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Nate's DVD Collection: Ghost Hunters, Season 2: Parts One and Two

Updated on March 15, 2011



Jason, Grant and the TAPS team are back for another season of seeking out full-bodied apparitions, electric voice phenomenon, and evidence of the paranormal in people's homes, businesses and famous historical sites.

This time they've moved from the trailer in Jason's back yard to an office building that has become their new base of operations.

Due to personal issues at home that interfere with his participation with TAPS Brian Harnois temporarily leaves to be replaced by Steven Gonzales as the new tech manager. Also new to season two is David Tango.



Deleted and extended scenes for each episode including additional footage from investigations, extended research and more.

What I Like About It

  Season Two opens with Jay, Grant, Steve and the team moving into the new office, straightening it out and cleaning it up.

People will know Tango from his current position as Steve's co-host in Ghost Hunters Academy but it's in season two that we get to see his humble beginnings as an amateur ghost hunter from the state of New Jersey and the subject of a very intense initiation on behalf of the team.

What I Didn't Like

When I first started watching Ghost Hunters it seemed like the episodes that played the most were the ones featuring Brian and how his toxic relationship was effecting his work with TAPS. It felt like the people in charge of the TV line up just wanted to keep us emerged in the drama and it got old fast when all I wanted to hear was a creepy old voice saying, “get out”.

When I finally broke down and bought Season Two of Ghost Hunters it was basically one whole year of “Brian leaves the show and then finds his way back and makes amends with the team.”

WTF? What the hell is this, a show about paranormal investigation or the Real World? And when you get right down to it it's not TAPS' fault for the focus on Brian. It's Pilgrim Films and their need to focus on the drama rather than on the intended subject matter.

Should You Buy This DVD?

  The drama aside Season Two takes us to some pretty decent locations. Not the least of which is the Stanley Hotel.

Season Two is sold in two separate four disc cases and parts 1 and 2 can usually be found on sale during the Halloween season or in FYE.

Can my kids Watch this?


More of the mild censored language, but again, the team is generally very respectful of their surroundings and the language tends to be more of a reaction to the situation.

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