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My Review of Doctor Strange

Updated on December 2, 2016

The Compilation of all Doctor Strange Previews


The Mystical Avenger

I have always been a huge fan of the Marvel Universe and when they first introduced them into the Cinematic Universe I was more then overjoyed. When I realized They were making yet another film I was so psyched.

Before I review the movie I want to mention my reaction of the first preview I saw. (No I didn't watch it from Super Bowl. ) I saw it on YouTube and boy it was cool. When it was starting I didn't know it was Doctor Strange. I thought it was going to be about Mystical Guardians I was close.

Then what came next made my heart race with pleasure in which was when he met The Ancient One.

The way he walked up to her and she stopped him, It was so awesome the way his spirit was forced out and then brought back. I nearly jumped out of my seat, first from shock and then excitement. In my opinion. It was an amazing preview. It was long enough to prepare us for something amazing but, short enough to make us hungry for more. Good Job Marvel.

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The Cinematic Film: Doctor Strange.

Now here is my thought of Doctor Strange.

From the very beginning of the film you are immediately introduced to villain. They came, They saw, and conquered like nobody's business, It was rather impressive. From there it just got better and better. So, starting out it was in my opinion pretty wicked and fun. It was a good way to start the movie.

Next thing I would to say is it was a well timed movie. I am big on that. that was my complaint with Batman vs Superman the movie was too rushed and it as a whole was very confusing. It wasn't a good starter for Justice League in my opinion, especially for new fans of the DC Universe.

Back to Doctor strange, this movie will keep your heart racing throughout the whole film always anticipating the villains next move. Another thing I enjoyed was it felt like you were a part of the movie. It was unusual to feel that way since I watched it in 2D.

I don't usually recommend 3D for live action movies but, this is an absolute special case. If you are watching this movie for the first time. Go big man, I believe this to be a good movie to see in 3D.

One more thing, this movie made you think. if you can see beyond the action and craziness, it has a lot of theories primarily Quantum Physics. So, if you want excitement its a perfect movie and if your curious about the universe. it helps express the what if's of the universe.

In my opinion, It was possibly the best marvel movie besides Civil War. It looks like the next marvel film will be Ragnorak. So, I guess I will be reviewing Thor for the next marvel film. Until then, the next review will be Rogue One and SPOILER ALERT. I will be talking about my review of Transformers:The Last Knight. I can't wait.

Thanks for your time and can't wait to see you next time. Have a good day/night and finally always remember life is a journey so have an adventure.

-Wayne I. Whiten


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