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Nate dogg the original feature king with the golden voice

Updated on November 5, 2012

Nate Dogg the Legend


The OG of features and an amazing singer Nate Dogg

Before T-Pain was the hook master or Feature king, there was a much more impressive man on the scene. This mans name was Nate Dogg. Nate Dogg who recently passed was a singer who had so much talent and so much originality. He had a voice that just couldn't be mimicked. After a few years T-pain has been mimicked ans replaced with other hook singers who use auto-tune. Nate Dogg could never be copied, his voice was one and only, a golden voice. Nate Dogg always had a few tracks with the also talented Warren G. But it was Nate Dogg who was featured by the biggest and best rappers out. No one else has been featured with so many legends. Tupac, Dr. Dre,Warren G, Ludacris, Busta Rhymes just to name a few. This guy has been featured on so many amazing rappers and singers tracks. Tupac used him for many hooks in his songs, Skandalous, every other city just to name a two. Nate Dogg was a man for the radio and for the streets. There was no song that Nate Dogg couldn't make gold. He just had the golden voice that everyone can either enjoy, envy, or respect. Nate Dogg made his own genre which was a blend of rap, R&B, funk, soul and jazz. This genre is called G-Funk. Warren G was also a god father of this style of music. The beauty of Nate Dogg's music was that he kept the smoothness in hip hop and the music stayed great. He was a success as a featured artist and as a solo artist. His music never became effected by popular garbage. Never heard a bad sample in a song by Nate Dogg, his original tracks always on point. He was dominant for an extremely long time. He just put out great songs and couldn't be on a track on the radio and it not be a hit. The greatness in his lyrics came from his metaphors, and from his blunt honesty. This wasn't your typical R&B artist this was a gritty street singer who knew what good music sounded like. This man told you how it was and what it was. He had such brutal honesty on "Ain't No Fun," which was on Snoop Doggs album "Doggy Style". The man was a golden voiced king in his field. It was a sad day for the hip hop and R&B world when Nate Dogg had a stroke, but it was even worse the day he died. A legend of the hip hop genre had passed and his legacy seems forgotten. It's unfortunate that someone who made so many careers is barely recognized. All the hits he helped others achieve through his features should not easily be forgotten. Tributes are owed to the legend that is Nate Dogg.

Dirty Draws

Skandalous Tupac ft Nate Dogg

Snoop ft Nate Dogg Warren G and Kurrupt

Nate Dogg the king of features

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