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Nate's DVD Collection Forever Knight Season One

Updated on March 15, 2011



In 1989 a television movie entitled Nick Knight was released on CBS starring Rick Springfield as Nicholas Knight and John Kapelos as detective Don Schanke. Later in 1992 the location moved from Los Angeles to Toronto, Canada and Rick Springfield was replaced by actor Geraint Wyn-Davies with Kapelos remaining.

Season One, referred to on the packaging as Chapter One of the Forever Knight Trilogy, introduces us to Nick Knight, an 800 year-old vampire living in modern day Toronto working as a detective and longing to be human again with the help of Dr. Natalie Lambert, played by Catherine Disher.

Nigel Bennet co-stars as Nick's immortal father, mentor and on and off again antagonist Lacroix and Debra Duchene stars a Janette his lover and sister who keeps him in contact with the vampire world even while he struggles to return to the world of light.

Guest stars in Forever Knight have included Carrie-Anne Moss of The Matrix Trilogy and a young Hayden Christensen in season three.



None. Unless you consider commercials for other DVD box sets and extra, in which case there you go.

What I Like About It

Forever Knight is heavily influenced by authors like Anne Rice and comes from a time when vampires were truly bad ass: Not sparkly high school students.

Some of the episodes are very thought provoking and I think it's a well put together cast of actors that really gives the show it's strength. Geraint Wyn-Davies and John Kapelos are both noted actors with proven skills. Nigel Bennet owns the role of Lacroix, making you love the guy even though he's supposed to be “evil”.

What I didn't like


Maybe I'm just spoiled by shows like Moonlight, but the writing in season one of Forever Knight is pretty choppy at first. I remember watching the first two episodes and thinking, “I've seen this show. I remember it being good...right?” Just because it took so long for anything to really happen and when something did happen it didn't effect the characters in the next episode. It was almost like the writers of each episode just didn't bother to watch any of the previous episodes before pitching their scripts.

I know reset buttons and clip shows are a common staple in TV history but I just don't think they have a place in a show that is essentially trying to tell me a story.

Should I buy this DVD?


Fans of True Blood and vampire shows in general would definitely enjoy Forever Knight. Highlander fans will also appreciate the use of flashbacks as a storytelling plot devices. Hardcore fans of shows like CSI and Law and Order might be into the crime solving aspect of the show.

It is a show you can find on Netflix but I also bought my box set cheap on the used rack of a music shop, so it's not like you have to blow forty bucks if you really want to check it out.

Can My Kids Watch This?


If you wouldn't let your kid watch True Blood or crime dramas like CSI than Forever Knight is probably a no-no. Even without the creative freedom that HBO and modern television provides, Forever Knight contains some very graphic and sensual scenes. You also have to take into account that this show was part of the Crime Time in the Prime Time line up, which should automatically make you think, “Hmmm, were my kids awake when this show aired?”


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