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My Little Pony: The Cutie Mark Crusaders

Updated on August 1, 2017

Cutie Mark Crusaders

We all thank you for stopping by! Come back soon ya hear!
We all thank you for stopping by! Come back soon ya hear!

Welcome all!

We are the Cutie Mark Crusaders and we really can't wait till we get our cutie marks! We travel around adventuring and trying different things till we find our callings and get our wonderful cutie marks. We do everything from ziplining and bowling to baking and singing. We love big events like being in the parade or playing at the Apple family cookout. Sometimes we just cant figure out something new to try but pondering together im sure something will come to mind. If not we ask my older sister Applejack and she often has an idea for us to try or something fun to do. My names Apple Bloom and together with my friends Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo we will keep trying! Our newest member is my cousin Babs Seed from Manehatten. Being friends comes first and we never leave a pony behind. On to the next adventure!

Apple Bloom

My names Apple Bloom and I think we should all get along and be friends! Together we can have lots of fun and do lots of fun stuff together. You might even become part of our organization. We can run around the apple orchard and eat some apple pie and have a good old time. Other then adventuring I love hanging out with my older sister Applejack. When she isn't around sometimes I try to talk with my older brother Big Macintosh but hes normally too busy to have fun with me. Big Mac always just keeps working and there isn't really much time for fun.

Apple Bloom



Hey im Scootaloo and im going to be an excellent flyer like Rainbow Dash someday! I love her so much, shes so cool so awesome I just want to be like her! I guess im the brave argumentative one of the group and normally its because Sweetie Belle is so slow! I could hop on my scooter and do a lap around all of Ponyville before shes ready. This pony took 15 minutes just to get ready to set off on our last adventure!


Have you seen Rainbow Dash around?
Have you seen Rainbow Dash around?

Sweetie Belle

So im Sweetie Belle and I want to grow up to be a fabulous designer like my older sister Rarity. Shes always so perfect with everything, even if some of her dresses take a few attempts to perfect. I always want to try to help her out at her boutique and I just want her to do stuff with me like any sister would. What normally ends up happening though is I end up making a mess and she gets upset at me saying she needs some alone time. I really wish she would act more like a sister and do sister type things with me!

Sweetie Belle

You will see! I will get my cutie mark and be a designer just like my sister!
You will see! I will get my cutie mark and be a designer just like my sister!

Babs Seed

Umm..Hello! Im Babs Seed from Manehatten and im the newest member of my sisters Cutie Mark Crusaders. I been bullied in Manehatten because of being a blank flank now I will make my own group of Cutie Mark Crusaders in Manehatten! I do love coming to visit in Ponyville and hope I can come back real soon so we can keep adventuring on together! Who knows, maybe ill bring some friends with me!

Babs Seed

Im here visiting from Manehatten!
Im here visiting from Manehatten!

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