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My Top 10 Songs - A list of widely variant and evergreen tracks.

Updated on November 22, 2022
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Music is too important and too many to adore. After a lot of thought I have penned down 10 songs that I like hearing at frequent intervals.

My Precious List

Sing Sing Sing - Benny Goodman

One of the most popular swing songs ever written is Benny Goodman's Sing Sing Sing. An orchestral masterpiece, this song caught my attention because of its multiple cinematic usages.

I was introduced to jazz pretty late in life but I fell in love the moment I discovered it. And delving into this genre got me exposed to the magic of 'swing and big band'. Once 'Sing Sing Sing' came into my life it stuck on at one corner of my mind pretty strong.

I have added, not the original but the Louis Prima version because of better audio-visual quality and the entertaining dance.

Time - Pink Floyd

'Time and Tide wait for none.’ This simple yet precise concept has been perfectly crafted with a combination of experimental sounds.

Roger Waters' lyrics build on this universal truth elucidating the fluttering character of time and man's need to carve his own destiny.

In support of the song's very essence, the instruments have created a unique composition with a perfectly crafted combination of melodic tunes.

The intro with a cacophony of clocks ticking seem erratic but in sync at the same time. They are followed by Nick Mason's drum solo, thus setting the mood. The rest of the song follows a plethora of unique sounds where the drums, guitar and keys converse with one another along with the so loved solos.

Danse Macabre - Camille saint-Saëns

In honor of Halloween, I have added a festive version with a spooky touch and a suspenseful romance of the violin. It has been brilliantly paired with the keyboard which acts as a harbinger of terror.

The origin of the concept (16th century) is associated with plague and death. Camille Saint-Saëns' rendition is what popularized it in 1874 reaching hearts with its multifaceted layers and an artistically carved horror.

Save My Soul - Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

This track casts a lovely hologram of the colourful New Orleans where people come together from different spheres and connect through music. The picture I get is of people jamming in every other corner, groups of musicians, amateur and professional, making brilliant impromptu compositions.

The city has a natural groove because of its jazz influence and this song makes me want to visit it during the famous Jazz festival that is held every year attracting large groups of cosmopolitan crowd.

If I had You - Benny Goodman and his Orchestra

Addressed as the 'King of jazz' Benny Goodman made music that was revolutionary, playing a big role in the bringing of jazz into the folds of other acceptable music.

For a long time genres like jazz and swing were considered 'music of the devil' and violently condemned. Among many others, Goodman and his orchestra created mammoth impressions with their unique style.

This is a melodious piece carefully constructed and set apart from the original 1928 song. I love the way the piano and the clarinet compliment each other.

People are Strange - The Doors

One of my favourite bands, 'The Doors' marked an epic period in the history of rock.

This song encompasses Morrison's depression on the feeling of strangeness within himself, starkly different from the said normalcy of society. It speaks of the uneasiness that one feels when wavelengths don't match and judgments are formed.

Not just Jim Morrison, but it is the talented Ray Manzarek's organs, Krieger's rhythm and Densmore's drums aided by Douglas Lubahn's trusty base that form the complete magic of the song.

It is an idea that many people relate to, ones who feel like outcasts and anomalies owing to societal expectations.

Boogie Woogie Stomp - Albert Ammons: Michael Alf Version

It goes without saying that with Boogie-woogie we associate tapping of the heels, an upbeat mood and the automatic need to move the hips and sway.

Albert Ammons' Boogie-woogie Stomp is a classic. I came across this track while surfing on YouTube . And Michael Alf's rendition caught the ear.

A brilliant piano performance with a perfectly synchronized accompaniment of drums and bass, this track gets me into a party spirit in the very comfort of my house.

Mozart's Symphony 25 in G minor

My first introduction to this masterpiece was through a catchy tune from an old Titan ad. Much later did I find out that the simple jingle which I so fondly hummed along with was but a small part of a long complex arrangement of instruments.

The way contradicting rhythms have been smoothly merged, the rebellious syncopation, the melodic yet dramatic change in each movement could only be the work of a genius.

Under Pressure - Queen

Some people are affected more deeply than others by the insensitivity of society and life itself. They feel a constant pressure of dissatisfaction and the helplessness at their inability to cause a big enough change.

Under pressure is such an expression. Queen is the ultimate musical group for me, a list of songs with each different from the other. I chose Under Pressure because I relate to it on a special level and is probably the Queen track I have heard most times.

The Winner Takes It All - ABBA

Though of a time before mine, like many others I associate my childhood with ABBA. I am an ardent fan of all their songs.

In fact there might be a few that I like more than the chosen track. It is the crack at outcomes of destiny is what makes me smile and cry at the same time.

The concept of disparity in human fates is what I feel the song beautifully portrays.

© 2019 Tiyasha Maitra


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