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My Top Ten Favorite TV Shows

Updated on August 27, 2017

Please enjoy my top ten favorite shows. As you will probably see, I love feel good comedies. And please help with number one! I can't decide!

10) Superstore - What do you get when you have an overly jolly, ultra conservative, Christian boss working with a headstrong, uptight female manager, an openly gay employee, a crass black man, a ditzy teenager, a liberal, studious Millennial, and an independent woman? An offensive, inappropriate show full of innuendoes and lots of laughs. This show isn't afraid to "go there" with its material, and you will find yourself liking all of the characters. Even Bo.

9) Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt - I'll be honest, I did not find 30 Rock to be that funny, so I was a little hesitant to jump onboard another show by Tina Fey. However, this show is 100% worth it just for Titus Andromedon. If I ever decide to write a piece on the best characters in television, he just might take the number one spot. This show would be higher up there if each episode focused solely on him. His one liners are definitely quotable and don't tell me that you don't find yourself wanting to sing Boobs in California at the most inopportune times (i.e. with your high school students). Also, Ellie Kemper is totally adorable, so she brings much delight to the show.

8) Arrested Development - They had me at Banana Stand and ever since then I was hooked on the dysfunctional family. I am not sure how it only lasted three seasons before making a comeback almost ten years later for a fourth and final season. (Is there a Season 5, I hear?) The characters are gold. The plot is hilarious. And the lines are laugh-out-loud funny. Be prepared to find out the meanings behind "I blue myself" and "Anustart."

7) Modern Family - Who doesn't love this feel good, family comedy? Although, I do think it is probably time to wrap it up while it is still on a high note. The kids are getting pretty old and aren't as cute and funny anymore. However, it still provides the laughs it did at the beginning of the series. The dynamics between Cam and Mitchell, Phil and Claire, and Gloria and Jay are what I imagine any real long-term relationship is like - forever teetering between being extremely annoyed and being extremely in love. The show always ends with a message on the importance of family no matter how crazy they can be.

6) Black-ish - To me this a refreshing show that tackles tough but pertinent and necessary topics in a comedic way. In a span of one episode, I have been on the verge of crying one minute to buckling over with laughter the next and then back to reflecting on what just happened. Anthony Anderson and Tracee Ellis Ross do a superb job as parents and a couple while the grandparents and Trey's coworkers really exaggerate racial stereotypes and prejudices. Put this show on your playlist today and then use it to have conversations in your household.

5) This is Us - Holy cow! The first season of this show has all the feels. I am pretty sure tears were rolling down my cheeks after each episode. The writing and acting of this show is phenomenal. You need to watch this today! I can't say too much because at the end of each episode there is a plot twist or revelation. Basically, the show details different families and their interconnectedness while tackling race, death, sickness, relationships, and divorce. It feels real and not overly dramatic. Seriously, watch today. This show is going places.

4) New Girl - I was a little late to the party on this one, but I'm glad that I showed up. The main character, Jess, reminds me a little of myself with her quirky attitude and passion for teaching, and her relationship with Nick has me swooning. I've been rooting for those two since day one. Schmitt is hilarious, and even Winston grew on my in later seasons. I liken this show to Friends as in is it really that possible for grown friends to hang out that much?! Do they work? Still, check this one out. It has one more season left.

3) How I Met Your Mother - I was deeply invested in this show and while I was part of the outrage of the final episode, I still watched the whole series a second time for the laughs and the drama. The concept and the writing of this show are pretty ingenious, and the fact that they could keep everything straight amazed me. The premise is that one of the main characters, Ted Mosby, details in long narrative form to his kids how he met their mother. The show spends most of its time in the past exhausting the many relationships of Ted. You might begin to find Ted unlikable; however, the other characters make up for it, and just when you are beginning to wonder if Ted will every find true and maybe his kids are actually adopted and all of this time Ted has been a single parent, they hit you with it. I'm curious to know if you will like the ending.

2) The Amazing Race - The one and only reality show on the list, Amazing Race still excites me even after 29 seasons. I have dreamt of being on this show and practiced by participating in the the Urban Dare three times. Also, if you read my Friendship Day blog then you would know that I even created a mini Amazing Race for my friends. Lovers of geography and adventures unite and watch this show! You'll find yourself deeply invested in the contestants as they make their way through speed bumps, roadblocks, detours, and U-Turns in order to be greeted by the lovable host, Phil, at the Pit Stop. Stay tuned for scenes from next week's episode.

1) Parks and Recreation (Tie) - A show where every main character and sub character is gold, it's hard not to have Parks and Rec in the number one spot. Leslie, Ron, Ben, April, Andy, Chris, Ann, Donna, Jerry/Larry/Gary, Tom, Craig, and Jean-Ralphio are people that I want to hang out with in real life. Other shows take note on how a finale is created (I'm looking at you HIMYM) because Parks and Rec seriously had one of the best. This hilarious show follows the Parks and Rec's department in Pawnee, Indiana and how they try to improve upon the environment and the lives of the town's citizens despite opposition and negativity of the people. The passion and enthusiasm of Leslie, Chris, Craig, Ben, and Andy matched with the dispassion of Ron and April and thrown in with the mundanity of Jerry, the swankiness of Donna and Tom, and the absurdity of Jean-Ralphio makes this show one of the best in television. Treat yo'self to it.

1) The Office (tie) - If I had not rewatched this magical show a second time recently, then I would be ashamed to admit that it might not have graced the number one coveted spot. Back in the day, I was obstinate and refused to watch after Michael Scott left the show. That was a mistake. Even though Season 8 was rather weird (Why did they ruin Andy like that?), the final two seasons really make you appreciate Jim and Pam's relationship, the beauty of Michael Scott as a boss, and the reason behind the documentary and the friendships of all the characters. The last episode really had tears streaming down my eyes. While I didn't love all of the minor characters as much as I did in Parks and Rec, The Office is deeper and more meaningful. There is much more depth to the characters and the cold opens are hilarious (Dwight starts a fire). This show still holds up with kids today. "I wish there was a way to know you're in the good old days before you've actually left them." Uhh holds heart.

Which is better - The Office or Parks and Recreation?

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