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Big and cool Namitha in Idhu Dhanda Sattam

Updated on January 20, 2014

Hot Namitha in Idhu Dhanda Sattam

Hot Namitha in action

Namitha is yet again going to sell a new movie all by herself and the producers are counting on her to market the movie. Tamil movie "Idhu Dhanda Sattam" is the dubbed version of Telugu movie "Nayakudu" featuring Dr. Rajasekar in the lead hero role. This movie also features the busty Namitha along with other namesake actors like Riaz Khan and Vijay. Idhu Dhanda Sattam is directed by Kodi Ramakrishna while Koti is the music director of the film.

The film is based on the life of a responsible youngster in a financially struggling family. so, the youth goes to Dubai to earn some money and the only bread winner for the family with a widowed mother, sister and an ambitious younger brother aspiring to become a cop.The truck that the hero uses for transportation contains illegal elements and Rajashekar is wedged between serious situations of opting for an illegal way to fetch money. This lets his life upside down and now he has to make a right choice as his younger brother is on the run of him. Namitha plays his ladylove while Nasser, Riyaz Khan, K.R. Vijaya and others perform prominent roles. Enjoy these spicy pictures of sexy Namitha in the movie "Idhu Dhanda Sattam" and post your thoughts in the comments section given below. will Namitha be able to sell the movie and make the producers some profit? Let us wait and see how this movie pans out for the Tamil audience.

Hot Namitha in Idhu Thanda Sattam gallery

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