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Netflix: 10 Must Watch Independent Films

Updated on July 7, 2016
King Jack (Tribeca Film Festival) Movie Poster
King Jack (Tribeca Film Festival) Movie Poster | Source

King Jack

Looking for a nostalgic yet powerful film? King Jack is just that! The overcast weather of the movie makes you feel more of the emotions that run through the story, but the story in of itself is quite remarkable even with the basic story-line of a teenager getting bullied by some punk kid. The movie is quite relative to those who have been bullied in the past when they were experiencing their childhood. Although some acts of bullying do not run this high, there are definitely instances where this may take place. This is the movie for you if you're looking for a coming-of-age and a narrative story that will leave you at least somewhat satisfied at the end of it.

Stuck In Love (Toronto Film Festival) Movie Poster
Stuck In Love (Toronto Film Festival) Movie Poster | Source

Stuck In Love

To put it straight, If you like the movie Crazy, Stupid, Love, you are going to love this movie. It is the spitting image of the plot story and has the same overall feeling for the movie. I find that I actually like this one better, because of the characters and their humor. Stuck In Love is a romance movie, but it also serves as a well-learned lesson to some of us who can take away life lessons from watching these characters develop as the story progresses to the end. There is something about Nat Wolff's character that has me drawing more attention into his life than the others'. All in all, it is a great movie to watch, especially for date night.

Contracted (Sitges Festival) Movie Poster
Contracted (Sitges Festival) Movie Poster | Source


I know the last two movies were more easygoing and fun, but this is a complete 180 turn, because this is the most disturbing horror movie I have found as an independent movie since The Human Centipede. Although, The Human Centipede was more disturbing, this takes on a whole new problem when it comes to having a one night stand, especially with someone you don't know all that well. Watch this movie if you wish to be disgusted and intrigued at the same time while you question yourself on what is going on until the very end of the movie.

Short Term 12 (SXSW) Movie Poster
Short Term 12 (SXSW) Movie Poster | Source

Short Term 12

Hands down. Best movie on Netflix (not just concerning independent films). This movie incorporates a story like no other. The story centers around a youth in crisis facility and the 20 year-old assistants that help keep them under control. At first the plot made me seem skeptical, but this turned out to be an awe-inspiring film that will make you crave for more of the story by the end. It is one of the very few movies where you find yourself halfway into it, telling yourself, "Man I never want this movie to end." It is heartfelt, funny, engaging, and driven. It is highly recommended for people who are looking for a feel good movie at the end of the day.

Mean Creek (Cannes/Sundance) Movie Poster
Mean Creek (Cannes/Sundance) Movie Poster | Source

Mean Creek

This movie may now be continuously overlooked since its debut was in 2004. Circling around a young boy who is bullied day in and day out, we get a drama driven narrative that will still have us concerned with the subtle plot story of the romance between the protagonist and a girl. Not very many movies are still like this, because this one has an independent film feel to it, ranging from the cinematography to the lighting; it just makes the whole movie seem like it is taking place right in front of your eyes. There's laughter, shocks, and some tension. Looking for a movie to question your empathy for others, even when they are the most hated person in the movie? You will be able to answer that after it ends.

Hush (SXSW) Movie Poster
Hush (SXSW) Movie Poster | Source


You do not know how powerful silence is, until you watch this movie. This puts you in the shoes of a deaf person, who has the inability to be able to react the second something is heard. This will give you their perspective on what its like to only be able to react to vibrations and visual perception when analyzing a situation. If you thought suspense was good already with the sound effects, just wait until they disappear...and then come back. Great movie to watch if you want a great suspenseful movie that will have you on the edge of your seat throughout most of the movie!

Stake Land (Toronto) Movie Poster
Stake Land (Toronto) Movie Poster | Source

Stake Land

It is hard to find a zombie movie that puts the zombie theme as a secondary act to what is actually a bigger story about human connection. I find this movie to focus on the idea of what Day Z will do to people as more humans become untrustworthy everyday. Although not my favorite, this movie still displays a great bond between strangers, and just how frightening it may be if this day were to strike upon us.

The Way He Looks (Los Angeles LGBT Festival) Movie Poster
The Way He Looks (Los Angeles LGBT Festival) Movie Poster | Source

The Way He Looks

If you are into LGBT movies, this a must watch! Although it is a foreign film, the story couldn't be any better. The connection between these two teenagers seem very realistic, especially because of the roles they play in each others' lives. It is heartfelt and still brings a twist to the everyday romance movie. This movie will give the perspective on what it feels to make a connection to a human and not just another gender.

For A Good Time Call (Sundance) Movie Poster
For A Good Time Call (Sundance) Movie Poster | Source

For A Good Time Call...

Guy or Girl, this movie will have you dying laughing. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to run a phone sex company? This movie is a great perspective on it, and better! I thought this movie was hilariously funny and just like their clients, I was left satisfied until the very end.

Adventureland (Sundance) Movie Poster
Adventureland (Sundance) Movie Poster | Source


Many know of it, but some may not. Adventureland has a small town feeling to it, where the connection seems strong between each individual character and the romance feels real. It is funny, romantic, and may give you hope to find your one true love while working as a carney. Watch this movie if you are in the mood for a classic rom-com.

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