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My top 10 Comedy Film series.

Updated on February 11, 2011

When you look a Film Comedy sector, whether it is actually funny or not is a very personal thing. What i find funny, you may not. This is a personal list of film series that i have grown up with and have watched many times.

When i rewatch a film, a few years after its first release, it must still make me laugh. Many sitcoms i watched, when i was a teenager, i no longer find funny. It doesn't mean that they are not funny anymore, it's just, i don't find them funny anymore. They may still make you laugh.

The list is in no particular order, as my view of my favourite changes week on week

1. Carry On Films.

This group of 31 films are available in box sets and are still a big favourite. Featuring huge comedy heroes, Sid James, Barbara Windsor and Kenneth Williams to name a few. A long list of Great British comedy actors have appeared in the Carry On films. The theme for all of these films was of increasing risky, innuendo and sexual content. My favourite was Carry on Camping, who could forget the exercise scene with Babs Windsor. This film was the highest grossing film of 1969. Designed to appeal to all ages.

2. Monty Python.

After a hugely successful run on TV the Monty Python Crew, ventured into a successful but, controversial film series. They produced 5 films in total, my favourite being The Life of Brian. John Cleese, Eric Idle, Graham Chapman, Terry Gilliam, Terry Jones and Micheal Palin, wrote, directed and starred in all of the films. Most played more than one character in the films. Controversy surrounded the films involving religion but, The Holy Grail was voted number 6 best film in a Channel 4 poll and The life of Brian came out top.

3. St. Trinians.

Expertly directed by Frank Launder, the original films are still a huge hit in the UK. Starring the incredible Alistair Sim, who played the headmistress. The first was the Belles of St Trinians in 1954. 4 more films followed before a revival and two more releases since 2007. The early ones are by a country mile the best though. Classic British Comedy that I will never grow tired of watching. Barbara Windsor Made her first film appearance in the Belles of St. Trinians.

4. Naked Gun.

The Naked Gun series of films only consisted of 3 films. Following on from a short TV series of Police Squad, it proved to be a massive box office hit. Starring Leslie Neilsen, as Sergeant Frank Drebbin, he continues to bumble along oblivious to the many disasters he constantly makes. Also starred Priscilla Pressley and O J Simpson. The 3 films grossed over $210 million and have a cult following.

5. Airplane

Again starring Leslie Neilsen, these 2 films are an undoubted joy to watch. The first film only cost $3.5 million to make and easily covered those costs, grossing over $80 million. In Channel 4's poll it came 2nd, in the list of greatest ever comedy films. The first, is a much watch film and is suitable for all ages. A laugh from the first minute to the last.

6. Herbie.

Not an obvious classic but still very funny. Herbie is a VW Beetle car that starred in 6 films. The first film, The Love Bug came out in 1969 and set Herbie on to racing stardom. A great comedy, that is suitable for sitting and watching, with the family on Sunday afternoons.

7. Austin Powers.

My childrens favourite, action comedy movies. Grossing over $800 million worldwide, it is a modern version of a bubbling spy. Imagine James Bond as an idiot, then you get the gist. Mike Myers plays the lead character, with Robert Wagner as his number 2. Verne Troyer played Mini-me which was a brilliant role and surely added to the cult following.

8. American Pie

Another run of school kids trying to lose their virginity, is the bases to these films. With 3 films in the original run, the quickly built up a huge following. Not so much innuendo, as full on sex references. Funny though and great casting. My 14 year old kids are now into these blockbuster movies. American Pie was released in 1999, followed by American Pie 2 and then in 2003, American Wedding.

9. Crocodile Dundee

The only Australian film on my list but, then again how many Aussie comedy films do you get to see. Mick Dundee is the lead character played by Paul Hogan and brilliant casting putting Wally(John Mellion) and the gorgeous Sue Lawton (linda Kozlowski) along side. Based on the true life exploits of Rodney Ansell, this film became a worldwide hit, followed by two more movies. Linda later became Pauls wife in real life. Filmed in the outback, Australia and New York. I love this film and enjoy the unique comedy romance.

10. Any Norman Wisdom Film.

The late Norman Wisdom, was still making people laugh well into his 90's. His film career started in the 50's, starring in low budget British movies. They were never popular with the critics but, quickly built up a huge public following. Many people likened Wisdom to the another comedy giant George Formby. He played the character, Norman Pitkin, in most of the films, regularly uttering the words Mr Grimsdale, to great comedy effect. Charlie Chaplin claimed he was his favourite 'comedy clown'. Remarkably, Norman was a massive star in Albania. During the dictatorship of Enver Hoxha, he was one of the few British actors allowed on Albanian screens, making him a cult figure. A comedy genius, with films spanning from 1953 through to 2007.

As i said this is a personal choice, what are your favourite comedy films. When I am not watching Comedy films, I will either running our Sports Ball Shop or playing/coaching Tennis or Cricket.

Post note - I watched a film with George Formby in it and now wish i had selected 11 top ten films.


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    • Jordan Riley profile image

      Jordan Riley 6 years ago

      Fantastic top 10 list. Fantastic is all I can say

    • profile image

      Trampoline Man  7 years ago

      Great Hub, Monty Python has to be the best comedy of all time. watch out for the killer rabbit.