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My film The Dishwasher is going to be my thank you and dedication to my idol Jackie Chan.

Updated on September 12, 2012
this is an actual picture of me from a photo shoot.
this is an actual picture of me from a photo shoot. | Source

My film is going to be from my heart.

My first film, my first indie.

Please keep in mind, I am not setting out to win awards.

I am doing this, because it is something I want to do, in my own way,

to thank the one man that has given me a lot of happiness, my whole life,

Jackie Chan.

Jackie has been such a positive influence in my life, and for all the

happiness that he have given to me, now is my time to thank him.

I will be having one rehearsal, and am excited to have on board,

the director Seng Varipath and also my leading bad guy,

Anthony Huaong (I hope I spelled his name right, I can go in fix

it later if I spelled it wrong, sorry.) Also Jason Lee.

I do have other actors on board and am pleased.

One thing we all have in common, we all love Jackie Chan.

I had been planning and trying to do things for months,

and trying to think of ideas to add to the script, but

learning it is best to keep my first film, simple, and to

a point, and have a little bit of Jackie Chan Flavor to it.

I am very thankful and want to thank filmmakers and

others who had wanted to help me distribute and make

money off this, but it was just too much to change what

was in my heart.

I just have to do this one film my way.

Yes, once again, I'm not looking to win awards with this film.

It is something that I must do.

I am playing the lead and from learning more about

my lead bad guy Anthony, with his experience, which

he has done stunts and was in the circus and other things,

I know I might a very smart executive decision and having

play the lead.

I think also everyone involved in the film, is understanding

my vision of the film.

I know even a small film, it is going to take a lot of work.

I had to keep putting off filming, for awhile, and realize,

that I had wanted to do so much more, like having cars

and such and other things involved and making the

fight scene, way more than what I wanted to do,

so I just am keeping it simple.

Actually the director Seng, did kind of mentioned

this to me, and he is right.

I feel as though Seng does understand me, and

that he will be doing the film great justice in

getting my vision on film and that is why I really like him.

The truth is, and I'm telling the whole world this:

Seng actually stepped up and said he would like to

do my film.

Seng has lots of experience in filming, and I like his work,

so I think the combination of everyone I have on set, is

going to work quite well.

I believe to keep this film, as simple as possible, is the

best answer.

I also will be submitting it to film festivals in different places

and will be adding sub-titles for other countries.

You know dreams can come true, all you got to do,

is work for what you want and just make it happen.


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  • Shelly Nun-Chucks profile imageAUTHOR

    Shelly NunChucks Ninja 

    6 years ago from worldwide

    Thank you Manthy, and I appreciate the offer.

    Hifizah, thank you, and I will try and submit it to other countries also with sub-titles, I do hope to make others laugh, with my silliness.

    Thank you everyone.

    Please do pass this on, "If someone has a dream, support them"

    Do you know, when you support someone that has a dream, sometimes in life, that is all you need, and maybe someday, they will look back in their life and thank you for the support.

    I do have a facebook page for the film

    The Dishwasher, my Jackie Chan Influenced film and you all can see the progress :)

  • hifizah profile image


    6 years ago

    Jackie Chan is my all time favourite as well. Good on you Shelly. I hope I can see your movie someday here in Indonesia.

  • manthy profile image


    6 years ago from Alabama,USA

    Good luck to you Shelly - I wish you the best & let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

  • Shelly Nun-Chucks profile imageAUTHOR

    Shelly NunChucks Ninja 

    6 years ago from worldwide

    oh by the way, on Amazon, you can actually watch a film I was in that I played 3 characters, and it's called ANIKRYUA...and actually kids can watch it too.

    I play a warrior Woman, A taxi cab driver and it was my first fight scene, and acutally I'm all in black, but that was done on purpose...

    People really didn't want to give me a chance, and people have heard what is in my heart and have been.

    So with Ahura, the man that is head of the whole film company, an I consider a brother, let me fight him in the film, but it's funny, cause it really was my first Jackie Chan moment.

    The story is about a young girl who finds a book and the book comes to life.

    There is good and bad, but we have come a very long way, since that first film.

  • Shelly Nun-Chucks profile imageAUTHOR

    Shelly NunChucks Ninja 

    6 years ago from worldwide

    thank you Cogerson.

    I just hope this helps others, if they have a dream...cause next month I turn 42, so anybody younger than me, they can do it too.

    The great thing is, my lead Bad Guy, Anthony, has did some stunt school a little while ago...and he was lit on fire, did jumps, was being thrown and many things.

    He also perfromed in the circus, juggles, and makes people laugh.

    I already know to get the people with the experience and it's a plus, when they love Jackie Chan like me, then you know, what the set is going to be like.

    I'm not out to win awards, but to do something from my heart, and people on board are excited about it too :)

  • Cogerson profile image


    6 years ago from Virginia

    I am very excited for you and the team that will be working on your movie....very impressive and it is awesome that you are making your dream come true. Voted up and awesome.

  • Shelly Nun-Chucks profile imageAUTHOR

    Shelly NunChucks Ninja 

    6 years ago from worldwide

    oh thank you Pauline, it is very sweet of you to leave a comment. I will try my best.

    Just pass it on, let people know, if they do have a dream, all they have to do is to work, and they can :)

  • Pauline Davenport profile image

    Pauline Davenport 

    6 years ago from Isle of Man

    good on you Shelley!!! We all have our dreams and you have brought yours to fruition, which is a totally awesome feat in itself. You are actually living your dream. It's wonderful how all the right people have come up trumps for you- it was obviously meant to be.

    All the very best of luck with this. We'll all be after your autograph soon!!


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