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NBA 2K Best of the Last 4 of 1st 20 Games 2K Poll: Which 2K is better?

Updated on August 5, 2019

So, to celebrate NBA 2K20 coming soon in a month, let’s do a Poll

MyGM looks like it's gonna be greater next year
MyGM looks like it's gonna be greater next year | Source

So, now that NBA 2K20 is about to come out very soon, I’m pretty much very excited about it. I just saw the Next is Now trailer, and it was cool and all. The game looks nice and has better graphics than 2K19, so I’m already looking forward to it, in the fact that it might become the best 2K ever after 2K19. But before we move on to NBA 2K20, I have just reviewed the last 4 games before 2K20, and seeing how we always keep moving into the future in the evolution of NBA 2K, we have just already experienced this franchise now having 20 games, which is amazing, because even tho 20 years is a long time, NBA 2K is a relatively young franchise, especially for a annual release franchise. So to celebrate NBA 2K20 coming in just a month, we’re gonna do a poll of the last 4 games that has had tremendous impact in the last moments of the first 20 years and has set us up for 20 more years to come, and see which one of these 2Ks is the best one in this time period.

NBA 2K16

This momentous trailer's alright
This momentous trailer's alright | Source

NBA 2K16, to me still to this day, is a relatively okay game. The game’s fun to play with, Blacktop’s fun, MyCareer’s fun, and MyLeague’s a little bit fun. But that doesn’t change the fact that this game is very mediocre. For one thing, alley oops were stupid as shit to pull off as they didn’t put a receiver button in the controls. The Team Relocation feature is sloppy. Roster editing was a little bit terrible cuz it took a while to change players’ teams and the custom rosters acted like the real CBA when really we should do whatever we want like clear the whole team and add players which is what 2K18 did. And to top it all off, contracts are still ass. I had just figured out how to have star players sign minimum contracts. In 2K19, when I signed Dirk and Vince to the Lakers, they were old and were mid-70s rated players, which meant that players that were old and lower rated are more likely to sign minimum contracts. I tested this with Kyrie Irving along with the new contract sliders, the non-financial ambitions slider, the low ambition ratings, and changed his position to a center, and it worked. I got Kyrie Irving to sign with Brooklyn for a minimum contract. Oh, and positions are also a factor. I didn’t change both of Dirk and Vince’s positions because they were still more likely to sign minimum contracts. If you change a point guard’s position to a center, their overall would drop by 9 points. Years Pro, at first, I thought it was a factor, but it’s not because no matter the experience, the salary you first see in the sign contract screen is still the same. I was so amazed. Why didn’t I figured this out earlier when 2K17 was about to come out? So I tested it out in the previous three games, and 2K16 is full of turds for it. I tested out trying to have Kevin Durant sign a minimum contract and it worked. The overall rating, age, non-financial ambitions slider, ambition ratings, and position really made Kevin Durant join Brooklyn for a minimum contract. I was happy for this, but there was a problem. It worked before and during Free Agency. The damn thing wasn’t working after Free Agency, which is why I said 2K16 is full of turds for contracts because the game is full of shit. I tried to have Kevin Durant sign a minimum contract after Free Agency, but he fucking declined it. I even made him a fucking 40 overall, and when I first got in the sign contract screen, it was close to the minimum, but not the minimum, it was a high player interest bar, he still fucking declined it. Somehow this works before and during free agency, but it doesn’t work after it. This game’s Player Interest Logic is damn horse shit and broken. It makes no damn sense for this game to be so stupid on very simple things. And it’s no wonder that the next three games got this under the bag, but this game doesn’t because 2K never fixed the damn broken shit. But despite these issues, I still had fun with this game, but the fun drained out immediately cuz of these issues by the time 2K17 came out so. If you’re new to the series, I wouldn’t recommend it. You can buy it if you want to have fun with it, but trust me, the next three games I’m gonna talk about, although one of them along with 2K16 will be considered to be better in this poll, they have more to offer than this one.

NBA 2K17

This momentous trailer was good
This momentous trailer was good | Source

I still love 2K17. I still think it’s better than 2K16. What they added in MyLeague really made me hyped up to play it cuz it looked like it was finally a better game than 2K16 and had the potential to be the best 2K ever. They added Playoffs Mode for the first time in next-gen, which is amazing, because it made no damn sense for 2K16 to not have it. That really made me question 2K16 being the best game because how come a 2K like NBA 2K11 has a Playoffs Mode but a 2K like 2K16 doesn’t? That’s just terrible in my opinion. They improved 2KU by a lot because 2KU in 2K16 was honestly terrible. It made the game have a much more easier learning curve. MyCareer, I really had a fun time with in this game. MyPark was alright and I love Blacktop. Oh, one more thing, they fixed the Player Interest Logic after Free Agency. I tested it out with Kevin Durant again, and it finally worked. 2K17’s Player Interest Logic is much smarter than 2K16’s dumbass. I have so much fun memories of this game, and if you want to play this, sure, go ahead, but I feel like 2K19 has much more than what 2K17 has.

NBA 2K18

This momentous trailer was litty. It's a shame that it was better than the game's MyCareer tho
This momentous trailer was litty. It's a shame that it was better than the game's MyCareer tho | Source

Yes, of course this game. This game was supposed to be better than 2K17. And it is…… features wise, that is. This game is Donkey Shit! 2K ruined MyCareer, therefore draining the fun out of me. This game had great modes but I’m sorry, that doesn’t change the fact that me losing to a blacktop team many times that I defended well in the Proving Grounds in Pro Difficulty when really it looked like Hall of Fame along with no Rookie Difficulty pissed me off so much of this game. It made no damn sense at all for 2K to fucking shit on this game for tons of money, and I can tell well because they patched the method to put on Rookie Difficulty, which is stupid as hell, because how do the fuck you expect me to experience the story when I can’t even beat a donkey shit ass blacktop team that is broken ankle ass shit. They make too much contested shots that shouldn’t go in, they make plays too well while the rest of my team can’t even have the balls to try and make plays. Just Absolute Donkey… Ass… Shit!!!! But I do enjoy this game a little bit even after all the issues it had. If you want to get this game, here’s how you should play it. Play all of the teams in Play Now and the modes including Play Now other than MyCareer, then play MyCareer, experience the crap I experienced, never play this shit again, and use it as background music for 2K19, or 2K20 when it comes out if you have two TVs in the same room, because this game has a litty soundtrack, and you can’t listen to it in Play Now or other modes except for Playground, because they took out a simple feature that they had for too many years, only to not have it this year with no explanation whatsoever. That’s how you should play it because honestly, with the plan 2K put on this game, this game doesn’t matter.

NBA 2K19

This momentous trailer was great and really had me hyped up for the game
This momentous trailer was great and really had me hyped up for the game | Source

It’s been a year since this game came out and it has exceeded expectations. Even tho it has its fair share of issues like any typical 2K, all of the new content they put out this year truly made it felt like what we had in 2K11. Making MyCareer a great mode again. Adding more to MyLeague. Making MyGm finally great this year. This game has really got it on the amounts of fun to have, and I absolutely love this game. This game, in my opinion, will probably end up being one of the best 2Ks ever. I highly recommend this one if you’re new to the series, because you’ll have tons of fun with this one. And once NBA 2K20 comes out, you’re maybe about to play that as perhaps the next best 2K of all-time.

Let's Poll


Which one?

See results

So what’s the better 2K? The future of 2K is still on hold, and with 2K20 coming, it’s best to decide which 2K is the best one before it comes out and we enter a new era of 20 more years of 2K. Let me know what you think in the poll above. I’m Tavon. Thanks for having fun with this poll and I’ll see you guys later.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Tavon Jamison


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