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My Friends Tigger and Pooh

Updated on March 14, 2008

Review of this TV Show

My Friends Tigger and Pooh is one of television shows shown in the Playhouse Disney block on the Disney Channel. It currently airs one episode every weekday morning (exact time varies from week to week) and two episodes in a row on weekend mornings (usually 8am, but I believe it can vary week to week just like the weekday schedule).

My Friends Tigger and Pooh is the latest television series based on the characters in A.A. Milne’s Winnie-the-Pooh books. The main characters include Winnie-the-Pooh himself, familiar friends of Winnie the Pooh, and two new characters. The familiar friends of Pooh included in many episodes of the show are Tigger, Piglet, Eeyore, Rabbit, Lumpy the Heffalump, Kanga, and Roo. The two new characters that appear in all the episodes are Darby, a six-year-old human girl, and her dog, Buster. Another character that appears in several episodes that is worth mentioning is Beaver. He is a newly created Pooh character, but he is very reminiscent of Gopher, who has not appeared in any of the episodes of this series.

In each episode there is a mystery to solve. The mysteries are solved by the Super Sleuths, which includes Pooh, Tigger, Darby, and her dog. They begin their cases when the Sleuther siren sounds. This tells them to assemble at the Super Sleuth Clubhouse and change into their Super Sleuth Gear, which includes Darby slapping on her cap and Pooh and Tigger wearing shirts with the Super Sleuth symbol. They then say the Super Sleuth oath and Darby encourages viewers to join along in saying the oath and being an honorary Super Sleuth. They then look at the flag to find out the where the person who needs help solving a mystery is located.

The show is an entertaining show for preschoolers with the loveable Pooh characters. What I really like about this series compared to the past Pooh series is that it presents a human girl in it as a strong role model for girls. In each show the Super Sleuths use logic and problem solving to figure out their mysteries. Darby often talks to the viewers and asks questions including asking comprehension style questions at the end of the episodes. This makes it somewhat interactive and further entertaining. It also occasionally teaches other basic concepts including counting and teaches science facts.

Review of the Super Sleuth Christmas Movie

The My Friends Tigger and Pooh Super Sleuth Christmas Movie is a direct to DVD movie based on the television show. This movie is a fun Christmas themed mystery for the Super Sleuths to solve. The Super Sleuths end up on several intertwined cases that culminate in them saving Christmas. The episode starts with them helping a reindeer that is stuck. They then help the reindeer find Santa’s magic sack. Lastly they help the reindeer find her way home.

The DVD has a bonus episode of the television show. The episode is called “Symphony for a Rabbit/Tigger Goes Snowflaky.” The second part is especially fun because it is about how no two snowflakes are the same and is winter themed just like the movie.

Another great feature of the movie is that it has a game called 100 Acre Wood Downhill Game. In the game you help deliver the presents to the right people. It is a fun and easy game for preschoolers to play on their own.


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