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My guide to rebuttals

Updated on April 23, 2016

Rap rebuttals or flips are responses to a person's disses against you. They can greatly turn the tide of the battle if executed correctly. Rap rebuttals are a bit difficult to do for but with practice, you will increase your chances of winning.

Great rebuttals must be more powerful than the original diss. A few tips i can give are the following:

* Pick a diss that angers you – Your opponent has mentioned something about you that made you angry. This is a starting point for a great rebuttal. Focus on that anger and use it for fuel. You have negative energy stored up inside you, now all you need to do is channel it for a rebuttal. The more energetic you are, the more chances you have of retaliating with a hard burn.

* Use your flaws to your advantage – Use your own flaws to win a battle. The more your willing to study your flaws, the faster your able to make comebacks. Knowing where you stand as a human being is key in winning a battle.

* Think of a hard comeback – For example, your opponent dissed your mom's appearance. You could spend 2-4 bars talking about his or her mom looking worse. You could even talk about how your opponent fails to attracts women for dissing your mom. However dissing them by simply stating “at least i have a mom” might not be as effective as the former. The point is to counter-attack their insults.

In the 3rd round, Dizaster flips Nocando's diss on his parents by stating that Nocando is a bad father for neglecting his kids.

* Don't use too many rebuttals – Don't spend your rounds using too many rebuttals. It's going to look like a list if you respond to every diss. Try to fill your rounds with bragging, disses, punchlines, and only if you ran out of ideas then write more rebuttals.

Strong rebuttals carry alot of impact making the crowd go wild. Always remember that you may lose a few rounds but not the battle. Rebuttals can turn any humiliating defeat into an unforgettable victory.


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