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Nate's DVD Collection ~ Ghost Hunters Season 1

Updated on March 15, 2011


  Ghost Hunters is the hit Sci-Fi reality show that follows the Rhode Island based paranormal research group, The Atlantic Paranormal Society, or TAPS.

Season 1 is a three disc set, which includes twenty-two episodes that introduce us to Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson, TAPS founders and plummers for Roto Rooter. Their team, which mainly consists of Brian Harnois, Keith and Carl, (brothers) Steve Gonzales, Andy Andrews and Donna, are also featured along with a handful of other investigators who make appearances.


  Each season of Ghost Hunters features deleted and extended scenes for each episode. On the title screen when you see the list of episodes you will also see an option to watch these the scenes.

Deleted and extended scenes consist of longer EVP sessions, extra interviews with cast, crew, and clients, and casual tours of towns and locations.

Unique to This DVD


A documentary interview with Jason and Grant.

What I Like About It


I love Ghost Hunters. Plain and simple, TAPS sets the standard by which all other paranormal groups and TV shows with similar themes should be judged. Jason and Grant never label a place haunted right off the bat, they are professional and they treat their clients with respect.

We, the audience, can identify with Jason, Grant and the others. They're every day guys with day jobs who pursue a common goal and as we watch them juggle their work at Roto Rooter, personal problems that arise among the crew, and family life it's easy to understand why so many people who get into the field of paranormal work site the TAPS team as their role models.

What I Don't Like

  Season One of Ghost Hunters is where a good chunk of the drama begins. With a reality based TV show you kind of have to expect that drama and yet it also gets kind of annoying. I suppose it just adds to that “These are regular guys you can identify with” appeal and yet you get plenty of that in the later seasons when there isn't so much drama.

Should You Buy This DVD?

  If you're into paranormal investigation this should definitely be in your collection. It's educational as well as entertaining and many of the locations they investigate are open to the public or by appointment.

Can My Kids Watch This?


Some mild language is used during investigations and other language is naturally censored, but it's not so bad as to be ridiculous.

Some EVP's can be very chilling and frightening to someone not prepared for them. There is also an instance where a sound technician is physically assaulted by an entity. And in Eastern State Pententiary there is a piece of evidence of a “shadow person” moving on camera.

Probably any kid over the age of thirteen with a strong understanding of what's going on would be fine with it. Any kid who is prone to believing what he sees right off the bat would not be mature enough to watch it. Otherwise aside from some bickering among the crew there's nothing on screen that I would label as inappropriate for minors.

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