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NBA 2K20: How the WNBA Teams make 2K even more better than Live, just a little bit better themselves

Updated on August 14, 2019

2K finally answers the call with WNBA Teams

The WNBA trailer is good
The WNBA trailer is good | Source
Candace Parker looks great in these graphics
Candace Parker looks great in these graphics | Source

What’s up, guys! It’s Tavon here, and we’re going to talk about the WNBA finally being in 2K. The Welcome to the WNBA trailer just came out a few days ago, and it was a good trailer, just explaining why 2K perhaps could be making the best 2K of all-time. If you didn’t know this before, it’s been two years since Live brought WNBA teams in Live 18, and believe me when I say this, this made Live a little bit better than 2K because 2K didn’t even think about clapping back to Live by putting WNBA teams in NBA 2K18. They thought about making a fucking piece of shitty ass crap game. And the next year, Live brought them back while 2K still didn’t brought them in in 2K19, but it was still a good game regardless. Now this year, they brought them in, which means they’re really trying to compete with Live. While it’s great and all that the WNBA is finally in 2K and we can play them, there’s just one thing to point out. The WNBA teams make 2K even more better than Live, but it makes 2K just a little bit better themselves. Here’s what I mean by that. For 2K to bring the WNBA in the game, it’s an amazing thing. For one thing, the graphics is a easy win for 2K. If you could compare the WNBA players from Live 18 and 19 to what they look like in 2K20, 2K absolutely made these players beautiful looking. The facescans are stunning, and it shows because 2K has always had better graphics. Not saying Live had trash graphics, but it definitely wasn’t better looking than 2K. Just Meh. But, anyways, it’s not always just about the graphics, it’s also about the features of the WNBA. In Live 18, when they were first introduced, you, of course, would have them in Play Now, and you can play them. But there was a problem when it came to their appearances. You couldn’t play them in Franchise Mode. What?! EA, are you serious?! You, of all sports video game companies, made the 1st basketball video game to have WNBA players, which is a impressive milestone, only to have them playable exclusively to Play Now?! Come on, EA! I know you could have done better. In 2K17, when we still had EuroLeague teams, not only you can play them on Play Now, you can also play them in MyLeague. I just don’t get why EA never thought of something like that. And so, despite the WNBA being in a basketball video game for the first time ever, they were pretty much afterthoughts. They’re playable, which is good, but the fact that you can only play them in Play Now, that’s a little bad look. Now, I’ll admit. I’m not much of a fan of the WNBA. I’m a little bit of a fan of them. But I don’t get why you can’t play them in Franchise. You couldn’t even make a female player for The One. They upped it up in 19, where you can create female players in The One, which is cool, but you still couldn’t use them or the WNBA teams in Franchise. This is kinda why Live never has classic teams. Now in 2K, when they have classic teams, they were fun to play with, but they also weren’t always accurate. I can already tell you that in every 9 2Ks with classic teams, at least 10 or more are inaccurate. And seeing how Live made the WNBA afterthoughts, they probably would have made the classic teams afterthoughts too. That would make Live so awful, and would prove us that they really didn’t put effort. Which begs the question: Will 2K kick it up a notch better than Live by putting the WNBA teams in the game for them to be playable in Play Now and MyLeague? Or will 2K put them in, only to also make them afterthoughts, just like their rival Live, which both of them are assholes, and they can go suck some dicks. 2K is making a great decision in having the WNBA. This decision would make Live not the only game with WNBA teams. They’ve did a good job in introducing us to Aja Wilson in the First Look Teaser trailer. They done well with the graphics, and shown us gameplay in the Welcome to the WNBA trailer. They’re doing all this to become the best basketball video game series of all-time., just like they were in 2K11. 2K would take the spotlight, while Live had broken ankles with Elite 11. From where we were from 2K7 to now, it would be stupid for 2K to mess this up now. It’s funny how 2K18 was the worst 2K of all-time, but none of the players of the NBA didn’t react to it. They didn’t tweet anything, they didn’t post anything. Of all the issues that the game had, they never said anything to the fans about it, or to 2K for them to fix these issues. The game was being bashed month in and month out, and somehow, the NBA superstars never talked about those issues. Now, I don’t blame the NBA superstars for not doing this as obviously, they’re focused on winning a title, so it’s not that bad. But I blame 2K for them being a shitty greedy company. For one thing, they held a Run The Neighborhood Event to showcase the Neighborhood in its entirety. And there weren’t any problems at that event. One month later, when the game comes out, it’s a complete trashfuck. Due to MyCareer having no Rookie Difficulty and having Hall of Fame Pro Difficulty, 2K18 has been disrevered the way it is, which is why we’re out of that. So, I really hope 2K makes a great first impression with the WNBA, because if there’s a perfect moment to shine on, it would be this year, and it would help them a lot. I’m really excited to play the WNBA teams for the first time. It’s just a matter of what 2K’s going to do. And that’s all for this blog. I hope you enjoyed it. I’m Tavon, and I’ll see you guys later.

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© 2019 Tavon Jamison


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