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Rope Dancing in India | Dance with Rope

Updated on March 29, 2012

Rope Dancing

Rope dancing is a combination of rhythmic gymnastic,dance and apparatus handling executed on music.Dancers tied with ropes dancing in air from the top of a building.Six or seven persons are enough to show an item.

The inspiration of this new form of dance took place during Amelia Rudolph’s climbing on the Sierra Nevada mountains in US in 1989.She experienced that climbing was just like dance.

Rope dance in India

Akshata Sheta,Kshipra Joshi and Pooja Surve are the 3 gymnasts who represented India in the 2010 commonwealth games.Varsha Upadhye is one of the famous Indian coach.Indian music and dance forms are being mostly used by other countrie’s gymnasts. They are enhancing their endowments through daily practice.

This marvelous dance show staged in Golconda Fort in Hyderabad and at Jeevan Barti LIC Building in Connaught Place in New Delhi in November 2010.


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