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Naruto Manga Sucks Now? Is Naruto Losing Its Momentum?

Updated on June 19, 2013
Naruto Shippuuden characters
Naruto Shippuuden characters

If you are reading this, it means you are either someone who just hates Naruto (the manga and the anime), or you are someone who follows Naruto manga (or the anime) and thinks it's no longer relevant or interesting as it used to be. In other words, you think Naruto sucks now, compared to the old days.

I don't think you are alone, because there are a good number of fans who think Naruto isn't like how it's used to be. The reasons? Let me list them down, and see if you agree with me. If you do (or don't), don't forget to leave a comment down below and let us know what you think!

1. The stories are all over the place.

There's no clear arc anymore these days. It seems like Kishimoto (the author) just throws in some storyline that he has thought up much earlier and let the story work itself out but it didn't. Remember the old days when we used to be waiting anxiously for a plot to be unraveled? They used to build a momentum to get us curious, and then take us to the climax, and leave us with satisfaction and sometimes with an interesting new info while the main story advances and a new arc begins.

These days it seems like they don't even keep track of which part of the story has been told, and which part hasn't. For instance, the fight between Senju Hashirama and Uchiha Madara has been told to us more than a few times already, and each time it is being told, no new info is being unraveled, it's just the same old picture frames of Madara and Hashirama exchanging blows with meaningless dialogues. How many more chapters are they going to waste on these useless redundant stuff?

2. It's all "tell" rather than "show".

Among all, this one probably bothers me the most. Ever heard of the phrase; "show, don't tell"? The most important thing in storytelling is "showing" the audience what is happening, rather than "telling" them what is happening. Get it? OK, let me give you an example. OK, remember Naruto Part 1 (before Shippuuden) where they dedicated more than just a few chapters to show us how Naruto learnt Rasengan? It's a simple thing, just Naruto learning Rasengan, but the "process" of how he learnt it made it so interesting. Now, THAT is what we call "SHOWING". Rather than just fast forwarding to Chuunin exam and telling us Naruto has now learnt Rasengan (TELL), the author took the time to guide us through the process of how Naruto learnt the Rasengan (SHOW).

Now, do you see the difference? These days, all the manga is doing is tell, tell, and tell. They TELL us how Uchiha Madara left the village, they TELL us how Kushina ended up in Konoha, they TELL us how Nagato fought and defeated Hanzou. All these just feel like one big plot "summary".

I know the manga has dragged on for too long, and Kishimoto is probably dying to finish it to start a new project, which is why they switch to "telling" rather than "showing", but can they at least not make us fans get bored reading the manga?

3. New characters are being introduced out of nowhere.

There are many characters in Naruto, and we used to know them by heart. It's as if we know every single person in Narutoverse, but most importantly, we know them not just by their names, but we know them by heart. We know their past, we know their personality, like they're ones of our own friends. But I would say after Asuma's death arc (aka Hidan/Kakuzu arc), new characters are being introduced all too often, without much insights of who they are. The Cloud ninjas, Raikage, and Killer Bee were all introduced at about the same time, and then the ninjas from the other villages plus their kage's, all were introduced shortly after.

I can see that the author tries to give these new characters a bit of their own personality, like how he used to do it, but these characters still fall flat, boring, and very one dimensional. Have you ever watched Katekyo Hitman Reborn? Yeah, like that. Too many characters and too little details about each of them.

Advice To Anyone Planning To Read Naruto Manga Or Watch The Anime

If you are NEW to Naruto, and are just about to try reading Naruto manga, I suggest you to read it up to chapter 342, and you'll be fine.

If you're planning to watch the anime instead, I would suggest to watch it up to episode 88 of Naruto Shippuuden, and ignore the rest, and you'll be happy.

I should warn you though, Naruto is very addictive, so let's see if you can stop following the manga OR the anime after you start. I would have to admit, even if I'm not satisfied with how some of the things are going now in Naruto, I still can't stop reading the manga and watch the anime.

MY RECOMMENDATION: Fullmetal Alchemist!

You know what, if you have no appetite for Naruto or similar "I need to get stronger and stronger to protect my friends" kind of manga or anime, let's just ditch them altogether. I suggest reading or watching Fullmetal Alchemist instead! Amazing manga and anime, you don't get all the craps from Naruto, Bleach, or Dragonball. The manga as well as the anime are finished too, so I can assure you that you're not going to be let down, this is one solid story, go read the manga (or just watch the anime!).

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood poster
Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood poster

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    • profile image

      SomeRandomPersom 4 years ago

      FMA is AMAZING. I actually loved the anime. The thought put into it shows to be almost flawless. I remember seeing part of it on Adult Swim a while back, but never getting to watch it again. The show never really crossed my mind until I was looking for a series to watch on Netflix. Then I seen it &just thought I should check it out. It was difficult for me to stop watching it and unfortunately, I watched all of the episodes in 2 weeks I believe. Ahh. There is just one down side to it though . . its over &I was pretty disappointed that it was when I seen the last eps.

    • profile image

      MainStun 4 years ago

      Agreed!!!!!!!!!!! FFS the manga was flawless long ago... This current plot-holes, plot no jutsu AKA Asspulls are colossal. It is painful too keep reading since I just can't drop it because of the so many years of following it. ):

      I just want it to end asap...

    • profile image

      MataClan 4 years ago

      I agree with dailytop10. Naruto is definitely at a climax and has been regaining momentum the last couple months. Back stories like madara's and the first hokage, itachi's and kakashis' with Obito have all developed and relate to Narutos relationship through out the entire series. It shows the repetition of pain and hate amongst 4 generations in full detail and now Naruto and Sasuke breaking it by uniting despite all ods. Gantz, Death Note and FMA are all good in their own way however the only one of the 3 you can somewhat justifiably compare is FMA just based on how they are written. In my opinion of you are hating on Naruto anime yes fillers with random characters like Yota are horrible but the manga is deep you just have had to be paying attention to the entire series and making the connections yourself.

    • profile image

      nobody 4 years ago

      I have to say I totally agree with nufoundglory. Except he forgot to mention what I think is Naruto most annoying character flaw. Naruto always says he going to save to world and solve it all but never has offered any kind of solution. Pretty much like the Republican party in the USA. Therefore I all always root for the bad guys. Because no matter how messed and twisted they are, at least they use rationality to justify their absurd beliefs.

    • nufoundglory profile image

      nufoundglory 4 years ago from Asia

      @Cosapocha: I SO AGREE with you! My favorite manga EVER is GANTZ hands down. I hated the anime though, but the manga is just pure awesomeness.

      Death Note and FMA is no doubt my favorite manga, great from start to end.....except for maybe Death Note, the part after L dies to me kinda sucks. But the strong ending makes up for that.

    • profile image

      Cosapocha 4 years ago

      Full Metal Alchemist

      Death Note


      The only three decent manga stories Ive seen.

    • nufoundglory profile image

      nufoundglory 4 years ago from Asia

      I'm reading the manga currently, haven't been checking the anime for quite some time now, got sick of the fillers. So I was mainly referring to the manga. But I understand that some people might be here to criticize the anime as well, so I thought it doesn't hurt if I talk about the anime a little bit. But anyway, thanks for the heads up, I think somehow I got things mixed up a bit, I'll edit some stuff out. :)

    • dailytop10 profile image

      dailytop10 4 years ago from Davao City

      It's not losing momentum as I see it but instead gaining. Naruto is getting nearer to it's final episode and stories are now being tied up which is probably why most of the parts are told not shown. They simply can articulate everything or they'll end up adding years of extension to the series. About new characters introduced, it's just normal because of the war. They are minor characters but they play a vital part in the war making them worthy of a name but an in-depth story about their origin like what is usually done to main characters is not necessary. I'm quite confused whether you are referring to the manga or anime. Watch naruto? or read? The anime series has tons of fillers which only ruins the story flow and misdirect new Naruto fans. I suggest reading the mangga first. Don't miss any page or you'll be lost.