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Name Your Baby in Celebrity Style

Updated on April 19, 2007

Photograph: Vanity Fair magazine

What is up with celebrities saddling their kids all manner of offbeat names? There are so many things to consider when choosing a name it can seem overwhelming, but celebrities seem to have it worse than the rest of us. Not only do they have to consider family tradition and personal preference, they've got to keep up with the celebrity Jones (or Zappas). It seems to have become something of a friendly competition among the jet set to come up with the coolest name in town.

Last but not least, while we hate to project ill intentions onto any celebrity, they've got to keep their names in the public eye!

If you're considering naming your baby after a celebrity, be careful. What if the star falls from grace in a big sex tape sort of way?

You may hate to admit it, but we are all influenced by celebrities' choices in big or small ways. Who knows why we care, but we do. You may not choose something as outlandish as the rock star down the street, but maybe these names will get you thinking out of the box.

20 Unique Celebrity Baby Names & Their Namers:

According to

1. Moon Unit (Frank and Gail Zappa)

2. Fifi Trixibelle (Paula Yates and Bob Geldof)

3. Satchel (Mia Farrow and Woody Allen)

4. Apple (Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin)

5. Daisy Boo (Julia and Jamie Oliver)

6. Rumer (Demi Moore and Bruce Willis)

7. Peaches (Paula Yates and Bob Geldof)

8. River (Arlyn and John Phoenix)

9. Rocco (Madonna and Guy Ritchie)

10. Nell Marmalade (Helen Baxendale and David Eliot)

11. Maddox (adopted by Angelina Jolie)

12. Tiger Lily Heavenly Hirani (Paula Yates and Michael Hutchence)

13. Dweezil (Frank/Gail Zappa)

14. Brooklyn (Victoria/David Beckham)

15. Eugenie (Sarah Ferguson/Prince Andrew)

16. Zowie (Angie and David Bowie)

17. Rolan (Gloria Jones and Marc Bolan)

18. Phoenix Chi (Mel C and Jimmy Gulzar)

19. Coco (Courtney Cox and David Arquette)

20. Romeo (Victoria and David Beckham)

Classic Biblical Names?

Some names are Biblically inspired. After, Gwyneth Paltrow named her daughter Apple she told Oprah Winfrey didn't understand why she was getting so much attention over the name. Paltrow told Winfrey that, "It conjured such a lovely picture for me -- you know, apples are so sweet and they're wholesome and it's Biblical -- and I just thought it sounded so lovely and clean."

Bibilical? That may be a stretch, but it's a personal decision. I wouldn't, however, name a baby Goat for example.

Not Your Style?

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  • babynology profile image

    babynology 4 years ago from New York

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Lela Davidson profile image

    Lela Davidson 9 years ago from Bentonville, Arkansas

    Thanks, LondonGirl. I didn't know that about the name Eugenie. I'm sure we'll have a whole new set of fun names this year!

  • LondonGirl profile image

    LondonGirl 9 years ago from London

    Interesting hub! "Eugenie" as in the daughter of the Duke of York isn't a "unique" name, though. Uncommon, yes, but one of Queen Victoria's children had it as a middle name, for example.

  • Lela Davidson profile image

    Lela Davidson 10 years ago from Bentonville, Arkansas

    Same here. No celebs in my family, just born in the late sixties!

  • Harmony Cornwell profile image

    Harmony Cornwell 10 years ago from British Columbia, Canada

    Growing up with a different name can be hard (I know!) but now I appreciate it.