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Top 10 Blockbuster Movies of All Time

Updated on July 23, 2014
The Hobbit, An Unexpected Journey
The Hobbit, An Unexpected Journey | Source

The Hobbit Team

From the best selling novel, 'The Hobbit' by J.R.R. Tolkien.

Director- Peter Jackson

Writers- Fran Walsh (screenplay), Philippa Boyens (screenplay), Peter Jackson (screenplay) and Guillermo del toro (Screenplay).

Main Cast- Ian Mckellen (plays Gandalf), Martin Freeman (plays Bilbo), Richard Armitage (plays Thorin), Ken Stott (plays Balin), Graham McTavish (plays Dwalin), William Kircher (plays Bifur), James Nesbitt (plays Bofur), Stephen Hunter (plays Bombur), Dean O'Gorman (plays Fili), Aidan Turner (plays Kili), Adam Brown (plays Ori), Mark Hadlow (plays Dori), Jed Brophy (plays Nori), Peter Hambleton (plays Gloin), John Callen (plays Oin).

No.1- The Hobbit, An Unexpected Journey

The Hobbit, an unexpected journey made a great start to the trilogy with a mixture of great acting, directing, producing and overall teamwork to produce a superb movie. Directed by Peter Jackson who also directed the Lord of the rings trilogy (sequel's to the hobbit) which was a huge success, helped bring his vision of middle earth to life again in the prequel to the Lord of the rings.

An impressive movie which although lacks the expected great battles which we were all so used to seeing within the Lord of the rings movies. It makes up for this with an epic adventure which brings light to the darkness which is starting to rise which gives the impression that darkness is returning. Meaning one thing, Saurons return is imminent with a naïve counsel who refuse to believe this new information of the return of darkness. All we must ask now is, what is install next for the hobbit trilogy?

An unexpected journey begins!

Like all adventures, they start from the comfort of a home which in the case of 'the hobbit' is a peaceful home in the shire. Within this peaceful home lives a friendly, young and unadventurous hobbit named Bilbo Baggins. But when 13 Dwarves along with Gandalf the grey wizard come knocking at Bibos door, this unadventurous hobbit finds himself at the start of what will become the adventure of a lifetime.

The group of dwarves are lead by their king, Thorin who despite first impressions, happens to be a great leader especially considering the pain which he has suffered at the hands of the Ork king and the dragon Smaug. The dwarves, cast out of their mountain from the dragon Smaug, they set on a quest along with Gandalf and Bilbo to reclaim their mountain. With no aid from their fellow dwarf kingdoms, they must go on their perilous quest alone with not only the danger of the dragon ahead of them but also the dark roads which they must follow.

Thrain, Thorins father had be slain by the Ork king who was thought dead by Thorin soon comes to realise an enemy he hates more than Smaug still breathes the air of middle earth. The journey soons becomes more dangerous as well as a risk to Thorins life when the Ork king sets away on his own agenda to kill Thorin who he had sworn to kill long ago to end the blood line of dwarf kings.

Whilst trouble kicks in Bilbo trys to keep calm, being the burglar for the group he tries to lay low keeping out of trouble. But when lives are at stake Bilbo soon steps up to the plate to help do his fair bit for the group.

The Dark Knight (Batman)
The Dark Knight (Batman) | Source

Dark Knight Team

Director- Christopher Nolan

Writers- Christopher Nolan (story and screenplay), David S Goyer (story), Jonathan Nolan (screenplay), Bob Kane (characters).

Main Cast- Christian Bale (plays Bruce Wayne aka Batman), Heath Ledger (plays the Joker), Aaron Eckhart (plays Harvey Dent), Maggie Gyllenhaal (plays Rachel), Gary Oldman (plays Gordon), Michael Caine (plays Alfred), Morgan Freeman (plays Lucius Fox).

No.2- The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight made a perfect sequel to the first in the trilogy 'Batman begins' which hit audiences with its dark and serious look on Batman. This movie is even darker than the first (Batman begins) with the addition of the new villain 'The Joker' played by Heath Ledger with a scary psychopathic nature. Heath truly went all out with his role as 'The Joker' with his terrible jokes, scary persona, scary laugh and a fear striking voice. Bruce Wayne aka Batman played by Christian Bale certainly has his work cut out for him in this sequel as he must put a stop to the chaos which is 'The Joker'.

Directed by Christopher Nolan who wanted a dark look to the batman, certainly came out on top with this sequel with its well written script and superb plot.

This is by far the best Batman movie I have ever seen, even going as far to say that it is better than the 'Dark Knight Rises' which was an entertaining movie but didn't quite beat the darkness which we witnessed in 'The Dark Knight'.

Return of the Dark Knight!

With a fearsome Batman scaring criminals off the streets of Gotham city helping stop crime just with his presence what could ruin the day. When The Joker arrives in Gotham city he soon starts havoc when he steals money, cons the mobs running the criminal activity in Gotham city, even killing a few of them, begins to set sail on having some fun playing games with Batman.

Harvey Dent sets way putting criminals away using the legal system whilst Batman (Bruce Wayne) starts putting criminals away using a different strategy, Beating them senseless, then tying them up, ready for the police to collect. The Joker isn't so easy to catch as he is always one step ahead of Batman as well as the police. But Batman doesn't give up easily, soon finding himself playing into The Jokers game.

With the corrupting methods of The Joker, he soon turns the best of people in Gotham city into evil at a time when Gotham city is already stacked full of evil people that the good are growing tired. This is where you are left wondering just what mayhem is set for the third and last in the trilogy.

Jurassic Park
Jurassic Park | Source

Jurassic Park Team

Director- Steven Spielberg

Writers- Michael Crichton (screenplay) and David Koepp (screenplay)

Main Cast- Sam Neil (plays Dr. Alan Grant), Richard Attenborough (plays John Hammond), Jeff Goldblum (plays Dr. Ian Malcolm), Laura Dern (Dr. Ellie Sattler), Martin Ferrero (plays Donald Gennaro), Joseph Mazzello (plays Tim Murphy), Ariana Richards (plays Lex Murphy), Bob Peck (plays Robert Muldoon), Samuel L Jackson (plays Ray Arnold), Wayne Knight (plays Dennis Nedry).

No.3- Jurassic Park

The start of something amazing with the introduction for the best dinosaur movies on the planet. Steven Spielberg certainly out did himself when he directed Jurassic Park, but it could also be argued that in doing such a movie that he could be setting himself up for failure but this was clearly not the case as Jurassic Park was and still is one of the best movies ever made. To say the movie was made in 1993 when graphics in movies were not the best, it was shocking to see a movie which was clearly ahead of its time. The graphics today when watching Jurassic Park still seem great with a very realistic feel to the dinosaurs especially when the carnivores are hunting the humans. I have always had an interest in dinosaurs but after watching Jurassic Park, I found myself even more interesting in them but also a little afraid of them. I believe that even those who have no interest in dinosaurs will enjoy the movie as the graphics, the story's plot and the mix between humans and dinosaurs will please all. Its Spielberg's greatest achievement!

Jurassic Park Opening!

Jurassic Park is an island which has been perfectly designed to fit dinosaurs of all kinds for humans to come to and enjoy the sights. It is essentially a zoo for dinosaurs which John Hammond, a billionaire with a dream has cloned dinosaurs DNA using mosquito's which have been perfectly frozen into rock from the dinosaur age which have acquired dinosaur DNA. Using the dinosaur DNA John Hammond has got his scientists cloning these prehistoric creatures which he then places perfectly into caged off areas on the island.

In Jurassic Park the movie a small group of people are brought together to officially be the first set of people to tour the island. The group includes 3 scientists who are professionals within the field of dinosaurs, John's lawyer and John's two grandchildren. All goes as planned when all of a sudden the theme park suffers a major power breakdown and the group find themselves being hunted by raptors as well as a T-REX. The only way to escape the ordeal is to escape the island but with the power out on the island this would be impossible so they must first of all turn the power back on overriding the system.

John Hammond's dream soon becomes his nightmare in this dinosaur thriller which for the first time in Hollywood brought dinosaurs to the big screens. With the crazy twist bringing dinosaurs into the modern day world where humans which are essentially meat for the carnivores live.

SKYFALL (James Bond)
SKYFALL (James Bond) | Source

Skyfall Team

Director- Sam Mendes

Writers- Neil Purvis (written by), John Logan (written by), Robert Wade (written by), Neil Fleming (characters).

Main Cast- Daniel Craig (plays James Bond), Javier Bardem (plays Silva), Judi Dench (plays M), Ben Whishaw (plays Q), Rory Kinnear (plays Tanner), Naomie Harris (plays Eve), Ralph Fiennes (plays Gareth Mallory), Berenice Marlohe (plays Severine).

No.4- Skyfall (James Bond)

This is the third James Bond movie starring Daniel Craig as James Bond and it is by far the best so far. With the help of the new villain Silva played by Javier Bardem who is a terrorist who aims to bring down M16 because of personal reasons. This movie was possibly the best James Bond movie I have ever seen with the best James Bond I have ever seen played by Daniel Craig. Daniel Craig will go down in history for his role as James Bond and as of now I believe him to be the best, most suited actor for the role as James Bond. A superb performance from the greatest spy in the world as well as the greatest villain in the world. If you have not seen Skyfall then you have not seen James Bonds greatest movie ever made.

Bonds back!

After being shot accidentally by a colleague whilst fighting a bad guy on top of a train James Bond plummets into a river under a bridge. M believes he is dead whilst Bond who is alive enjoys death on a beautiful Caribbean island. But when MI6 is attacked by a terrorist named Silva Bond returns to London where he takes back up his duty working for the MI6. With the MI6 concentrated on catching Silva who is believed to be going after and destroying the MI6 there is something different being planned by Silva.

Silva once worked for MI6 but got caught in a foreign country doing dodgy dealings so M gave him up to the country. They tortured him which is why when he escaped he blamed M for giving him up to the Country in trading him for the release of a couple of other agents held captive. Feeling betrayed by M and his country, he sets out to assassinate M and get his revenge which he so desperately wants. But with Bond on the case he is close to Silva at all times keeping ahead of him and his devious plans.

For the first time in a Bond movie we get to know a bit about where Bond grew up and just how he became the most successful spy to work for MI6. When Bond returns to Scotland where he grew up, he returns to Skyfall where he once lived as a child. Bond takes M to Skyfall to keep her safe but also to draw Silva to him so that he could kill him once and for all.

The Avengers Assemble
The Avengers Assemble | Source

Avengers Team

Director- Joss Whedon

Writers- Joss Whedon (story and screenplay), Zak Penn (story).

Main cast- Robert Downey Jr. (plays Tony Stark aka Iron Man), Mark Ruffalo (plays Bruce Banner aka The Hulk), Chris Evans (plays Steve Rogers aka Captain America), Chris Hemsworth (plays Thor), Jeremy Renner (plays Clint Barton aka Hawkeye), Scarlett Johansson (plays Natasha Romanoff aka Black Widow), Tom Hiddleston (plays Loki), Clark Gregg (plays Agent Phil Coulson), Samuel L Jackson (plays Nick Fury), Cobie Smulders (plays Agent Maria Hill), Stellan Skarsgard (plays Selvig), Gwyneth Paltrow (plays Pepper Potts).

No.5- The Avengers assemble

The Avengers brings together the best of the Marvel characters including Captain America, Hulk, Iron man, Thor and Hawk eye. In coming together they must learn to work as a team to fight evil on earth in order to defend the planet. This movie brings fans of each of these characters as there have been movies released for Captain America, Hulk, Iron man and Thor which have made fans fall in love with the characters. So fans from all 4 of the super heroes will want to watch the Avengers because what's better than one superhero fighting evil? 5 superhero's fighting evil, now that's what I'm talking about.

With the tension between Loki and Thor, the clash of power between Hulk and Thor, the humorous arguments between Iron man and Captain America it is the small things which make this movie worth watching.

Defenders of earth 'ASSEMBLE'!

Marvels greatest heroes unite!

The Avengers brings the best of the Marvel superhero's together to fight evil on earth. S.H.I.E.L.D are a secret government operation set up to help prevent the destruction of earth from anything alien. It is S.H.I.E.L.D director Nicky Fury who brings the superhero team together but it is not getting them in one room which is the problem, it is getting them in one room with killing each other. With differences among the group which need settling as well as evil moving closer to earth it is up to the Avengers to prevent the evil at all costs.

Loki, Thor's brother is the person responsible for the evil which has come upon earth with his thirst for power and leadership he has taken a liking to earth which is why he wishes to rule it, enslaving mankind. The Avengers soon realise Loki's plans and set course to stop him but is it too late to save the day. With the portal open with evil alien creatures spreading through New York city, can the Avengers stop the attack and close the portal.

With Captain Americas leadership, Iron man's ability to fly as well as destroy, Hawkeyes stealthy precision as well as Thor and Hulks god like power you just know that evil won't be around for long with the Avengers around.

Pirates of the Caribbean, Dead Man's Chest
Pirates of the Caribbean, Dead Man's Chest | Source

Dead Man's Chest Team

Director- Gore Verbinski

Writers- Ted Elliott (written by and characters), Terry Rossio (written by and characters), Stuart Beattie (characters), Jay Wolpert (characters).

Main Cast- Johnny Depp (plays Jack Sparrow), Orlando Bloom (plays Will Turner), Keira Knightley (plays Elizabeth Swann), Jack Davenport (plays Norrington), Bill Nighy (plays Davy Jones), Kevin McNally (Gibbs), Lee Arenberg (plays Pintel), Mackenzie Crook (playsRagetti), Jonathan Pryce (plays Governor Weatherby Swann), David Bailie (plays Cotton), Tom Hollander (plays Cutler Beckett).

No.6- The Pirates of the Caribbean, dead man's chest

A superb sequel to 'the pirates of the Caribbean, the curse of the black pearl' with a humorous joy ride from start to finish. Starring two top actors, Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom as well as a top actress Keira Knightley who work so well together to help make one of Disney's funniest movies ever made.

I'm sure most will have seen this movie but for those who haven't this is a must see especially for those who enjoy a lot a humour as well as an adventure. I thought that Davy Jones and his ship made a great addition to the movie with a mad rush to get back his heart which I do mean literally.

The pirates return!

The pirates have returned for a whole new adventure which brings them into even more danger but where most fear danger, they thrive of it. With Jack Sparrow, Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann back on a journey with the hot pursuit of Davy Jones and his crew not far behind. Since Will stole his chest which contains Davy's heart, he must take pursuit to get back his heart as well as exact revenge on Jack Sparrow and Will turner.

The twist however is that Davy Jones and his crew are dead with their spirits tied to the ship where they must serve for an eternity. Davy Jones is the captain of the ship and the heart which he keeps in a locked chest is vital to his survival because if someone was to stab the heart they would kill Davy Jones and take his position on the ship as the captain.

On the chaotic pursuit between Davy Jones ship and the black pearl (ship) the chest changes hands so many times, you lose count of who exactly has the chest. But in the end when the film concludes with a cliff hanger we see the heart fall into the hands of a devious man who has plans of his own. Leaving you with the anticipation for what we can expect next in the sequel to Pirates of the Caribbean dead man's chest.

The Lord of the Rings, the Fellowship of the Ring
The Lord of the Rings, the Fellowship of the Ring | Source

Fellowship of the Ring Team

From the best selling Novel, 'The Lord of the Rings the Fellowship of the Ring' by J.R.R. Tolkien

Director- Peter Jackson

Writers- Peter Jackson (screenplay), Fran Walsh (screenplay), Philippa Boyens (screenplay).

Main Cast- Elijah Wood (plays Frodo Baggins), Sean Astin (plays Samwise Gamgee), Billy Boyd (plays Peregrin 'Pippin' Took), Dominic Monaghan (plays Meriadoc 'Merry' Brandybuck), Viggo Mortensen (plays Aragorn), Ian Holm (plays Bilbo Baggins), Orlando Bloom (plays Legolas Greenleaf), John Rhys-Davies (plays Gimli), Ian Mckellen (plays Gandalf the grey), Christopher Lee (plays Saruman), Liv Tyler (plays Arwen), Hugo Weaving (plays Elrond), Sean Bean (plays Boromir).

No.7- The Lord of the rings, the fellowship of the ring

This is the epic start to the journey of the century with the start of a fellowship to escort the one ring to its destruction. With 4 hobbit's, a ranger, a dwarf, a human, an elf and a wizard, the quest sets way to destroy the one ring of evil which must be thrown into the fire of mount doom.

This is an exciting movie with a powerful journey which begins like no other with characters like no other. This is not the end but the beginning as this is the first in the Lord of the rings trilogy.

The fellowships journey begins!

Two hobbit friends Frodo and Samwise start on a journey to take the one ring to the elf kingdom where it can be kept safe. The two friends soon bump into their two other hobbit friends Pippin and Merry who join them on their quest with a slight nudge from necromancers who chase them out of the woods, onto a boat where they must head towards an Inn where Gandalf should be waiting. When the four hobbit friends get to the Inn, Gandalf is nowhere to be found but instead they come along a black rider who assists them on their journey saving their lives on multiple occasions. When they finally reach the elf kingdom, it isn't long before decisions are made to start a fellowship to journey to mount doom to destroy the one ring. The bearer of the one ring on this journey is an unlikely individual Frodo who takes up the burden.

The fellowship includes four hobbits (Frodo, Samwise, Pippin, Merry), an elf (Legolas), a human (Boromir), a dwarf (Gimli), a dark rider (Aragorn), and a wizard (Gandalf the grey). The journey soon becomes danger ridden when they are followed by Sarumans orks who have been sent to put an end to their quest, killing them and getting the ring back to its master Sauron.

The movie concludes with a cliff hanger, where the group have been split up after the orks attack the group with Boromir left dead, Pippin and Merry taken captive by the orks and Frodo and Samwise journeying alone on their quest to destroy the one ring. Then Finally Legolas, Aragorn and Gimli take pursuit after the orks who have taken Pippin and Merry captive.

The Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn Part 2
The Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn Part 2 | Source

Breaking Dawn Part 2 Team

From the Best Selling Novel, 'The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 2' by Stephenie Meyer.

Director- Bill Condon

Writers- Melissa Rosenberg (screenplay).

Main Cast- Robert Pattinson (plays Edward Cullen), Kristen Stewart (plays Bella Swan), Taylor Lautner (plays Jacob Black), Peter Facinelli (plays Dr. Carlisle Cullen), Elizabeth Reaser (plays Esme Cullen), Ashley Green (plays Alice Cullen), Jackson Rathbone (plays Jasper Hale), Kellan Lutz (plays Emmett Cullen), Nikki Reed (plays Rosalie Hale), Billy Burke (Charlie Swan).

No.8- The Twilight saga, breaking dawn part 2

The finale for the Twilight movies with an ending so exciting you just have to watch it. With the Twilight movies having gained so much success after the success of the first Twilight movie, its fan base sky rocketed. The Twilight movies are the ultimate for Vampires and Were-wolves with great action scenes as well as a romance story which has captured the hearts of viewers everywhere. With the power behind the love between Edward and Bella with the strong feelings felt for Bella from Jacob. But in the previous Twilight movie, 'The Twilight saga, breaking dawn part 1', Jacob imprinted on Esme, Edward and Bella's daughter. Which forces Jacob to watch over Esme, protecting her which comes in handy when the vampire order decide that it is best to kill Esme. But with the Cullen family, friends of the Cullen family and the were-wolves they will not back down easily to the vampire order.

The Good vs. The Evil!

The vampire order decide that it is best to kill Esme, Edward and Bella's daughter because she's half human/half vampire. As this is illegal as well as something which the vampire order fears they start towards the woods where the Cullen's live to kill Esme. But the Cullen's are not going to back down easily as they will die before giving up one of their own. So the Cullen's start there own small army to defend Esme gathering friends and family to join them in their cause. As well as the vampires joining the small army to defend Esme, there are also the were-wolves who are going to join in the battle led by Jacob.

The forces collide, Cullen family members are killed, Cullen's friends are slaughtered as well as the vampire order members who become prey to the slaughter. Although this is all within Alice's vision which she shows the vampire order who decides to back off. This is partly due to the fact that in Alice's vision the vampire orders head who is shown the vision is one of those who gets killed in the brutal battle that would have taken place.

Transformers, Dark of the Moon
Transformers, Dark of the Moon | Source

Dark of the Moon Team

Director- Michael Bay

Writer- Ehren Kruger

Main Cast- Shia LaBeouf (plays Sam Witwicky), Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (plays Carly), Kevin Dunn (plays Ron Witwicky), Julie White (plays Judy Witwicky), John Turturro (plays Simmons), Josh Duhamel (plays Lennox), Tyrese Gibson (plays Epps), John Malkovich (plays Bruce Brazos), Frances McDormand (plays Mearing), Patrick Dempsey (plays Dylan).

No.9- Transformers, dark of the moon

Its earth's last stand in this third instalment for the Transformers movies. With Sam Witwicky playing a big role in helping ensure the survival of mankind. Along with the help of the Autobots who must fight the Decepticons in a final battle which will mean the freedom of mankind or the enslavement of mankind. There is more destruction, more explosions and more Decepticons than ever before in this Transformers movie.

Where once before there was only one Prime (Octomus Prime), there is now another, the once most powerful leader of the Autobots Sentinel Prime who betrays the Autobots, siding with the enemy. Leaving Octomus in shock with the great betrayal he must fight his once powerful leader as well as stopping Megatron who is up to his usual tricks, attempting to enslave mankind.

This is a must see with its superb graphics and special effects as I have never seen anything more realistic in a movie as well as complex as the Transformers. Such a great movie which all we need to wait for now is the next.

Earth's last stand!

When the Decepticons get the resources needed to bring the transformers world to earth, they can finally get the army they need to take over earth for good with zero resistance from mankind. With the Autobots exiled from planet earth from the threat of the Decepticons to destroy earth, the Autobots step onto a space ship taking flight into space where they are blown up by the Decepticons. With the Autobots out of the picture, the Decepticons take to their plans bringing destruction to the streets and striking fear into mankind.

Although luckily the Autobots were not in the space ship when it exploded and when they mankind needs the Autobots most they show up to save the day. Octomus Prime must destroy Sentinel Prime who betrayed the Autobots by siding with the Decepticons. As well as destroying Sentinel Prime he must also destroy Megatron and destroy the pillars which have been used to bring the Transformers cube like planet to earth.

The Lion King
The Lion King | Source

Lion King Team

Directors- Roger Allers, Rob Minkoff

Writers- Irene Mecchi (screenplay), Jonathan Roberts (screenplay), Linda Woolverton (screenplay), Brenda Champman (story supervisor), Burny Mattinson (story), Barry Johnson (story), Lorna Cook (story), Thom Enriquez (story), Andy Gaskill (story), Gary Trousdale (story), Jim Capobianco (story), Kevin Harkey (story), Jorgen Klubien (story), Chris Sanders (story), Tom Sito (story), Larry Leker (story), Joe Ranft (story), Rick Maki (story), Ed Gombert (story), Francis Glebas (story), Mark Kausler (story), J.T. Allen (additional story material), George Scribner (additional story material), Miguel Tejada-Flores (additional story material), Jenny Tripp (additional story material), Bob Tzudiker (additional story material), Christopher Vogler (additional story material), Kirk Wise (additional story material),Noni White (additional story material).

Main Cast (voices)- Jonathan Taylor Thomas (voice- Young Simba), Matthew Broderick (voice-Adult Simba), James Earl Jones (voice- Mufasa), Jeremy Irons (voice- Scar), Niketa Calame (voice- Young Nala), Moira Kelly (voice- Adult Nala), Ernie Sabella (voice- Pumbaa), Nathan Lane (voice- Timon), Robert Guillaume (voice- Rafiki), Rowan Atkinson (voice- Zazu).

No.10- The Lion King

A classic Disney animation movie which touched people of all ages from all around the world. It had friendship, courage, loyalty and honour mixed in within this classic animation. It also had some great characters with Mufasa (Simba's father) the wise king of the jungle aka lion, Zazu (wise cracking parrot), Simon (confident on the outside but afraid on the inside Meerkat) and Simba (king of the jungle aka lion).

It's a great movie with a good plot, set of characters and soundtrack. Like all great movies there is a sequel which with this movie there was a trilogy.

The King of the jungles fall and rise!

Mufasa (king of the jungle aka lion) teaches Simba his son the way of the lion and just what it means to be the king of the jungle, watching over your land. But when the Hyenas step into the pride land, Mufasa must deal with the intruders whilst Simba goes off to explore. With the permition of Simba's mother young Simba (lion) and his lion friend young Nima, head off to explore the land with the supervision of Zazu (parrot). But after ditching Zazu it isn't long until the two young lion friends head out of the pride land and into the deserted land of the Hyenas. With the hyenas blocking the two lion friends it all seems over however Mufasa comes to their rescue scaring away the hyenas. It is on this day that Simba sees the dangers which lay in wait for a weaker animal.

When Scar (simba's uncle) betrays the pride, killing Mufasa and sends hyenas after young Simba to kill him, Simba believes he killed his father. Luckily Simba escapes the clutches of the hyenas and runs into the dessert where he wonders the land until exhaustion takes hold and he collapses. Pumba and Simon save young Simba teaching him their way of living, eating bugs rather than meat, living with no worries.

When Simba grows up he runs into Nima in the forest where he lives and he is told of the tough leadership which Scar has over the lionesses. Simba decides it is time to take back his kingdom so he returns to pride rock where he fights Scar, defeating him and taking back leadership over the lionesses as well as his kingdom.

Top 10 List- Worldwide Box Office Gross

Blockbuster Movie
Worldwide Gross
Year Released
The Hobbit, an unexpected journey
The Dark Knight (Batman)
Jurassic Park
Skyfall (James Bond)
The Avengers
Pirates of the Caribbean, dead man's chest
The Lord of the rings, the fellowship of the ring
The Twilight saga, breaking dawn part 2
Transformers, dark of the moon
The Lion King


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    • L.M. Hosler profile image

      L.M. Hosler 

      5 years ago

      My favorite was The Lion King. Probably because my kids loved it.

    • epbooks profile image

      Elizabeth Parker 

      5 years ago from Las Vegas, NV

      I have not seen many of these, but I loved the Dark Knight...and Lion King!

    • The Reminder profile image

      The Reminder 

      5 years ago from Canada

      Love Dark Knight and Avengers. great list!

    • Craig Easom profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from British Empire

      Thank you for commenting Adecourv, they are certainly a couple of the best movies ever made.

    • adecourv profile image

      Alex deCourville 

      5 years ago

      The Dark Knight and Jurassic Park are my favorites from this list.


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