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My Top 20 F.R.I.E.N.D.S Unforgettable Moments

Updated on December 26, 2017
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I love watching movies and series especially Comedy, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, RomCom, a little bit of Action and Drama.

F.r.i.e.n.d.s Forever!

I just finished watching 10 seasons of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. And now I know why it has been one of the greatest things that happened in television. Its prominence continued even after the last episode was aired on 2004. On it 20th anniversary, let us reminisce the most unforgettable moments, scenes, episodes, characters, or whatsoever that made this comedy series as one of the best of its generation and until now. I gave you my 20 most unforgettable and funniest moments in F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

Top 20: The Apartment Swap.

Season 4. Episode 12.

Who would’ve forget the games that Chandler, Joey, Monica and Rachel have play just to know which pair knows the other pair better than the other. From ten bucks to a hundred bucks to throwing away the rooster and the duck to switching apartment, this “who-knows-the-other-better” game gets exciting. Unfortunately for Rachel and Monica, they don’t know what Chandler’s job is so they lose their apartment to Chandler and Joey.

Top 19: Chandler and Joey’s New Year’s Eve Kiss

Season 1. Episode 10.

It’s New Year’s Eve and the gang has no partners. Chandler just want somebody to kiss him, so Joey did it! Wish granted!

Top 18: Lesson Number 1: Bluffing.

Season 1. Episode 18.

The Girls wanted to play poker with the guys, but they don’t know how. So the guys taught them the game but the girls still don’t get it. So Monica asks her Aunt Iris to help them win a poker game. Ross and Rachel got a heated game but in the end “I’m-not-a-nice-guy” Ross let Rachel win the game. So sweet of him.

Top 17: The “Third day”

Season 6. Episode 18.

Joey wanted to be in an audition and he seek Chandler’s help to get him into that audition. The last day of the audition was on Thursday so to be able not to forget when Thursday is, Joey told Chandler just remember the “third day”: Monday- One day; Tuesday- Two Day; Wednesday- when? Huh? What day?; Thursday- the third day. Okay?

Top 16: Best Nap Evah!

Season 7. Episode 06.

Die Hard Fans, Joey and Ross enjoyed watching the movie over and over again. They fell asleep hugging each other and when they woke up they were so shocked but they agreed that it was their best nap ever.

Top 15: The Birds.

Season 3. Episode 21.

Joey adopt a chick after watching a news. At first Chandler is not too crazy about this chick, but he eventually form a bond with the chick. It became like the child of Joey and Chandler. So when Joey and Chandler had a fight about who takes care of the chick, they taught that they need to bring back the chick. But Chandler fails to return it after knowing that it will be killed if no one adopts it. And the surprise is that Chandler also adopts a duck.

The Duck and the Chick became the children of Joey and Chandler. Eventually, the chick grew and became a Rooster. After Season 6, both birds was not been seen and at the finale it was said that the two died of old age.

Top 14: Central Perk's couch is taken.

Season 3. Episode 1.

We all know where the gang's favorite hangout place is, right? Have you ever think what will happen when the couch in Central Perk is already taken? Lucky you, that the opening of the third season will give you the answer. The gang have no choice but to leave the coffee place. Where do you think they go?

Top 13: The Lobster Theory.

Season 2. Episode 14.

"It's a known fact, that lobsters fall in love and mate for life. You know what? You can actually see old lobster couples walking around their tank holding claws, like [holds her hands like a claws]..." - Phoebe Buffay - Hannigan

This is one of the best quote that I heard from Pheebs and also in the rest of the series. Maybe I should make one hub about the best quotes from Phoebe. Right?

Top 12: Se7en.

Season 4. Episode 11.

Chandler ask the girls about how to satisfy a girl in bed. Monica is so generous that he taught Chandler about the seven erogenous zones of a woman. And even give him a hint on how to perform it.

"You want to hit them all and mix them up. Keep them on their toes." - Monica Geller - Bing

"A one. A two. A one, two, three. A three. A five. A four. A three, two. Two. A Two, Four, six. Two, four, six. Four. Two. Two. Four. Seven! Five, Seven. Six, Seven. Seven! Seven! Seven! Seven! Seven! [Mouths: Seven!]" - Monica Geller - Bing

Top 11: Phoebe's Songs

F.R.I.E.N.D.S is not complete if you don't know any of Phoebe's songs. A Song about a smelly cat, a wedding song for Monica and Chandler, A Christmas song, about love, about no power, a snowman, her mother's ashes, shower song, and many more.

One of the antics of this series is Phoebe and her music - her guitar, her songs, the way she plays the guitar, everything. Here are some lyrics of her music:

Smelly Cat (incomplete version)
Smelly Cat, Smelly Cat,
What are they feeding you?
Smelly Cat, Smelly Cat,
It's not your fault.

Holiday Song (from final rendition)
Went to the store, sat on Santa's lap.
Asked him to bring my friends all kinds of crap.
He said, "all you need is to write them a song."
Now you haven't heard it yet, so don't try to sing along.
So don't sing along.
Monica, Monica, have a happy Hanukkah.
Saw Santa Claus, he said hello to Ross.
And please tell Joey Christmas will be snowy.
And Rachel and Chandler, [mumbles some nonsense that rhymes with "Chandler"].
Happy holidays everybody!

No power
New York City has no power,
and the milk is getting sour.
But to me it is not scary,
'cause I stay away from dairy.
LA la, la LA la, LA la...

Top 10: Unagi!

Season 6. Episode 17.

"Unagi is a state of total awareness. Only by achieving true unagi can you be prepared for any danger that may befall you. Unagi! [points two fingers in your temple]." - Dr. Ross Geller

Watch how Ross teaches Rachel and Phoebe the art of Unagi, being able to sense danger. Unagi is a concept Ross learned in his Karate [Ka-ra-tay] class. He thinks that Rachel and Phoebe should be familiar with this concept to prepare their selves with incoming danger.

Unagi is actually a Japanese for fresh water eel. Unagi!

Top 09: Ross's Music

Season 4. Episode 7.

Phoebe is not the only one with music interest in this series. Another music genius among the gang is Ross! Instead of a guitar, he uses a piano to make his music.

Phoebe heard that Ross also plays music. So she insist that Ross play his music. No one likes Ross music except for Phoebe. She thinks that Ross's music should be heard by everybody, so Ross started playing at the Central Perk.

Phoebe give ups in playing her music because she taught that she can never be at the same level as Ross is. For his friend, Ross give up his "sounds" so Phoebe can play again.

Top 08: Pivot!

Season 5. Episode 16.

Ross bought a new sofa, but the charge on picking-up and delivering the sofa is as high as the price of the sofa. So he taught of just picking the sofa up by himself and with the help of Rachel and later with the help of Chandler.

As Ross, Chandler and Rachel lift the sofa to the stairs, Ross shouted "Pivot! Pivot! Pivot!". He wanted to turn the sofa, but they can not. So the sofa got stuck in the stairs and Ross cut the sofa in half out of frustrations.

Top 07: Chandler said "I Love You"

Season 5. Episode 08.

Chandler said "I Love You" to Monica, for the first time. As the gang is discussing the worst Thanksgiving, a not so good past has been opened, creating commotion among the gang. And as Monica is apologizing to Chandler using the Turkey Head approach, Chandler suddenly said I Love You as Monica dance with the turkey on her head.

Top 06: My Bestfriend

Season 6. Epsiode 25.

The plan of Chandler surprising Monica backfired at him. Instead of him, Monica kneel down and proposes to Chandler.

"Chandler, in all my life I never though I would be so lucky as to fall in love with my best.. my best.. There's a reason why girls don't do this. [sniffles]" - Monica Geller - Bing

"I thought that it mattered what I said or where I said it. Then I realized the only thing that matters is that you, You make me happier than I ever thought I could be. And if you let me I will spend the rest of my life trying to make you feel the same way. Monica, will you marry me?" - Chandler Bing

"I knew you were likely to take a wife!" - Monica Geller - Bing

Top 05: Famous F.r.i.e.n.d.s

One of the things that you will never forget in F.R.I.E.N.D.S are the famous stars that guested in this show. From Brad Pitt to George Clooney to Susan Sarandon to Julia Roberts and more.

Some other famous artist are as follows:

  • Sean Penn
  • Bruce Willis
  • Robin Williams
  • Elliot Gould
  • Dakota Fanning
  • Tom Selleck
  • Michael Vartan
  • Selma Blair
  • Emily Procter
  • Hugh Laurie
  • Charlton Heston
  • Ralph Lauren
  • Gary Oldman
  • Ben Stiller
  • and other.

Top 04: Mess-ers become the Mess-ees

Season 5. Episode 14.

"They don't know that we know they know that we know." - Phoebe Buffay - Hannigan

In order to make Chandler and Monica confess about their secret relationship, Phoebe and Rachel mess with the partners. Phoebe uses his sexiness to seduce Chandler and it prevails. With her dancing skills and smooth skin (and probably her bra too), Phoebe made Chandler confess that he loves Monica.

The mess-ers prevail! Good job Phoebe and Rachel!

Top 03: Ross's Sandwich

Season 5, Episode 9.

Ross's sandwich was stolen in the refrigerator on his workplace.After he lost his sandwich he became agitated and very loose. He was offered to have a leave in the work. But as he unravels who ate his sandwich,he found out that his boss was the one who ate his sandwich. Ross shouted at his boss and he was put on an indefinite leave.

Top 02: Oh My God!

The nasal-y voice. The irritatingly loud laugh. When you heard these things, it's no doubt that that's Janice, Chandler's ex-girlfriend.

"Oh.. my... God!!" - Janice

The most unforgettable line that Janice has said, was definitely the "Oh my God!" line.

Top 01: We were on a break!

Season 3. Episode 16.

It was first said by Rachel but became Ross's most famous line. He said this when his and Rachel's relationship is on the verge of breaking. He had made a mistake with the hot copy machine girl because he thought that they were on a break.

It became one the most used running gag in the series.

There you have it. My top 20 unforgettable moment in F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Hope you like my new list and feel free to comment, tell your suggestions. thanks!

© 2014 Mr Random


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