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Naughty Khloe Kardashian

Updated on October 12, 2009

The Kardashian Line Up

Convict on the left, porn star on the right...
Convict on the left, porn star on the right...

Did you think that Khloe was the good Kardashian? Think again suckers! Khloe is going to jail for not only getting caught drinking and driving, but then refusing to do community service or alcohol education. Not looking so smart now, is she? Now that she's a convict and all she'll probably have to take on the mantle of being the naughty Kardashian, and if you've seen what Kim had to do to earn that dubious honor, then you'll be cringing for Khloe next time she gets in front of a recording device.

Because of her exceptional naughtiness and disregard for the laws that govern her homeland, Khloe is required to report to jail to serve her three day sentence before July 18, 2008. Now of course, knowing the American justice system, odds are that Khloe will only spend about thirty seconds in jail. Unlike Paris Hilton, who let's face it, was fun to send to jail, Khloe is unlikely to garner much publicity behind bars. In fact, as nobody really noticed when she committed the heinous and potentially life threatening act of drinking and then getting behind the wheel of a vehicle, it would seem that Khloe Kardashian has an opportunity to enter a life of crime without anyone actually noticing.

Because I care about Khloe's career development, I've prepared a list of possible crimes she might like to contemplate committing in the near future:

Cat Burglary

Khloe's curves would look most excellent encased in latex writing through a half open window, and if she gets stuck halfway through, well I am sure someone will have some laundry to hang on her legs to dry.

Bank Robbery

It's an old 'un, but a good 'un. With Khloe's skill at going completely unnoticed when her sister is around, I'm thinking she and Kim could go into a bank and rob a teller before anyone actually noticed Khloe was there. With Kim as a cover, Khloe could have the Bank of England cleared out within a few minutes and be sipping tea at an old English coffee shop before anybody could tear their eyes away from Kim's butt.

Confidence Trickster

If there's one think Khloe is good at, it's getting people to trust her. Perhaps being surrounded by inflated midgets her entire life has caused her to develop a special personality with which she manages to garner friends and admirers with who she is, and not how big her ass is. This could definitely be put to work to scam some innocent men and women, and I'd like to see that happen - in the form of sex tape, if at all possible.


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