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My Favorite Korean Artists I Like To Listen To

Updated on January 19, 2015
A.K.A Dong Young-Bae
A.K.A Dong Young-Bae | Source

#1. Taeyang/Sol

Taeyang is a south korean singer and songwriter that works with YG Entertainment. his real name is Dong Young-Bae. Taeyang as been training under YG Entertainemnt since he was 12 years old and got is start with the the group Big Bang after 6 years of training. He does vocals can play the piano, guitar, and drums.He has worked with big bang, G-Dragon, Teddy Park, Se7en, and Ailee. I like his music because the beats of his songs are good and he dresses very well. My first song from taeyang was wedding dress. This song shows off his vocal, dance, and piano skills.


Wonder Girls

Wonder Girls work with JYP Entertainment and jonas records The members are Yabin, sunye, Hyelim, and Yeeun They are managed by Park Jin-Young.He also played a teacher at Dream High.

Park Jaebeom
Park Jaebeom | Source

Jay Park

Jay Park is from seattle washington but was born in edmonds. Jay Park is a singer,dancer,rapper, model, entrepreuer, song writer, music producer, and choreographer He specializesin Hip-hop, Korean Pop, and R&B music. Jay Park is a co-CEO and founder of Art Of Movement

Lee Ji-Eun
Lee Ji-Eun | Source


IU is a singer and actress and actress from South Korea. She can play the drums, piano, sing, and play guitar. She is part of LOEN Entereaintment universal music, virgin, and a fe wother labels. and specializes in Korean Pop, R&B, ballad, and dance. She acted in this drama called Dream High. she has worked with High4, Yoon Hyun-Sang, as well as a few others acts.

Ma Boy- Sistar

I Swear

Which one of these korean pop artists would you like to listen to?

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      NekoLoko 3 years ago from Florida

      still not finished but this is what i have so far