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NBA 2K20: 10 Songs that should be in the game

Updated on August 14, 2019

The Soundtrack's litty this year

This soundtrack's litty. I'm already liking it
This soundtrack's litty. I'm already liking it | Source

What’s up, guys! It’s Tavon here, and I’m back with another blog. This time, it’s going to be about NBA 2K20’s Soundtrack. Now, at first, I didn’t see the list because I thought the article I saw first had it, but it didn’t, but then I found another article at the time, and it showed the soundtrack. I was so surprised as hell because I couldn’t find a article showing the soundtrack then, but I found it in another one a couple days later. But, yeah, I looked at the soundtrack for a little bit, and it looks like to be a very litty soundtrack. I saw it again, and was amazed for a little bit. I saw Wow on there, and I was just so excited. Although it was the remix version, but nonetheless, I’m happy it’s in 2K. And seeing how we pretty much got out of the 2010s of 2K at a good spot, in which we’re about to enter a new era of basketball and 2K, I decided to go check out the soundtrack on Spotify, and I am just ecstatic for it. Most songs, I felt like I wouldn’t like but I ended up liking them after hearing them in previews a few times . I actually like all of the songs on the soundtrack. It’s kinda crazy but I’m enjoying every single song of every listen. I have some new favorites. I Don’t Need No Help was good. Butterfly was litty. And even the First Look Teaser Trailer and Next is Now trailer song Back Up was great. It was great to find out the name of it. Yes, I’ll pretty much say this. This is a very litty soundtrack, and I can’t wait to hear it in the game. But before I enjoy the soundtrack, seeing how 2K’s partnering up with UnitedMasters to find the best songs from independent artists, I thought of songs before seeing the soundtrack that I think should be in the soundtrack. But if we could imagine 2K adding 10 more songs in the game that aren’t from independent artists, that would make the soundtrack even more litty. So, here are 10 songs that I think should be in the soundtrack.

#10 Crossover

This song's a banger
This song's a banger | Source

When I heard this song from 90s Nation on MTV Classic, I think that's where I got it from, I'm not sure off the top of my head, I was just bobbing my head to it. The tech robot beat made it feel so good to listen to. Even tho EPMD weren’t talking about basketball, the song makes it have that feel to it and the title kinda make it more like it. I could easily see myself listening to the song on Blacktop games, so it flows well. It would be great to have this song in the soundtrack.

#9 Hit Em High

This is a good joint to litty up when Space Jam 2 comes around
This is a good joint to litty up when Space Jam 2 comes around | Source

That’s right, you guys! I picked a song from Space Jam to be in the game. So I chose Hit Em High. It’s basically the Monstars’ Anthem of balling out and it fits well with 2K because of the lyrics and just the mere fact that it was from a soundtrack of a movie about Michael Jordan and Looney Tunes. It would be a real treat for this song to be in the game.

#8 ATM

This song was great to listen to in the 2018 NBA Playoffs
This song was great to listen to in the 2018 NBA Playoffs | Source

Honestly, I was hoping for this song in 2K19. When I heard this song in the 2018 NBA Playoffs, I was a little bit interested, so I heard it from iTunes, and I was already feeling like it was a litty song. It’s crazy why they didn’t put it in last year. They put Humble in 2K18, and that was in the 2017 NBA Playoffs. It’s a litty song that I think should be in the game.

#7 Twerk

This song is also litty
This song is also litty | Source

This is just for jokes. The fact that 2K could put this song in would just make the soundtrack funny. The song’s twerkaholic nature makes it look like when I dunk a basketball in 2K, it’s time to go crazy. That’s what I feel Twerk would bring to 2K20. So it would be a fun funny ass time with 2K20 if they put that in.

#6 Dip

This song is so litty. Tyga got it going on this one
This song is so litty. Tyga got it going on this one | Source

When I previewed this song on iTunes after looking at the song, I was already hooked to it. This song is so litty. Tyga did hell of a good job on this one. This is Tyga’s best song since Faded. Tyga really got it going on with this one and it shows that even tho he and Kylie broke up, he’s still litty in the game. So it would be great for this song to be added in the soundtrack.

#5 Bounce

This song be making me bounce
This song be making me bounce | Source

This song is also litty. The beat and lyrics make it like a bounceback song. This song looks good on 2K because when it plays, it looks like you’re going to redeem yourself in the most littiest way possible. It’ll be great to bounce with this song.

#4 Still Ballin

This song is full of litty balleritis
This song is full of litty balleritis | Source

This song is great. Logic did another litty song after Confessions of a Dangerous Mind. I could have put that song also on this list but I pretty much ran out of spots. But, yeah, this song is great. The lyrics of Logic ballin make it fit well to 2K. It would be nice to have it in the game.

#3 Set

This song gets me pumped
This song gets me pumped | Source

When I saw Ciara’s halftime performance at the 2019 Nickelodeon Kids Choice Sports Awards, when I heard this song, I was so into it. The beat was litty. The lyrics was litty. It was just so good. This song would be really litty to listen to in 2K20.

#2 Pure Water

This song is super litty
This song is super litty | Source

Ah, yes, who can not forget the Migos? Pure Water is full of drip, as the beat consumes you with ballin swag. As soon as the celebrations hit on this song, it’s gonna be wild’n. So 2K should definitely put this song in.

#1 Uproar

We, of course, already know this song is litty. Lil Wayne killed it in this one
We, of course, already know this song is litty. Lil Wayne killed it in this one | Source

Oh, yes, guys! This song will really get the game being litty. Lil Wayne did great in this song. It’s been a while since Lil Wayne had a great song. And with this song’s beat, this should certainly be a turn up in 2K20.

Closing Out

Cartman's being like Porky
Cartman's being like Porky | Source

And that’s all the 10 songs that I think should be in the NBA 2K20 Soundtrack. The soundtrack in the game is already amazing. It would be so much littier if these songs were in the game. I hope you guys enjoyed the blog. I’m Tavon, and I’ll see you guys later.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Tavon Jamison


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