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My Top 10 Disney Movies

Updated on November 9, 2015

If you’ve read some of my stuff, you’ll begin to notice a pattern. Most of my writing revolves around sort of childish topics. I've written Hubs about Harry Potter, Phineas and Ferb and even Where’s Waldo. So naturally I was eventually going to make a Hub about Disney movies. I love love love Disney movies and although I’ll be 24 soon (I don’t even want to think about the proximity of that date), I feel and enjoy these movies as if I was 9 years old!!! I know the lyrics to all the classic songs and can recite some of the lines of the movies by heart. If that makes me a weirdo then so be it, I’m the biggest weirdo there is. But I’ll always love these movies, even when I’m 80 years old. Now being a 90’s baby, most of the movies that you will see on my list are from that era. But there are a few of the more recent movies that I absolutely love and make my top 10. This list isn’t in any particular order, I just couldn’t decide. It was too hard. So, enjoy!

Hercules (1997)

I love everything that has to do with Greek Mythology so naturally I was going to love Hercules. I loved its take on the myth of how Hercules became a demigod and I loved the portrayal of the different gods, like Zeus and Hera, Hades and the three-headed dog Cerberus, and even Phil the satyr, Pegasus, the Fates and the Muses. The story was sweet and even though Meg isn’t my favorite (with her being in cahoots with Hades), she did changed at the end. This movie is smart, adventurous and funny. As for the songs, I think this movie has some of my favorites. I love I Won’t Say I’m In Love and anything the Muses sing (they are amazing!!).

Mulan (1998)

What’s not to like about a girl who lets people believe that she is a man and takes her father’s place so that he doesn’t have to go to war. You have no idea how much I love all the girl power that this film has. At the beginning of the film we see Mulan going to the matchmaker all geishad up and questioning who she is and later we see her beating all the boys and kicking butt on the battlefield. I love this movie because it has a nice message, especially to girls, and has some really awesome songs, which includes my all time favorite Disney song: I’ll Make a Man Out of You. I just adore this movie!!!

Aladdin (1992)

Aladdin takes a classic storyline where the rich girl falls in love with the penniless man and gives it a little twist. Instead of the main focus being on Princess Jasmine, it’s on the street rat Aladdin. This movie is great because it slips some modern stuff courtesy of Genie, who is voiced by the hilarious Robin Williams. Aside from being funny and super entertaining, it’s also romantic. This movie has one of the most romantic scenes ever when Aladdin and Jasmine go on a magic carpet ride. Awww Aladdin is another one of my all time favorites, and although it has a love story, it’s a film that both girls and boy can enjoy!

Tangled (2010)

I was a little hesitant to watch this movie, because honestly I thought that Disney couldn’t bring the magic of the Disney Princess to life, especially after the disappointing Princess and the Frog (ugh). But, I was really surprised. The movies stayed true the Disney magic that we all love and also stayed fairly modern. It had the classic Princess romance fairytale and the always expected musical numbers and also added some flair that children of this generation could enjoy. Rapunzel was so sweet and Flynn was oh so very charming. The movie took the classic story of Rapunzel and added their own twists, like Flynn being a criminal, and the whole thing with the lanterns was just beautiful. I really enjoyed this movie and in my opinion it became an instant classic.

Beauty and the Beast (1991)

Beauty and the Beast is another classic that I love. This is the Tale as Old as Time, song as old as rhyme. The story of how to look at what’s on the inside, to look at inner beauty. I know that it’s a pretty clichéd story but it’s unique in its own way. How can a movie that has talking furniture not be awesome?! Belle can sometimes be a little overdramatic but which Disney princess isn’t? Beast is pretty badass, that is until he is transformed back into his human form (What’s up with that girlie appearance?)Gaston is like my favorite villain. He is so cocky and manly! And Lumiere, Cogsworth, Mrs. Potts, Chip, and even the Wardrobe make this movie what it is, one of my favorites.

The Little Mermaid (1989)

Mermaids!! Love mythical creatures. Poor little mermaid Ariel stuck under the sea when there is so much to explore out there. This movie was the first movie I remember seeing where the protagonist was so adventurous and independent, total girl empowerment. She wanted to walk and she went against her father’s wishes and got her legs. I also remember that all my friends were in love with Prince Eric (weird I know). The sidekicks Flounder and Sebastian, with his Jamaican accent, are super cool and Ursula super scary. This movie was definitely a milestone for Disney, having a princess who wasn’t a damsel in distress for a change. Props to Disney!

A Goofy Movie (1995)

This might seem like an unusual movie to be on my list. A Goofy Movie isn’t one of the most popular films, but it should be. After all, Goofy is one the classic Disney characters, he is funny, a klutz, he’s goofy! It’s a great movie that shows the complex relationship between a father and son, how Max just want to be away from his father (ugh, teenagers) and how Goofy feels his son slipping away and all he wants to do is hold on to him that much harder. And who could forget Max’s performance of Stand Out on the school auditorium or when Max and Goofy sneak into Powerline’s Eye to Eye. Classic!!! This movie is sweet and funny. Watch it!!

Finding Nemo (2003)

Finding Nemo is the sweetest movie I have ever seen. It’s so sad when at the beginning of the movie the family is attacked and the only survivor is Nemo. (sniff) Nemo is so adorable with his little fin. The movie shows Marlin is being so overprotective of his son and then Nemo gets lost. On his way to rescue him, he meets forgetful Dory, which in my opinion is one the best sidekicks in Disney history. While these underdogs (or underfish?) go on a mission to rescue the little clownfish, funny adventures ensue, including vegetarian sharks, hundred and fifty year old turtles and DARLA!!! (AAHHHH) I truly think that there can’t be anyone alive that doesn’t love this film!

Wall-e (2008)

There’s a lot people who don’t like this movie. They say that it’s boring because the first half hour of the movie has no dialogue. But I say so what?! Wall-e is so beautifully made it almost makes me cry. That first half hour with Wall-e is like going back in movie history and watching a silent film. It’s amazing how we sympathize with Wall-e and we can feel how lonely he is on Earth. Earth has become a landfill and Wall-e's only companion is a cockroach. The movie has that eco-friendly message that is so popular nowadays. It’s great to see this hugely important message is being taught to children and doing it in such a fun manner. The movie shows us what could happen if we continue to treat our mother Earth the way we are and how we will become super fatty people who can't even get up from their floaty chairs!

Lion King (1994)

Who else but Disney could take a literary masterpiece like Hamlet, add lions, hyenas and warthogs and create one the most amazing film in animated movie history? This movie is one Disney most heartbreaking movies. The scene where Simba watches his father die and blames himself is so tragic. As for the villain, Scar is one of the most evil in Disney’s films. The sidekicks are incredible, from Timon and Pumbaa, to the hyenas, Shenzi, Banzai and Ed. And the songs are some of the most recognizable and epic in Disney history. Who doesn’t know what Hakuna Matata means? If you don’t like this movie, what’s the matta with you!

Which Disney movie is your favorite?

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