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Nate's DVD Collection ~ Legally Blonde 2

Updated on February 24, 2010



After conquering Harvard and making waves at her job in Boston's top law firm, Elle Woods is now planning the wedding of a lifetime to Emmet Richmond on the home plate of Fenway Park: the heartthrob from the first film played by Luke Wilson, the former second fiddle to Victor Garber's ruthless and promiscuous character.

But when she discovers that the mother of her beloved chihuahua is a test subject for a company that her law firm represents, she is forced to add “change the law in the name of furry friends everywhere” to the wedding plan list and go to Washington DC.


Reese Witherspoon

Luke Wilson

Jennifer Coolidge

Jessica Cauffiel

Alanna Ubach

Sally Field

Regina King

and Bob Newhart.



Deleted Scenes

Gag Real

We Can Music video with LeAnn Rimes

Audio Commentary with Jennifer Coolidge, Jessica Cauffiel and Alanna Ubach.

Welcome to Delta Nu Interactive Quiz

Blonde Ambition Featureette

Behind the Scenes photo gallery

What I Like About It


Take everything I said about the first movie and multiply that by about a million and that still doesn't even quite cover it.

Legally Blonde 2 starts us off with a refreshing recap of the events in the previous film, while reintroducing is to Elle Woods and her friends Margo, Serena and the charming Paulette. (whom my fellow geeks will remember is the ex-wife of John Kapelos' character in the previous film) These characters have bigger roles in this film and of course Bruiser, played by Moondoggie, also has a larger part and an extended story.

From the credits the movie starts off at a faster pace because we all ready know these people and we have an idea of what went on in Legally Blonde. But it doesn't linger, nor does it rely on the heat of the previous movie. Legally Blonde 2 is very much it's own movie, with a story that's both funny and inspiring.

Sally Fields and Bob Newhart are amazing in this as are the other new members of the cast like Regina Hall, J. Barton and Dan Ivey. Although Sally Fields' character shapes up to be the antagonist of the story, following the same pattern as Victor Garber's character, it's refreshing to see that her motivations are different and she adds her own charm to the role. (Though when I discovered she was going to be the “Bad guy” I kept hearing the voice of Sluggy Freelance's Kiki in my head shouting, “Stay good, Sally Fields! Stay Good!”)

Lastly there's the commentary, provided by Jennifer Coolidge, Jessica Cauffiel and Alanna Ubach. I laughed my ass off at this movie and I think I laughed even harder when I watched it with the commentary on.

Most commentaries are usually about the directors, actors and cast and such and their experiences making the film. But these girls took it up a notch and some of their comments in response to different scenes in the movie felt like watching an episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000. I have never laughed so hard at a commentary and I just love these women and their wit.

Should I Buy This DVD?


As mentioned in the review of Legally Blonde, you can find this movie in a “double feature” set at most major retailers like K-Mart or Target, or you can buy it used and still save money.

What I Don't Like About It

At the end of the movie Elle gives a speech about a visit to the hair salon and how it relates to the power of Democracy. If she were giving this speech to a class full of school kids I wouldn't mind, but she's doing this speech in lieu of promoting the bill she has written to out law animal testing.

Really this speech is just a copy and paste from her speech in the previous movie and it's the one time in the entire film that I feel like the director is just falling back on a pattern to re-establish the fact that we're watching a sequel.

I mean I'm not really moved by the speech, and I don't buy the crowd's reaction to it because it's basically preaching to the choir. The whole speech thing is about as effective as Nancy Reagan's “Just Say No” campaign of the late 80's. As if it were that simple.

Can My Kids Watch This


Unless the idea of a “Gay Dogs” offends you there really isn't that much different about this movie. The PG-13 rating (or it's equivalent in your respective nation) may send up a red flag but really the “sexual humor” is limited to Elle's male dog being attracted to another male dog.

Otherwise if you let your kids watch the first one, this one should be fine.


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