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Nate's DVD Collection Ghost Hunters Season 4 Parts One and Two

Updated on March 15, 2011



The TAPS team is invited to investigate Wright-Patterson Airforce Base in Ohio, then it's off to Gettysburg and into areas where no investigator has ever set foot. The TAPS team is more solid now with none of the bumps and fumbles that set the pace in Seasons One and Two. As their techniques get more refined and seasoned the team is invited to do more intense investigations with more intense activity all around.

Guest appearances from Colin Ferguson of Eureka, Amanda Tapping of Stargate Atlantis and Sanctuary, and some wrestlers (Come, on, I'm not even going to bother pretending I like them much less knowing their names).




Each season of Ghost Hunters features deleted and extended scenes for each episode. On the title screen when you see the list of episodes you will also see an option to watch these the scenes.

What I Like

  Tango is a more seasoned investigator by this time and he has taken on the roll of teacher as Kris Williams goes from investigator in training to full investigator over the course of season 4 Part 1.

Season 4 shows us how researching the claims and stories of paranormal activity can actually help to either solidify those claims or set them straight. We also learn the value of having hard evidence to back up personal experiences.

What I Don't Like


I like to call Season 4 the Invasion of the Celebrity Appearances. As if there weren't enough reminders of how badly the Sci-Fi channel has sunk since dropping Farscape we now have them exploiting their good shows for extended advertising.

Colin Ferguson was the only one of those appearances I could buy because it didn't seem forced and you could see real chemistry between him, Grant and Jay. But be honest. Could you really see Amanda Tapping on your team?

The majority of clients my group investigates are all fans of Ghost Hunters anyway. Bring Amanda Tapping along and it becomes an autograph session. And keep the PCW out of my state much less my paranormal investigation team.

Should I Buy This DVD?


Part 1 has been around for a little longer than part two but it may have gone down in price. It might be a good way to to complete the collection until Season 5 comes out but if you're just getting into Ghost Hunters or you want to introduce someone else to it I would start off with Seasons One or Three and kind of work your way forwards or backwards.

Can My Kids Watch This?

Season 4 is pretty tame as far as the show goes. A few intense haunts but nothing terribly violent or overly scary. Maybe just appropriate for teens.


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