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Mysteryland USA 2014: The Resurrection of Woodstock

Updated on November 28, 2014

Wander Down the Rabbit Hole

Mysteryland has hosted electronic music festivals in Chile and the Netherlands for years, but this is the first time the United States experienced its majestic escape from reality. About 20,000 people helped spread amazing vibes throughout this 3 day journey to the past, but that doesn't even come close to the half of a million people who flocked Woodstock in 1969. This modern-day version of Woodstock did an outstanding job by allowing everybody there, including myself, to feel the magic that occurred 45 years ago right before our very eyes. From the unbelievable artwork and decorations to the powerful vibrations of the music, Mysteryland enchanted me throughout the entire weekend into a fantasy beyond my wildest imagination. It created a temporary world free of hatred and violence. Strangers became friends, friends became family. We connected with each other through the mystical atmosphere and the positive vibes nobody ceased to radiate. It was truly a trip down the rabbit hole into this "Alice in Wonderland" type experience. Real life didn't exist. The world as we know it was just a memory during our time here at Mysteryland. I found my escape, I found peace in the people and the music, I found pure bliss and happiness. I found paradise.

"Instead of watching rainbows under the sun, you gotta get out son and make you one."

Having a rainbow end exactly on the campgrounds was definitely nature's way of enhancing this beautiful, magical experience. [Title: The Beatles "Watching Rainbows"]
Having a rainbow end exactly on the campgrounds was definitely nature's way of enhancing this beautiful, magical experience. [Title: The Beatles "Watching Rainbows"]

Dynamic Duo's

Cool twist to Mysteryland's already amazing lineup: a few DJ's got together and played another set with another DJ in addition to their own set. Dillon Francis and Flosstradamus collaborated and put on an awesome show together, calling themselves Dillstradamus. The two trap stars, Loudpvck and Gladiator also joined forces and became Gladpvck and absolutely killed it on stage!

Introducing the Mother of All Lineups

Mysteryland did a phenomenal job in covering a broad range of electronic music sub-genres. Whether you're a dirty dubstep advocate, a trap head, or a jam band lover, you're pretty much guaranteed satisfaction with this lineup from Heaven. Headliners included:

  • Nicky Romero- Progressive House (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
  • Showtek- Techno/Hardstyle (Eindhoven, Netherlands)
  • Flosstradamus- Trap (Chicago, IL)
  • Kaskade- Deep/Progressive House (Chicago, IL)
  • Big Gigantic- Livetronica/Instrumental (Boulder, CO)
  • Dillon Francis- Moombahton/Trap (LA, CA)
  • Brillz- Trap (LA, CA)
  • Crizzly- Dubstep (San Antonio, TX)
  • Zomboy- Dubstep (Penzance, UK)
  • Delta Heavy- Dubstep (London, UK)
  • The Chainsmokers- Progressive House (New York City, NY)
  • Fedde Le Grand- House (Utrecht, Netherlands)
  • Figure- Dubstep/House (Eerie, IN)

[And much more including: Dirtyphonics, DVBBS, Moby, Loudpvck, Gladiator, Bro Safari, Paper Diamond, Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike, Milo and Otis...]

Main Stage
Main Stage | Source

The stage production, costumes, lighting and the general atmosphere of the festival was unbelievable. I remember walking around slowly taking time to see everything on display and really take in the magic that all the art and decorations were portraying. I felt like I was trapped in a fantasy, a world where no problems existed and the only thoughts running through my head were ones of love, euphoria, and tranquility.

Worlds of Mysteryland Trailer

Sunday Sunset
Sunday Sunset
Live during Flosstradamus's Set
Live during Flosstradamus's Set

Art Galore

Mysteryland prides itself on it's breathtaking decorations and stage designs. The Main stage was constructed to look like a card castle, to compliment the "Alice in Wonderland" kind of theme. The Boat was the next most popular stage. Obviously the stage itself was a large boat, but the sails are what made it absolutely exquisite. They stood tall with vibrant butterflies acted as the sails. Other stages had different themes as well. There was a futuristic techno tent, and many side areas set up primarily for art shows and displays.

The Boat stage
The Boat stage

2015: Round 2?

Mysteryland 2014 went so well that dates scheduled for the festival to occur again next year are already in the workings. Memorial day weekend honestly could not be celebrated any better than here at the original Woodstock grounds. Nothing but love and happiness is radiated throughout the grounds from the start of the festival to the very end. Nobody feels alone. Nobody feels judged. Everyone attending this celebration seems to go in eager to meet new people and keep positive mindsets throughout the weekend. Environments such as this are really very special and they do a wonderful job bringing you closer to the people you love and makes you aware of how fortunate we are to be alive and given the opportunity to experience this festival's magic. There was truly not one dull moment during my time here, and I personally went alone! People took me in like I was already family and acted like we had already been friends for years. There was absolutely no violence, hatred, or discrimination that I witnessed. Nothing but pure love and happiness.


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    • cheaptrick profile image

      cheaptrick 3 years ago from the bridge of sighs

      Don't know the terminology but love the music.Would that I were young enough and healthy enough to attend Mysteryland...Woodstock was amazing too.Nice hub