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Nate's DVD Collection ~ Kingdom of Heaven

Updated on March 15, 2011



Following the tragic suicide of his wife and seeking to relieve her place in Heaven, Balion follows his father, Godfrey of Ibelin to Jerusalem. When his father is killed along the way, Balion must take up the mantel of Baron and protect his home, his people and the leper King Baldwin IV. Caught up in political intrigue and forbidden love, Balion is soon forced to defend the Kingdom of Heaven against the onslaught of Saladin and his vastly superior army of Muslims.

It's an all star cast from start to finish. Orlando Bloom, Liam Neeson, Michael Sheen, Jeremy Irons, and more.



Disc 1: The Pilgrim's Guide Test Commentary Incorporating Historical and Production notes while you watch the film.

Disc 2: Interactive Production Grid ~ Lets You Control the Movie Making Experience From The Perspective of Director, Cast or Crew!

Movie Real: Kingdom of Heaven – As Seen on the A&E Network

History Vs. Hollywood: Kingdom of Heaven” As Seen on The History Channel

4 Behind-the-Scenes Featurettes

Theatrical Trailer

What I Like About it


Kingdom of Heaven is a movie I've watched about a hundred times and have never gotten bored. Everyone's performance in this film is top notch. Michael Sheen and Liam Neeson have such small parts in this film, but the heart and passion they put into their roles prove the age old adage, “No Small Parts, only Small Actors”. There's nothing small about these actors.

The story of Balion, though based on a true historical figure, is a story most young men and women can really identify with. Making hard life changing decisions, dealing with death and tragedy, owning your burdens, and the refusal to compromise your belief systems are all trials he must face. Balion is a character to aspire to be and Orlando Bloom pulls this off magnificently.

Then at last, you have to pay homage to Ridley Scott. The man could film a movie in my backyard and make me believe it was Mars, circa 2457. To date he is the standard when it comes to creating any world, from any time period, from any place you can imagine and a few places you can't.

What I Don't Like About It


The one feature on this DVD that's a bit hard to swallow is the text commentary, which appears along the bottom of the screen. On the one hand it's very informative and as a history major you may find this interesting, but it does detract from enjoying the film.

Should I Buy this DVD?


You can find Kingdom of Heaven in almost any store for less than fifteen dollars. Stores like K-Mart, Target, Sears, and FYE are just a few places to look. Great gift choice for fans of Orlando Bloom, Ridley Scott, sword fighting and/or history.

Can My Kids Watch This?

There are a few very bloody sword fights and a sensuous scene with Orlando Bloom. Lord of the Rings would be a more kid appropriate film in terms of rating and graphic imagery. Probably a good film for teachers of grades six through twelve to show their students on a “fun day” or as a class assignment.


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