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My favorite episodes of "The Penguins of Madagascar"

Updated on October 23, 2011

First I wasn't aware of the CGI TV series of Madagascar, until I accidently came across with couple of fascinating "The Penguins of Madagascar," clips in Best Fun Video site. It was just a "ok lemme see what's on it" and later it stole part of my bed time, as I started to watch it during late night before my sleep. As some says, every adult has a child in them, so what's wrong if a big girl in late 20s just stare at Smart Skipper, or watch little Mort or butt dancing King Julien, silly ring tail lemur? So I thought to share my little animation desire ( there are many good ones which hit the theaters all around the world...not only just Madagascar ah!) with you peeps. Due to copy right issues, I may not able to put exact 12-15 min TV clips, yet I hope you will peek a boo into the bonus of mine here. (Thanks a bunch to peeps out there who put these videos taking the pressure of cyber world rules...). Whoever peeps out there, who has no idea of what I am talking, let me say, this so called "The Penguins of Madagascar" is a spin off of the Madagascar animation movie series. The protagonists of this TV series are 4 cute intelligent penguins called Skipper ( the leader), Kowalski ( strategist and gadgeteer of the penguin group), Rico (expert of weapons and explosive devices) and Private the sensitive young still learning penguini. The story revolves around them and the other main characters like Kind Julien XIII, Maurice, Mort, English Chimps; Mason and Phil, and Marlene. The four gangsters try to solve problems in Central Park Zoo (their home) mainly caused by silly King Julien itself and his 2 body guards; Maurice and little Mort.

The Penguins of Madagascar (Episode 1)

In the Penguins of Madagascar TV series, the four heroes perform various paramilitary like missions to protect their friends and their home, "The Central Park Zoo." These 4 agents, Skipper, Kowalski, Rico, and Private try to deal with the problems arise in the Zoo mainly due to King Julien XIII and his 2 body guards. Other than four courageous fearless Penguin characters, you will encounter the lemurs King Julien XIII or else so called “the ring tailed lemur,” the King’s near servant Maurice (body guard 1), Mort the devoted little mouse lemur body guard who worship the King, Marlene the girly otter and closest pal of Skipper, two English chimps called Mason the deaf and Phil the mute one. Apart from these main characters, audience will get to know secondary characters that are associated with the Central Park Zoo.

The first episode of the Penguins of Madagascar is called, “Gone in a flash.”

Rule No 1: Do not question the King. In this episode, Chimps play with the camera which belongs to a zoo visitor, and accidently Maurice gets it into his hands. Afterwards, King Julien and Maurice get into fight for camera. Suddenly, the button gets pressed by one of them and takes a picture of Maurice. However, Maurice fell into garbage trunk during the camera flash, and he gets into garbage dumping lot by garbage cleaner. Since Maurice disappeared, King Julien tends to think Maurice is trapped inside of the strange camera (As we know where Maurice is, poor dude is on the top of smelly garbage in the garbage dumping location.) So Skipper and his 3 agents get into their so called “ professional mission” of finding Maurice before the start of next zoo tour to the public. The silly King Julien, refuse to believe Maurice is in somewhere, but only he sees Maurice in camera display and thinks Maurice is trapped in the so called strange thing (as King doesn’t know what is camera and its function…primitive ah!).

The little Zoo coupe (Episode 16)

The Skipper and 3 gang members enjoy riding the pinkish little car in the zoo, as Kowalski keeps the track of timing as they want to know the efficiency of ride. Then the bored King Julien begs for a ride and Skipper and gang refuse to give the wheel to Lemur King. The jealous King Julien decided to find the better car than Skipper’s, which is called "King Jilen car." So he use Muarice to steal a huge zoo cart at night and he then boasted about his new car in front of the penguins. As King Julien brags about his new car, Skipper gets uneasy about all the lemur talks, and they finally get into an argument which ended up being challenging for a mid night car race. So as King says to set the time at 12:15am since at mid night he has his manicure; therefore Skipper agrees to race at 12:15am. According to Kolawaski’s calculations, the penguins realize that they have no chance of beatig the King and therefore, they adjust and improve the condition of the car. The modified new gdget fixed car comes out with black pint and lavishing red flames. When the race continues, King Julien’s 2 body guards, Maurice and Maut spit chewing gums to Skipper’s vehicle. However, Skipper and gang overcome the difficulties they face from lemur somehow. Finally Skipper's group find short cut to be in the lead. Rico uses his bean power to get boost to their car when they started to fall behind. Somehow penguins were ablt to get close to the finishing line. Unfortunately near the finishing line, one of the chimps throw banana peel by mistake. Skipper’s car slips away from finishing line and started to spin in the same place while King Julien nicely pass the finishing line. Even at the end King was boasting about his win and his new car, his car get smashed as it crashed into crates. Then he says, since he won the race he gets the Penguin’s car as per the race agreements. Once lemur King gets into Skipper’s car, he gets ejected from the seat. Skipper was stunned by seeing lemur gets ejected from the driving seat. As an answer to his surprise, Kowalski says that there is lemur ejecting button in the car and it is his personal touch that he made to the car.

If you like funny animations like I do ...

I think you will definetly enjoy the animation Tv series of penguins of Madagascar. If you are a person who likes to relax and watch more fun stuff, then peek into best fun video site.

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    • Greenblood profile image

      Greenblood 7 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      Hey Robby,

      Thnxs for sharing something that we love in common. Yes, little Mort is cute and worship almighty Julian. If they could bring the film characters into the TV series I personally feel it would make a great spice. Imagine how Melman and King Julian get together and do some clever stuff lolz. So "Watch out boys..." U never know what comes next ( I mean in future, we might see all of them under one roof?)

    • profile image 7 years ago


      Your hub was great, and I personally love the "Penguins of Madagascar myself(I personally love the crazy penguin named Rico,& the crybaby lemuir Mort, who also has a fetish for King Julian's feet),but sometimes I wish The series could bring about a reunion of the four original "Madigascar" stars of the theatrical films: Alex, Gloria, Marty, & Melman. I Miss these characters on the TV series, don't you? As for the humans on the show, my favorite is that hilarious crab of a zookeeper, Alice, who keeps thinking the Animals are doing suspicious thing behind her back. it's just like Skipper said in the 1st film to any human who notices: "You Didn't See anything......"

    • sandakalum profile image

      sandakalum 7 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      Great article ! Keep up the good work.

    • profile image

      Nina 7 years ago

      Oh I also like the same episodes most. Hope you will get the full videos soon