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My work with my idol JACKIE CHAN

Updated on December 4, 2009

Yes, that's right, my dream is to work with my idol Jackie Chan..

 My life is simple, but my dream is work with my idol Jackie Chan.

I have been working with a company, which you can say is like a Jackie Chan company.

First, let me say hi, my name is Shelly Nun-Chucks, and I am a Bostonian Actress who likes to do her own stunts and fight scenes.

I actually been working with a family film production company called Unicovia, which is owned and operated by my big brother Ahura Z.

Oh it's so cool, my big brother adopted me as his little sister, and the same way, my idol Jackie Chan---his big brother Sammo had done the same thing.

My big brother Ahura's family is also involved..his wife Sinari and his daughter Kazi, plus the rest of the family.

The great thing, is my big brother is also a master of so many martial arts, even the one I had trained in, Capoeira.

Since the company is independent, we can avoid alot of red tape that most union film company's have to go through.

We do our own stunts and fight scenes.

People that are involved in this company also make the wardrobe, we do everything ourselves.

And since Ahura is a professional accomplished musician, his wife Sinari and himself also do all the singing and have spectacular voices.

Our first film was made under 900 dollars and the easiest way to view the trailer is to go to you tube and look up Ahura Z then look under his stuff for ANIKRYUA.

Yes, I got to play three characters in the film, a warrior woman, a taxi cab driver and a black minion.

Half way through the trailer, when my big brother pulls out a sword, look at the tall dark figure in black that is fighting Ahura, think it is a man, think again, it really is me.

Yes, I am 39 years old, but believe that just because i am getting close to 40, doesn't mean my life is ending, cause I am getting to do the things in life I will forever be able to in films that I grew up watching.

Well I guess that's it for now, but if you do have a facebook account, you can find me under Shelly Nun-Chucks Finnegan and see the real me.

Please be advised, that any rude comments on facebook will be deleted, because I will not tolerate anything that is disrespectful on any of my sites.

Thank you and may god and buddha watch over all of you!


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