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"My mum does not age!!!" My idea for a sitcom

Updated on November 4, 2016


28 years old Jim, is a successful and carefree bachelor, whom live along in his bachelor pad, until one day, his mum, showed up and turn his life upside down and to add to the plot twist, his mum is one of those old people, who still looks like she is in her 20s.

My idea of cast

28 years old Dave Franco as Jim Owen
28 years old Dave Franco as Jim Owen
51 Years old Marisa Tomei as Marilyn Edison Owen.
51 Years old Marisa Tomei as Marilyn Edison Owen.
29 years old Hilary Duff as Clare Mitchel
29 years old Hilary Duff as Clare Mitchel
22 years old Selena Gomez as Ally Owen
22 years old Selena Gomez as Ally Owen
55 years old Brad Garrett as George Owen
55 years old Brad Garrett as George Owen
29 years old frankie muniz as Tristan
29 years old frankie muniz as Tristan

Main Character

Jim Owen (age 28) A young, rich, hot shot lawyer. Second child of Marilyn and George.

Marilyn Edison Owen (age 53) 80s model, retire from modelling after married. Mother of four adult children, Tara, Jim, Brett and Ally. Now run her own modelling agency. Still look like she is in her 20s.

Main Supporting Character

George Owen (age 55) Marilyn's husband a university lecturer

Clare Mitchel (age 26) Jim's girl friend (season one) later become wife (season two).

Brett Owen (age 26) Jim's younger brother

Ally Owen (age 23) Jim and Brett's baby sister, work as Jim's assistant, lazy and poor work ethic, drives Jim nuts.

Tristan (age 28) One of Jim's best mates, work at the same law firm as Jim

Recurring supporting character

Tara Owen Davison (age 29): JIm's older sister, mother of two toddlers. Sometime Marilyn baby sit her grand sons for Tara.

Andrew Davison (age 29): Tara's husband

Michael (age 26) another friend of Jim's

Jessica (age 26) Clare's friend and Tristan's wife

Jason David Frank (starting from season 2): The guy that played Tommy Oliver the Green Power Ranger, in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Jim's childhood hero.

Episode idea for first five Episodes

Episode 1: Jim and his girl friend Clare, was making out in the stair and making their way up the stairs in the same time. Then Jim open the door. Inside there is a woman whom looked like she is in her 20s, cleaning the house. "Hello, sweetie" the woman said. Clare took a look at Jim and said "You are married" and ran out the door "OMG that is gross." Jim said then he realized Clare has ran out, he quickly chase after her and said "Clare! Wait! That is my mum!!!"

It turns out Jim's mother and Marilyn and her father George had a fight, so she packed up her stuff to New York and crashed at her son's place. Jim didn't catch up with Clare and went back inside. Inside the house Marilyn has already roll up newspaper and start chasing Jim around saying "what did I told you about sex before marriage" Jim said "Mum I am 28 years old, I think I am more then old enough" Marilyn stop for a few second and said "so? haven't you heard about AIDS?" and start chasing Jim around with the news paper again.

Jim's brother Brett heard about the story, Jim try to prove to Clare who won't talk to him, that Marilyn really is his mum. George came to Marilyn the two of them talk things through and are going back to California to enjoy their semi retirement life style.

Episode 2: Jim was in the hallway of his apartment three weeks later and when he opened his front door, he saw his mum there again, turns out, because Marilyn look like she is in her 20s, everybody in the retirement village think she is some 20 years old gold digger trying to con old man George, annoyed by it, George and Marilyn, decided to move back to New York, but because they already sold their house here, they crashed at Jim's apartment till they can find a place. Jim desperately try to help his parents to find a place, so they would move out of his home. When George and Marilyn notice an apartment in Brett's building that might be for sale. Brett whom don't want his parents living so close, told George and Marilyn about the fact there is an apartment in Jim's building for sell. It is a fact Jim tried to hide on purpose, so, his parents won't live in his building. George and Marilyn bought the apartment in Jim's building.

Episode 3: With all of her children grown up and move out of home, Marilyn got nothing to do all day, other then budging into Jim's apartment and clean. Trying to get his mother off his back, Jim encourage Marilyn to use her experience as an ex 80s model to start her own modelling agency.

Episode 4: George won teacher of the year award, at the university he teaches in. So he and Marilyn attend the formal dinner done in his honour, but things start to get tense, when a snobby lady mistaken Marilyn to be in her 20s marrying a 50 something years old man, whom are horny for girls young enough to be his daughter and insult the two of them directly.

Episode 5: Jim got fed up with Ally's horrible work ethic and fire her. She ended up working for Marilyn and Marilyn soon found out, why Ally drive her big brother nuts.


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    • profile image

      peter565 2 years ago

      Thanks for your comment peach :)

    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 2 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      you should be in the director list!

    • Akriti Mattu profile image

      Akriti Mattu 2 years ago from Shimla, India

      It's good to meet a fellow sitcom fan :)