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My Favorite Up and Coming Musicians / Artists

Updated on March 6, 2013

Here are 6 up and coming artists / groups that I think are extremely talented and deserve to see and have great things in their career! They are listed in no particular order, just how they came out of my mind and onto this keyboard. They are all definitely worth checking out! You might find your new favorite artist!

RedHead (D.C.)

After performing at the Cherry Blossom festival, he's opened up for Slum Village at this years J Dilla Tribute and

has just signed with Fontana/Universal Records and his single "Talk White" is now available on iTunes. RedHead is the cool geek rapper that you never expected. He's been grinding it out for years now and things are looking positive for him. Check out his YouTube Channel and check out the video to "Talk White" debuting on Vevo. Yes, he's got a Vevo, so you know he's dope! Give his stuff a listen!

The Klasix (NJ)

Dae, Mic, and Byrd are the super producer, dj, writing, singing, photography talents out of North Jersey. Individually, they are all super talented, but as a group they are out of this world. They have recently worked on music with Joe Budden and are continuously working with both established and up and coming artists. Semi-new to the crew is the female rapper Swiney. She holds her own as the lady of the crew. Make sure to like them all on Facebook.

La'Rayne (NYC / NJ)

Little 'ole me. Yup, I'm making it on my list! My official start came in 2010 when I decided to put out a mixtape. That mixtape has turned into a great journey. I have worked with many talented producers, musicians, and met a lot of great singers and rappers. I've performed at S.O.B.'s and the National Underground and even became one of the choices to open up for Jill Scott in NYC back in 2010 before I ever released anything. I'm have a great YouTube channel and I'm releasing my first EP this winter. Like my join my mailing list to keep up with my music.

Brandon Carter (NYC / Chicago)

He's been signed, he's worked as an independent rapper, his last project could be dubbed the sound of the Occupy Movement. Brandon has been in the music world for a while, first as a rapper and then he added producer to that and is looking to do so much more. Currently, he producing my EP and has some new things in the works on the music front. In the meantime make sure you subscribe to his YouTube Channel to check out his older material as well as his fitness videos.

Malik 16 (NYC)

Another not so much up and coming, but been there and is still great at it is Harlem's own Malik-16. His lyrical skill can easily overshadow anyone on a track with him. Last year, he released an Aaliyah themed Valentine's Day project that was definitely worth checking out. He also is on the "Talk White" track with RedHead. For more on Mr. Malik-16, make sure you check out his blog 16 candles. ...Oh and to me he looks like a younger version of the old rapper Rakim. I call him Baby Rakim lol.

Mara Hruby (California)

I don't even remember how I first heard of this lovely young lady, but she is great! The first thing I remember hearing of her's is a rendition of Bob Marley's "Is This Love." The video accompanying it is so beautiful. Check out her site and support her when you see her!

Have you heard of any of these artists before?

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    • manthy profile image

      Mark 5 years ago from Alabama,USA

      as a fellow musician, best wishes,let me know if I can help you in anyway