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Namie Amuro Complete Discography (SUPER MONKEY'S Albums)

Updated on June 28, 2012

Before she was a prolific soloist, Namie Amuro was the lead singer of a little-known girl group called the "SUPER MONKEY'S". They released two albums around the time Namie debuted as a solo artist. Although they are technically songs from the SUPER MONKEY'S, both albums are credited under Namie's name, reflecting her super popularity.

All translations by the author.

All images in this hub are copyright Toshiba-EMI/their respective photographers. They are used here for promotional purposes only.


Released: October 16th, 1995

Oricon: #1

Sales: 1,850,000+

  1. GO!GO! ~夢の速さで~ (GO! GO! ~Yume no Hayasa de~) (Trans: GO! GO! ~At a Dream's Speed~)
  2. TRY ME~私を信じて~ (NEW ALBUM MIX) (TRY ME ~Watashi wo Shinjite~) (Trans: TRY ME ~Believe in Me~)
  3. Stop the music (NEW ALBUM MIX)
  5. わがままを許して (GROOVY MIX) (Wagamama wo Yurushita) (Trans: Forgive My Selfishness)
  6. 愛してマスカット (GROOVY MIX) (Aishite Muscat) (Trans: I Love Muscat)
  9. Super Luck!
  10. ハートに火をつけて (NEW ALBUM MIX) (Heart ni Hi wo Tsukete) (Trans: Light a Fire in My Heart)
  11. 太陽のSEASON (NEW ALBUM MIX) (Taiyou no SEASON) (Trans: The Sun's SEASON)

"DANCE TRACKS VOL. 1" is the first album from the SUPER MONKEY's and technically Namie's first official album, released a few days before her debut as a solo artist. At its core it's more of a remix album, as all the songs aside from the three new ones have new arrangements. It debuted at #1 on the charts and had sold nearly two-million copies by the end of its run.


Released: September 30th, 1996

Oricon: #3

Sales: 420,000+

  1. ミスターU.S.A. (Mister USA)
  2. 恋のキュート・ビート (Koi no Cute Beat) (Trans: Love's Cute Beat)
  4. レインボウ・ムーン (Rainbow Moon)
  5. 愛してマスカット (Aishite Musccat) (Trans: I Love Muscat)
  6. わがままを許して (Wagama wo Yurushite) (Trans: Forgive My Selfishness)
  8. 悲しきブロークン・ボーイ(Kanashiki Broken Boy) (Trans: Sad Broken Boy)
  9. TRY ME~私を信じて~ (TRY ME ~Watashi wo Shinjite~) (Trans: TRY ME ~Believe in Me~)
  10. MEMORIES~明日のために~ (MEMORIES ~Ashita no Tame ni~) (Trans: MEMORIES ~For Tomorrow~)
  11. 太陽のSEASON (Taiyou no SEASON) (Trans: The Sun's SEASON)
  12. ハートに火をつけて (Heart ni Hi wo Tsukete) (Trans: Light a Fire In My Heart)
  13. Stop the music

"ORIGINAL TRACKS VOL. 1" is the SUPER MONKEY'S first original album, although it's billed under Namie's name. It includes all their single A-sides and B-sides. Although it's their first true compilation album, it only sold a quarter of the amount of their first album and only reached #3 on the charts.


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