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My Thanks to acast for Their "Episode 41 Shadow of GDC War Edition"

Updated on April 27, 2017

Thank you acast!

A humongous major thank you to acast and The Chronicles of Gamers for their kind words. Episode 41 Shadow of GDC War Edition is excellent. Thank you very much. At around 1 hour 25 minutes I heard your assessment of my lyrics.

Yes, the game itself is quite the game! I agree with the young lady. Yes. Wonder If is a dope track. My homie Cyrus Clinical did an awesome job producing the beat. That is me rapping on it. My music and Cyrus Clinical's music are quite nice. I like our musical styles. I think it's swell that The Chronicles of Gamers enjoyed Wonder If.

Prep Froth or Posh Froth?

Prep Froth and Posh Froth are awesome. I don't have a billion fans. I have thousands of fans.

Yeah, that was back in the old days when I was Datama Head. A lot of rap is garbage. Me and Cyrus Clinical wanted to make something that was fun. He called me up one day while I was studying in graduate school. Back when I was in the Master's Program at Sam Houston State University (go Bearkats!). He talked about forming a group that would go against the mainstream stuff that the current hip hop industry was talking about. He had me sold. So honestly, Cyrus Clinical was the one who formed our group. And what name did he come up with for our group? He already had it picked out. We were to be called Unified Nothings.

Unified Nothings? Pretty cool.

At first, in my mind, I was wondering why he came up with the name Unified Nothings. He explained it to me. The both of us were actually important somethings. However, the one eye society wanted to keep such intelligent cats like us down. They wanted to beat us down to the point where we felt like nothings. Him being a Black dude and me being a Black Jew, he mentioned how the one eye society wanted to keep us Black cats down. So, in an ironic twist of destiny, we, the Nothings, would form a unified group to bring down the power and structure of the one eye society. Deep stuff, huh? Yeah, I thought so, too. I was sold, yo!

Fun hip hop that was positive.

Me and Cyrus Clinical wanted to make something that was fun. I agree with the young lady. Wonder If is a song about nice things. It's about romance and love and deep connection. Nice job, young lady! "I don't want a Mercedes, I just want a beautiful lady." She's right. I did go out of my way to create a different rap style. "I want to have 2 kids. Maybe a girl and a boy."

Most of the press concerning Frothism tends to be of the negative variety. It's refreshing to see those rare gems of positive coverage. The young lady (Loren?) and the cool guy have an excellent grasp of today's rap game. It is utter garbage. My lyrics are not garbage. I have something to actually say. I have something important to share, and I don't have to use dirty words and vulgarity to do it with.

Cyrus Clinical is a genius.

I was already deep into music by the time my homie Cyrus Clinical had contacted me about being the other member of his group. From its inception, he had decided that he and I would be the only 2 in the group. He had already heard my stuff before, and he knew I was the perfect fit. I'll be really honest. Being in Unified Nothings is where I learned more about production and appealing more to a wider audience. Cyrus Clinical laid down some amazing beats. What was so fun about Unified Nothings is that all I had to do was either flow or write my lyrics! I didn't have to come up with any music or beats at all! That was pretty refreshing because I could then only concentrate on my lyrics. And I've heard thousands of you say how much you enjoyed my lyrics!

Musical Journey of Dr. Steward HK Lar Lover

late 80s (elementary school)
early 90s (middle school)
my dad taught me how to make music
school talent shows
late 90s (high school)
started exploring with my own style
school talent shows / classroom projects
late 90s (high school)
made a couple of albums with my dad
sent the albums to record labels
early 2000s (Baylor University)
I finally established my own style
a handful - started gaining a cult following
early 2000s (Baylor University)
made more albums with my dad
sent the albums to record labels
early 2000s (Sam Houston State University)
Cyrus Clinical and the Unified Nothings!
hundreds, maybe thousands
mid 2000s
to be revealed later!
to be revealed later!
Musical Journey of Steward HK!


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