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My Response to the Kiwifarms Article About Me

Updated on April 28, 2017

Time Traveler? What, Dr. Steward HK?

Okay, so they talked about time traveler. Does this mean that I'm currently physically in 2050? Nope. If you are ever lucky enough to meet me in person (you'll probably faint from excitement), you'll see that I'm physically in 2017. "So, Steward HK, what do you mean by time travel?" I've already explained it in my past writings.

Am I a messenger of God and Jesus Christ? I am. Anyone who is a true Christian is a messenger of God and Jesus. Our whole purpose is to spread Christianity.

Am I a creator of the most complex storyline humanity has ever witnessed? Have you ever heard of hyperbole? Hey, a brotha gotsta get people to pay attention to his artwork somehow! So maybe it's not the most complex, but it is still complex.

Eccentric Steward? Huh?

Am I eccentric? I am strange. Guilty as charged! My wife says I'm strange. My wife also says she's strange. And when we decide to have kids, we'll have strange little babies.

Am I foolish? I'm not foolish. I'm a genius, baby.

Do I provide amusement and laughs? I am a funny guy. In fact, I'm hilarious. I'm 99% confident that I could have you laughing within an hour if you met me in person (after you've already recovered from fainting, of course). I've always had a special gift to make people laugh. I mean to the point of tears, baby.

Am I a celebrity? Yes, I'm a B movie celebrity. I'll never be an A Lister. I've had quite a few people ask me for my autograph. Just not to the point of being an A Lister. I'll never be an A Lister, baby. That's just too much fame for me to want to endure. I'm happy with the thousands of fans I have anyway. (Did I mention that I have the greatest fans in the world?!)

Screws loose? Get the screwdriver!

I don't have any screws loose. This art form is called Frothism. You can call it Beestmeel if it makes your panties feel dainty, but that is inaccurate. Frothism is frickin correct. The plot does continue past the Year 2050. The mind, not the physical body, can actually travel through time. I'm very confident in my game maker skills. I have a bunch of fans. I love it when my haters like to tell me that I have no fans. Okay, so I guess all of the people who buy my games, my books, my movies, my videos, my this, my that, just absolutely hate my guts. Yeah, that makes real sense. So, to my thousands of buyers, you all are my haters (according to my actual haters--wait, that can kind of get confusing, huh?!).

Let's be honest. I have real genuine fans. Anyone who buys my stuff has to be a fan, not a hater. And if all the people who buy my stuff are haters, well then, I have a bunch of rich people who hate my guts!

Did Lowtax make my cult following?

Actually, I had a cult following before Lowtax made the videos. Lowtax's videos actually brought me closer to mainstream. My games are awesome, not horrible. Frothism is not insanity. Society is funny. Whenever an art form comes along that is too complex for certain individuals, it fries their brain and overloads it. They can't handle its complexity. So, what do they do? Since they can't get it, they then call it insane. Unfair! I am not mad.

All Christians have a mission from God. God is the Father and Jesus Christ is His Son. I'm not worried about spreading the word of Beestmeel. Beestmeel is just a vehicle I used to get the atheists to play my games. Think about it. If I would have called my game "Christian Bro" instead of "Beestmeel Bro", thousands of you wouldn't have even paid attention to it. I purposely called it Beestmeel Bro so that it would catch the attention of atheists. Atheists are such simple minded people. So easy for a Christian genius such as myself to manipulate and coerce them! Do my bidding, you simple minded atheists! Spread Christianity by promoting Beestmeel! Mwah hah hah!

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