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My Top Ten Zombie Movies

Updated on September 3, 2018

Zombies are everywhere these days, but I'm not complaining. As a fan of horror, I love zombies, even if they are a bit overused. Zombie movies come a dime a dozen, but only a select few stand out as instant classics and cult favorites. Out of all the horror movies I've seen, these are my favorites. Check them out and let me know what your favorites are in the comments!

1) 28 Days Later

This 2002 movie spun the zombie genre on its head by introducing running zombies, uncompromising violence, and engaging characters. This is one truly scary film – and it will stay with you long after you finish it. It's not only the zombified humans that are scary, but humanity in the face of apocalypse as well. There's definitely a lot of disturbing material here for horror fans.

2) Train to Busan

This is a Korean zombie film, so be prepared for subtitles. It is totally worth it, and the zombies and action here are excellent. So is the story, and you'll find the plot tugging at your heartstrings as you move through the film. It's an emotional roller-coaster. If you enjoy this one, there is an animated prequel to check out as well, called Seoul Station.

3) 28 Weeks Later

This sequel to 28 Days Later is also really amazing, although it doesn't quite meet up to the standards of the original. The premise is that six months after the original epidemic, people are trying to rebuild civilization. Once again, there is a lot of violence and gore, which is done really well. The two young stars do a great job in their roles. While it's not as good as 28 Days Later, it's still an excellent zombie film in its own right.

4) Cargo

This recent film is a Netflix original. Like Train to Busan, this one is an emotional ride from start to finish, so be prepared! Aside from the original story, the zombies look great and the film is shot really beautifully. Of course, Martin Freeman really makes the film by playing his character perfectly and getting you totally invested in his journey.

5) Dawn of the Dead (2009)

This remake of the zombie classic was actually done really, really well. The original is a classic, but the remake adds a lot of modern touches that scare today's viewers. This one hooks you right in with an incredible opening, and the pace doesn't let up. The gore is fantastic, and the zombies look awesome. This is one that every horror fan should see.

6) Night of the Living Dead (1968)

The first amazing zombie film by Romero, Night of the Living Dead is a classic. Even though the film is old by today's standards, it's still surprisingly scary and unnerving. The characters will draw you in, the suspense will keep you hooked, and the ending will stay with you forever.

7) Maggie

This film did not receive much acclaim, but I loved its unique take on the zombie genre. Zombie-ism is more of a progressive disease here, and the film gives us an inside look at how this affect families, relationships, and the human body. Don't expect action here - this is pure zombie drama.

8) Planet Terror

This film was one half of Tarantino and Rodriguez's Grindhouse. In my opinion, it's the only one worth watching. The action and gore in this film is totally outrageous, and the visual style hearkens back to grindhouse-era B-movies of the past. Rose McGowan is excellent as the lead, and the movie is just a fun ride for anyone who is a fun of zombies, B-horror, and gore. There's some fun comedy aspects here too!

9) Day of the Dead (1985)

This final movie in Romero's epic trilogy was one of the first to really detail how humanity might start to collapse after an apocalypse. While there is plenty of zombie action, the main threat comes from humans. This is an unnerving movie that will make you start thinking about who you could trust if zombies ever happened for real.

10) The Revenant

This atypical zombie movie focuses on only a few undead characters. Are they zombies? Are they vampires? It doesn't matter – this somewhat comical horror film is well-done and well worth your time. Settle in for an insightful, gory adventure that makes jokes and political statements.

Which one is your favorite?

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