, when I say flawless, I do not mean the character's personality in itself but in how believable the character comes off when you read it.

Outside of Hubpages, I am a struggling fiction writer, so I certainly appreciate the difficulties of not only giving a character a name and a face, but to go past that and to create specific character traits, and then to have that character molded by the story as it goes along. It is a lot like a mental birthing and raising of a child, without the immense amounts of physical pain, if you are a fiction writer, I cannot promise about the mental pain and stress that goes with it is not going to be just as bad, though. I do promise, however, that the reward upon finishing the "birth" of your character is going to make the struggle to create them more than worth it.

As a writer, I appreciate a well executed character, probably more than the non-writers in the world, because I have been there, and I have worked hard to create character traits and to plan on how things change for those characters, and how those outward things affect the character's personality.

I felt like I should share my admiration of the creation of great characters, the crazy ones, the ones that make your heart hurt, and the ones that shock you, these characters are all the kinds of accomplishments that a fiction writer can appreciate, whether it be in a script or in a book.

Madea is a character that is irreverent and a bit insane, and most normal people have those moments, even if they aren't so normal.
Madea is a character that is irreverent and a bit insane, and most normal people have those moments, even if they aren't so normal. | Source

Character 1: Madea

I have to admit that I am a bit of a huge fan of Tyler Perry, his characters in particular. I read once that he based Madea on a real person from his life, and the lengths that he went to in making sure that, on stage, television, and in movies, she was translated correctly has made me love her character.

Madea is certainly the kind of character that would be difficult to cast because that level of crazy love, and yes, if you've watched it you certainly see that there is love in that ball of crazy. The movies he makes are really good, to me, for depression, especially the movies that have Madea in them.

The humor that he brings to this absolute, perfectly executed character is something that has yet to fail to make me smile, even at the saddest, lowest points in my life. Something that I believe that is just something that Tyler Perry is instilled with naturally is character creation. He created this huge, immensely entertaining family with stories that can take you through an entire scope of emotions with every movie, episode, and play that he creates, with and without Madea. That being said, Madea is one of my absolute favorite all time character.

Charcter 2: Katniss Everdeen

Excuse me while I jump on this bandwagon.

This character, not even the fact that Jennifer Lawrence plays her so well, is the polar opposite of her Twilight opposition with Bella Swan. Where Bella is a bit cowardly, Katniss leaps into battle, fear or no fear.

Katniss, to me, is a symbol of the strength that a lot of women do not believe they need in today's world. When her sister is threatened with being put into the Hunger Games, she stood up, seeming to be fearless, and volunteered to keep her sister from the obvious trauma that was going to ensue.

On the tail of the Twilight Saga's promotion of some pretty bad standards for girls about relationships and how men should treat them, The Hunger Games swoops in and shows the younger generation of girls that it is okay to be tough.

The character execution of Katniss in the books gets a "Bravo" from me for Suzanne Collins, she is shaped by every experience she has throughout the series. She used Katniss to show that yes, it's okay to be afraid but do not let it rule you.

To cover Jennifer Lawrence's performance, she did very well in portraying a girl in a tough situation and running with it. Katniss has to be a difficult character to portray, as a girl who has been shaped by this world of hardship and struggle that made her life better by learning to hunt and learning strength.

Katniss Everdeen is one of those characters that showed girls that it is okay to be a strong willed woman in this world.
Katniss Everdeen is one of those characters that showed girls that it is okay to be a strong willed woman in this world. | Source

Character 3: A Nod to the Boys with Mortimer

Mortimer might be a lesser known character. He is a character from the books from the Inkheart series by Caroline Funke.

This character shows the strength of a father's love, and even though the story was completely mangled by the film, the books are made of some great characters. My favorite one, though, is Mortimer, a bookbinder and single father who can read storybook characters into life, with one horrible catch: When something comes out, something has to go in to replace it. Due to this horrible catch of his "Silvertongue" abilities, his wife, and two of his cats were sucked into a fantasy story inkheart,and replaced with Dustfinger, a fire eater, and two cruel antagonists for this world and the Inkeart world, Capricorn and Basta.

When Mortimer's abilities become an issue, and Capricorn and Basta come after him to read more of Capricorn's men out of the Inkheart world, it sends him on this amazing journey. Through all of this, his main concern is his daughter, Meggie.

This entire series takes place between the real world and the Inkheart world. Throughout all of this, Mortimer is a father trying to protect his child in such a way that he risks his life again and again to make sure Meggie is kept safe, and to find his wife, who was cruelly ripped from him during Meggie's infancy.

This series is a definite on the must read list for fantasy fans. The evolution of Mortimer as a mild-mannered book binder to brave hero in two worlds is a fantastic journey, as is his daughter Meggie's. These books are a fantastic story, and I feel nobody, who is a fantasy fan, should miss out on them.

Mortimer's Love for His Mischeivous Daughter Meggie is Beautiful

Mortimer risks life and limb to protect his daughter from all kinds of danger in Inkheart.
Mortimer risks life and limb to protect his daughter from all kinds of danger in Inkheart. | Source

Get to Know Them

Now, time to do yourself a favor, get to know these characters, if you don't already. They will take you on a journey that you will not regret. These characters draw you in, they teach you things and they bring you joy and adventure.

Is there a downside? I really don't think so. If you appreciate the skills that character development entails, then you will appreciate these characters, if you do not already.


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