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Need a Pick Me Up?

Updated on May 4, 2014

Sometimes TV isn't all bad

Aside From All The Criticism

Mostly what we hear about television, radio, and video websites on the internet are negative, complaining attacks against these media sources.

It's true - there are very negative things about all of the above but there are also some really cool positive things about the same - beyond the fact that they're all technological marvels, that is.

When I am having a difficult day and manage to find some time to "de-stress," I often just type "you tube dot com" into the address bar in my browser and search for funny videos.

On this hub, I'll share what I find helpful for getting stress levels down, video messages I've found to be motivational, interesting or funny and that have a positive effect on me.

Hopefully, these clips will have a similarly positive effect on you sometime.

A Long-Standing Favourite - "Spiders On Drugs" (1min 49sec)

Why I Love The Spiders On Crack Video

I think I love the Spiders on Crack video so much because I'm from Canada - "Land of the Documentary."

When I was little, I loved the Canadian documentary-type "nature" and "wildlife" shows. If my parents decided to watch TV, I would hear the theme music from the nature/wildlife shows (usually some sort of flute) and would come running from anywhere in the house - plant myself down in front of the television set and learn about animals I might never have a chance to see for real.

The vid isn't what you think but sounds ever so authentically like a real Canadian documentary.

Below - a talented dog named "Skidboot" who appears to be able to do anything physically possible for his owner to tell him...

Amazing Dog - "Skidboot." (8min 37sec)

T Mobile Television Commercials

These "T Mobile" television commercials are definitely BIG SCALE. I like the "crowd co-operation" ideas and "unity" themes in all of them.

Not much more to say about these - obviously T Mobile had some considerable funds for creating, producing and distributing these commercials. Just the number of people choreographed together is breath-taking... which places these videos in my "awesome and inspiring" list for when I need a "pick me up."

Feelgood Video - "T Mobile" Television Commercial - Hey Jude in Trafalgar Square (2min)

More T Mobile commercial Moments - The Making of T Mobile Trafalgar Square commercial - selected clips and sing-a-longs (2min 13sec) Watch The Guy in the Blue P


Probably everyone has heard the saying, "Laughter is the best medicine" and that laughing helps decrease stress, lift your mood, etc., but MUSIC is good for you, too!

I don't really know anyone who seriously doesn't like music - even a deaf friend from a decade ago used to love music and could hear the notes/sound waves vibrate in the air, felt the floor by my speaker to feel the song vibrations... She liked to read song lyrics and was almost obsessive about watching people sing! Though she couldn't physically hear the music and singing, in a room full of people, nobody would know she was deaf because she "heard" through the rest of her body and enjoyed music as much as anyone else! She loved line-dancing and was really good at it!

Here's an article on a study from 2011 that says researchers found that listening to music greatly REDUCED ANXIETY in cancer patients:

Music Benefits Both Physical and Mental Health

(on the MNT/Medical News Today website)

The study was a large-scale review of 400 research papers that examined health results / effects around playing or listening to music. Results showed that positive benefits of the presence of music actually helped reduce anxiety (and had other benefits, too) better than some of the standard medications participants were taking to cope with anxiety symptoms...

So, there ya have it - chill, listen to music, and be healthy!

T Mobile Dance (2min 47sec) This One Is Really Interesting and Fun To Watch - Look At All The Dance Styles. Watch Carefully at the 2min mark - "Do Ya Love Me?"

Words To Motivate

I found this fantastic video of a man who has no arms, no legs, but who talks about never giving up. In front of an audience, he lets himself fall down, knowing he has no limbs to help himself get back upright again...

Then he asks the audience some pertinent questions... just take a look.

Also below, a teenaged girl conveys an amazing message to ALL adults in the world, saying that adults need to change their ways... clear, concise, simple statements that everyone from age 3 to 103 SHOULD be able to follow. Wonderful calls to action - very powerful.

Are You Going To Finish Strong? (2min 41sec)

Nick Vujicic - Are You Going To Finish Strong?

Born with tetra-amelia syndrome (autosomal recessive congenital disorder, absense of all four limbs) in Melbourne, Australia, 1982, Vujicic has become an international motivational speaker, dealing with disability topics.

Although he struggled emotionally, mentally, physically during his childhood, by the age of 17 he found ways to come to terms with disability and founded the non-profit organisation:

Life Without Limbs

Vujicic now considers himself to be living a full life and has learned to do various activities some people withOUT disabilities have trouble doing; typing, playing drum pedals, shaving, throwing a tennis ball, etc.

Nick Vujicic was married, February 2012 and he and wife, Kanae (nee Miyahara) welcomed a healthy son into the world in February 2013!

How's THAT for motivated and motivational!?

"You Adults Must Change Your Ways [...]" (6min 42sec)

Cool and Powerful Musical Talents

Things involving music make me decide to change the mood I'm in or help me to be able to create an attitude change when I'm upset, overwhelmed with tasks and personal worries. I love to search for "dance contests," "talent contests," "child musicians," and related topics when I'm having a not-so-good day.

I think a lot of people are attracted to and impressed with the things children are able to do, particularly in the arts, music and sports, so I've put a few videos here that I find enjoyable.

3yr old Hip Hop Dancing

OMG So Sweet! Oh, the Strength, Poise and Composure of these Children! They're almost still babies. (3min 25sec)

Li'l Hunter Hayes - Son of a Gun, We're Gonna Have Some Fun On The Bayou... (2min 40sec)

Hunter Hayes, Not Quite So Little Anymore

Hunter Hayes has been no mere cute kid or you tube personality. Born in 1991, he's a full-fledged adult now. He's also grown in talent to match his age, playing multiple instruments, singing - and he's also an accomplished song-writer (since at least 2008).

He was about 4 in the video, singing Jambalaya (On The Bayou) but now he writes a lot of his own songs. He's also been in the following films:

  • Charlie's War (2007)
  • My Dog Skip (2000)
  • Figure It Out (1998)
  • The Apostle (1997)

If you're interested, please find the Official Hunter Hayes website below:

Hunter Hayes .com

(be sure to check out the "videos" tab on this site - there are a lot of interviews, a ton of music to listen to)

Babies are Incredible - Just 'cos They're Babies!

Some of the best videos I come across are with kids doing what they do best - having fun! I love the water babies videos. Babies are so agile and fearless before we start messing them up, aren't they? Babies are like "Super-Humans" compared to the rest of us.

Enjoy the water babies!

The little one with the ice cream treat below is the sweetest! It seems as if the adults have been firmly trained by the child here and I'm sure you'll agree - very cute and funny. I wouldn't want that serious look thrown at me for too long!

Babies Underwater (1min 35sec)

This smart baby has all the adults trained oh, so well (56sec)

I Just Like This Song - One of My Favourites: Gary Wright's DREAMWEAVER

Gary Wright - Dreamweaver (1976)

You can find the lyrics to Dreamweaver at the link below.

Dreamweaver by Gary Wright - Lyrics

My fave verse:

"Though the dawn may be coming soon
There still may be some time
Fly me away to the bright side of the moon
And meet me on the other side"

Some funny parody versions:

"Caroline Weaver"  Fave words from this version

"your no fun t-1001
youll cut into my brain
must of drunk too much dacaries
and your daughter savannahs a pain"

"Street Sweeper" My favourite words in this version are actually the chorus words:

"Ooh Ooh Street Sweeper
Can't believe how you sweep our streets so clean
But Street Sweeper
I wish you drove a quieter machine"


(Original Artist) Gary Wright Performing "DreamWeaver"

Who's On First by Abbot and Costello

I took the script off for this skit because it was registering as duplicate content - the script is quite lengthy, so I will just offer the link to where you can read along while you listen to the video:

Baseball Almanac site: Script for "Who's on First."

I use this script from time to time to practice my public speaking skills. I also bring a copy of this script to a public speaking group for newcomers who are a little bit shy and a lot afraid to start doing speaking in front of more than 1 or 2 people. Newcomers can read along and gain more confidence, practice their volume level, intonation and things of this nature - plus - the script is FUN and most people really enjoy how this skit plays out by the end...

Abbott and Costello: Who's On First. Original Radio Show Skit (4min 29sec)

Chuck Mangione - Feels So Good (Chuck on Flugelhorn)

Have You Tried Playing One Of These yet?

Feels So Good With Vocals


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    • mythbuster profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Utopia, Oz, You Decide

      kids-toy-box - I dare you to watch the "Serious Baby" and walk away from that still feeling grumpy lol

    • kids-toy-box profile image


      8 years ago

      I bookmarked because I often search for funny videos when I'm bored or need a 'pick me up' ..most times end up finding less than funny vidoes so its great having a selection of videos to look at that you do find funny...not to mention to share with others too:)

    • mythbuster profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Utopia, Oz, You Decide

      Hello kids-toy-box! I'm really glad you enjoyed the videos. I'm glad you bookmarked, too - the crack spiders will force a grin every time! lol Take care!

      MrDSpade2 - sorry for the late reply... oops - but glad you found the hub comical and informative.

      Prey... I hope that spider feeling goes away for you pretty soon... you're no crackspidersbeech! :) (not meaning to offend... it's just part of the line from that vid that I can't get past without a nervous laugh)

      *hugs* @ Prey

    • kids-toy-box profile image


      8 years ago

      Awesome Videos!Incredible are the effects of song and dance on our mood:) Thanks for these great choices..definitely put a spring in my step! gonna head out and enjoy the sunshine now.

      P.S. I've bookmarked for future pick me up days:)

    • prey profile image


      8 years ago from places you should hope we never meet

      wow, thank you

      certainly needed that!

      Still feel like the spider, 1st one to ever make me laugh

      really great Hub!

    • mythbuster profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Utopia, Oz, You Decide

      Hello Aweful Poet... thanks for visiting and commenting. I'm glad you liked the hub! It was fun to create and I keep visiting it, myself, to watch the 3yr old hip hop dancer! Always cheers me up a lot or just keeps me smiling when I'm already having a great day!

      Take care.

    • Awful Poet profile image

      David Walston 

      8 years ago from The Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC) (m-M)_0 = 18.41, or 48 kpc (~157,000

      Fantastic Hub

      Thank you~

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      A comical, yet informative hub, a pick me up indeed, your instructive ways inspire many.

    • mythbuster profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Utopia, Oz, You Decide

      Sa'ge, I'm glad you found everything enjoyable on this hub. Thanks for the feedback.

      dahoglund, I agree that "media" itself is neither good nor bad, but so often people are viewing media used for questionable purposes, in questionable ways, so I just wanted to present some fun and positive stuff here, delivered through mediums that are often criticized.

    • dahoglund profile image

      Don A. Hoglund 

      8 years ago from Wisconsin Rapids

      Media is neither good or bad, it just is. We are compelled like many things in life to choose between the good and bad presented.

    • Sa`ge profile image


      8 years ago from Barefoot Island

      wow ok I loved it all. the spiders were so funny and the crowds singing in mass was awesome. the swim babies were adorable. Thanks for this hub, it made my day! :D Aloha

    • mythbuster profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Utopia, Oz, You Decide

      Hi Shalini Kagal - glad you liked the hub and the Dreamweaver tune I found on youtube. It's great to think this hub has helped you to smile a little for part of your day!

      Micky Dee - unfortunately, I think the Skidboot vid is pretty old and Skidboot passed away in 2007 but I choose not to post the "update-tribute" vid 'cos it was a REAL DOWNER! I didn't even finish watching the latter and went back to the first skidboot vid and watched it all over again lol (denial works for me, on occassion).

      saddlerider1 - ah, another Dreamweaver fan - excellent! Thx for FB and Digg-ing. I think we meed more feel-good hubs around here (especially amongst MY collection of spooky stories and social issue hubs lol).

      Thanks, everyone, for commenting and taking time out of your writing and earning to watch some vids I selected.

      (anyone got a "dreamweaver" head-echo?)


    • saddlerider1 profile image


      8 years ago

      I loved it all, a real feel good hub, great videos and songs. Joy to the world, me must all keep singing and keep this world we live on spinning. Dreamweaver was also one of my favorite songs back then:0) still is. Thank you for this wonderful share, I will share it as well on FB and Digg. peace

    • Micky Dee profile image

      Micky Dee 

      8 years ago

      Dude!!! Great hub. Incredible videos. I'm just past Skidboot! I'll have to send this URL to some folks. I'll be back to this a lot. I got carried away hitting your buttons! Couldn't stop. Thank you Sir!

    • Shalini Kagal profile image

      Shalini Kagal 

      8 years ago from India

      Hi mythbuster - I totally agree with you - nothing like a bit of fun on youtube to put a smile on your face. Loved that Gary Wright song - Dreamweaver has always been a favourite.


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