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My Top 10 Anime

Updated on January 25, 2018

Blue Exorcist

Number 10

Blue Exorcist is a well known anime which started in 2011. It is about Rin Okumura a teenager who finds out that him and his twin brother are the son's of Satan. In this anime the story is about the brothers confronting Satan with their friends. The anime's second season also started. The manga is also very successful having sold over 15 million copies. It has a good story, good characters and good fight scenes.

One Punch Man

Number 9

One Punch Man is a anime which came out in the recent years and it has got really good reviews. It was hit considering the budget used to make the anime. It is about a teenage boy named Saitama who is a hero and he is extremely overpowered. He in a search for a evenly matched opponent who he can have a fight with because he is that strong that his fights always end with a single punch to his opponent. The anime's second season is going to come out in this year.


Number 8

Bleach is a very famous anime and very popular. It is rated as one of the best anime's in the world. It's about a teenage boy named Ichigo who becomes a shinigami and discovers a new existence which the humans don't know about. The problem with bleach is that it has almost the same story in most of the arcs. The Anime has finished and so has the manga. In history of the best anime it wI'll be in the top 10


Number 7

Noragami is an anime about a God of Clamity named Yato who has no followers and he has no shrine where as all the other gods have a lot of followers and a lot of shrines. So he offers his services to the people for 5 yen so he can save up for a shrine. It has a really good story and epic fight scenes and it is such a joy to watch.

K Project

Number 6

K Project is a really good anime although it's not that famous it's really good and the animations are out of the world. It's about people who are chosen as kings by the Dresden Slate and there 7 seven kings and each of them represent a colour. It has a good story and it's really good. It already had two seasons and a third one is also coming up.

Attack on Titan

Number 5

Attack on Titan also known as Shingeki no Kyojin is a very famous anime. Season 2 is currently going on now and it was the most awaited anime of the year. It's about a boy named Eren whose village gets attacked by massive creatures who are known as Titans and the story revolves around Eren and his friends who join the army to fight against the Titans. It has a good story.

Dragon Ball

Number 4

I don't need to talk about Dragon Ball because for many people that's the first anime they ever heard and they ever watched. Even for me this the first anime I ever heard of and I ever watched. It is hailed as one of the best anime of all time. The new series also started and it never fails to surprise me. Overall people still wouldn't get bored of this anime.


Number 3

Naruto is claimed as the anime of the century it had many people crying including me when they released the last manga and the last anime episode. It has so many characters who have such emotional childhood and I think that's what is so special about Naruto the people who we think are cold-hearted and who have no feelings there is a reason why they are like that and think in Naruto they explain many characters back story and how they struggled. There is a reason why it's one of the best anime.

Tokyo Ghoul

Number 2

Tokyo Ghoul is an anime with two season and third one is also coming up. It is a story about a college boy whose named Ken Kaneki who meets this girl who turns out to be a ghoul both of them meet with an accident and the girl dies and Kaneki survives so the doctors transplant the organs of the female ghoul into the human boy making him an one eyed ghoul. The story revolves around Kaneki adjusting to the ghoul life meeting fellow ghouls and becoming friends with them. It's a well known anime it has a good story and it has good fight scenes. It also has amazing animations. It's a must watch anime for all the people who haven't.

One Piece

Number 1

One Piece is the current best anime. It started in the 1990's and it's still going on and the viewers are still not bored of it. Rather than being bored they are interested. Everyone around the world praise the creator of One Piece Eiichiro Oda on how he can come up with a story like this and how emotional he makes it at some parts. After it ends I'm hundred percent sure this will be named the anime of all time beating Naruto and Dragon Ball.

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Blue Exorcist Fight Scene

One Punch Man Fight Scene

Bleach fight Scene

Noragami Fight Scene

K Project Fight Scene

Dragon Ball Black Super Saiyan Rose Transformation

Attack on Titan Titan Transformation


Tokyo Ghoul Fight Scene

One Piece Fight Scene


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    • nipster profile image

      nipster 10 months ago

      HEY! YOU FORGOT INITIAL D!!! Nah bruh I'm just kidding your list is fantastic. Although I've never heard of Noragami before. Your review makes it sound hilarious. A god with no street cred! LMAO!

    • TheWriter134 profile image

      TheWriter134 10 months ago

      I know there is one anime missing which is My Hero Academy